“Should Obama be impeached?” Ralph Nader, “Oh, most definitely.”


Ralph Nader has a new book out called, “Unstoppable.”

He recently did an interview promoting the book and made some headline grabbing quotes.

on Rand Paul for the Republican side,

“He’s the one to beat in 2016.”

on establishment candidates in 2016,

“You want a dull campaign? Try Jeb Bush and Hillary Clinton in 2016. It’ll only be exciting for people who are interested in dynasties and personalities.”

on Hilary Clinton,

“She’s turned into an international militarist.”

on whether congress should impeach Obama,

“Oh, most definitely. The reason why Congress doesn’t want to do it is because it’s advocated its own responsibility under the Constitution.”

The main point of his book is the possibility of an unstoppable coalition between left and right (progressive and libertarian) elements. His primary example is the coalition that formed to try and stop the NSA from gathering bulk phone data. Of course that coalition was stopped, but look to the upcoming Ralph Nader book promotion efforts to provide plenty of headline grabbing quotes, some rational, some bizarre.

Check out the video below for Nader’s reasons why Obama is worse than Bush.




By Dr. D

Source : buzzpo.com

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