Should You be Prepared for a Terrorist Attack? How to Survive a Terrorist Attack

Welcome to the land of the Free, Home of the Brave, and radical Islamic terrorists!  In this guide we are going to teach you how to survive a terrorist attack. What a sad state of affairs that we even have to have this discussion.  I guess that’s the cost of having a dumbed down voting block of people that continue to allow the rulers to get away with treason.  I’m not getting into that right now.  My only goal for this article is to keep you alive when Hajji brings the boom, so let’s begin…

Should you be Prepared for a Terrorist Attack?

While some may think they are safe and sound sipping their suburban quaffs in nouveau riche progressive hubs of entertainment and enlightenment, we on the other hand know the truth.  The truth is over thousands of Americans have been victims of radical Islamic terrorism over the course of several attacks and years. Am I saying radical Islamic terrorists are your only concern?  Absolutely not!  I’m just saying they are the most likely to commit these acts, while not dismissing The New Black Panthers, Occupy, and hard left Progressive Terrorists, because they (not Conservatives) have been the only ones killing people in the last two decades.

An attack can happen anywhere and can be committed by anyone for any reason, the most important thing for you to understand is how to survive that attack when, God forbid, it happens to you…

Terrorist Methodology

For you to truly understand how to protect yourself from a terrorist attack, you need to know who is the most likely candidate to commit these attacks, and in this case it is radical Islamic terrorists.  Let’s be real, much to the disappointment of liberal progressives Timothy McVeigh has been dead since 2001, and Islamic terrorists are one of America’s primary threats. Unfortunately for us, their methods are predicated on cowardice, and savagery.  They primarily target soft targets such as; Schools, Malls, Public Gatherings i.e. Clubs, Events, and Anywhere guns aren’t allowed.

Stateside they don’t have enough time to commit the barbaric acts they want to i.e. chopping off heads, drowning people in a cage, torturing children, and etc. so they operate within small windows of time with the goal of killing the most amount of people.  The only way they can get away with these attacks is either detonating an IED (improvised explosive device) or by walking into a soft target and dumping mags, and you know what makes these subhuman degenerates truly dangerous?  They do not value their own lives, nor their children’s lives, and they welcome death.  This mindset can turn the biggest moron in the village into a very dangerous person. It’s ironic progressives and terrorists have so much in common isn’t it?

Simple Steps to Survive a Terrorist Attack

I shouldn’t have to say this but the first step you can take to survive a terrorist attack is obtain a CCW or concealed carry permit ergo the time tested adage ‘Only a good guy with a gun stops a bad guy with a gun..’, just think about how many lives would have been saved in Orlando if just one of those people were carrying inside the club.  Damn shame.  That being said, simply owning a handgun does not ensure your safety, knowing how to defend yourself with it will. To keep things simple we’ll list your to-do’s in bullet format so you can get the gist;

  • Purchase a compact (concealable) firearm
  • The firearm you choose should fit your frame, hand, and build
  • Obtain a CCW or concealed carry permit
  • Purchase an IWB (inside waistband) or other concealable holster that fits your daily wear
  • Seek the assistance of veterans or other qualified instructors that have seen combat, and not the ‘academic’ instructors for firearm self defense instruction
  • Train religiously with unholstering your firearm, sighting in, and firing seamlessly

Sounds pretty simple right?  Well it is. Training with your firearm(s) religiously creates a bond between you and your weapon where it becomes an extension of your arm that you can train to protect you at any moment’s notice.  For those in communist states with unconstitutional laws, you’re kind of fucked.  Move to another state if you can. While these simple steps are a little obvious they are definitely worth mentioning, and if you’re on the fence go check out Guns Save Lives, a website that illustrates stories of firearm self-defense quite pointedly.  In the meanwhile, let’s discuss alternate self-defense tactics for terrorist events…

Situational Awareness

In almost every attack, whether it was with guns or bombs, there was this twilight moment where people couldn’t tell if something was going on, it was part of the act, or a car backfiring, before they realized their lives were in danger.  This is all too true in almost every single one of the cases.  We live in the mashed potato generation where everyone’s eyes are down and their brains are switched off to their surrounding environments, which is getting a lot of people killed.  Let this be a lesson in itself, maintain situational awareness at all times.  Train yourself to be more observant of your surroundings, suspicious characters, threatening situations, entry/exit points, and threatening body language.  Maintaining situational awareness is not a hard task to accomplish.  All it is, is retraining your brain to listen to the instincts you were born with, that have been dampened by sensory overload.

Movement is Survival

One of my favorite scenes from World War Z is where Brad Pitts’ character ‘Gerry’ is trying to convince the immigrant family to leave their home, where they were sheltering in place, and he said ‘Movement is life. I’ve been in dangerous places. Those who survived move.’, a survival doctrine that has been fact since the dawn of humanity. Unfortunately, the family didn’t listen to Gerry, and ended up dead, which is the same thing that will happen to you if you don’t move!  If you are maintaining situational awareness and something sets off your instincts, listen to your gut and start moving now!  Make note of the direction of the sound or image that set you off, and run as fast as possible away from that direction to an exit and get the hell out of there before you get turned into a headline.  Always listen to your instincts.  You know why people were too scared to run, even when their gut was telling them something was wrong?  Because they were more scared of looking foolish running like a mad man away from something that may not be what they think it is.  They were more concerned with what they would look like than protecting their life.  Are you shocked by that statement?  Think about it for a second, and you’ll see I’m right.  Even in texts and videos from shootings over the past couple years there was that moment of hesitation in each text and video that likely cost those people their lives. Be prepared to move by;

  • Always know your exit route of any building you’re in
  • Trust your instincts
  • Don’t hesitate
  • Move opposite direction of threat
  • Stay away from herds (they make a bigger target)

How much of a tragedy is it that schools in Newtown, CT didn’t have doors in each classroom to exit out of, nor armed security to stop the shooter (who was a product of progressive PSYOPS). Which brings me to my final point, if the place you’re going to doesn’t have an exit, and you aren’t armed, you’ll need to improvise…

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Up Armor and Defensible Positioning

If you can’t run, and unarmed, you’re in a really bad spot, and I bet at that moment you’re rethinking your opposition to the Second Amendment, but I’ll digress to make my next point, up armor.  In many cases up armoring with improvised materials can save your life.  For instance, using a one inch book can prevent a fatal knife wound.  With your head on a swivel you’re going to need to identify the threat, and what you can do to protect yourself from further harm or death. Since playing dead won’t work with people that’ll skull fuck you, you better have an alternate method lined up!  We’ll use various scenarios to illustrate this point…

Crazy guy with a knife: In this case you have two options, armor up and hide, or armor up and attack.  Since I’m no coward my first instinct is to attack.  Now am I going to go head on with this guy unprotected? No.  In this scenario I’d grab what I can for protection of my vital organs and any blunt object that had greater reach than his knife, machete, serrated weapon, etc. like a baseball bat, golf club, pole, or anything that will allow me to keep my distance without getting cut.  Also, in this instance the greater numbers you have improve your odds of disarming the assailant and surviving.

Crazy guy with a gun: Again this scenario predicates itself on your inability to flee, and the fact you are unarmed. In this case, you may think using a book as armor is a good idea, well it’s not, that’s a myth, and you’ll get your ass killed if you try that out.  Hell, even a 22 will eat up a one inch thick book.  This means your only option is to identify defensible positions that provide protection from small arms fire such as; brick/stone/mortar walls and barricades, appliances, metal dividers, and anything else that acts as a bullet stop to some degree.  From this position you can’t just sit there and hope the bad guy ain’t gonna getcha.  You need to take proactive steps to preserving your life by obtaining improvised weapons within your reach that will put the attacker down or provide an opening to attempt a disarm (a lot harder than it sounds).  For instance if I’m in a grocery store (which should have a lot of exits but I’m using this as an example), I will use the isle refrigerators as a bullet stop, and in a pinch create improvised bombs with the chemicals near me.  Since I’ve been messing around with chemistry for over a decade it would be easy for me to identify chemicals I could use but for those who have not you might want to read up.  The only way ANY of your attacks with improvised weapons to be successful whether it’s a long stick or a homemade bomb is by gaining the element of surprise, without it you’re screwed.

Maintaining Cover and the Element of Surprise while I am no proponent of cowering, hiding is always an option.  In addition to hiding, you will need to mask your presence to maintain the element of surprise if you plan a counterattack. A few tricks to remember when concealing your presence includes;

  • Be aware of your scent (perfumes, colognes, and certain deodorants are easy to smell)
  • Camouflage yourself with your surroundings
  • Be aware of the shadows you are casting or blocking
  • Silence your cellphones or other electrical devices
  • Monitor your breathing
  • Be as quiet as possible

Crazy guy with a bomb:  Unfortunately, as is the nature of IEDs, they are incredibly hard to detect, or prepare for simply because they can be made out of anything, and are virtually indefensible without a multi-million dollar MRAP, and even then you’re still not fully protected. It’s a crazy world, and it’s only getting crazier. The only thing aside from ducking under cover when it happens, is to never go to public gatherings that are likely targets, but since we are Americans and not the type to live in fear I’m sure no one finds that idea appealing.


At the end of the day the moral of this horrible story is to keep your head on a swivel, be smart, keep your cool, and outweigh your attacker(s) aggression.  When possible there is power in numbers! Either way you can’t lose your head (no pun intended) and start running around like an idiot.  You need to be smart, and make a plan of attack, just know that I’m not writing this on the assumption of it being an easy task by any means. Lastly, how sad is it that I even have to write an article such as this?  How far we have fallen from grace…

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