SOMETHING MAJOR Planned For 2018?! Illuminati Shutting Down America – A Video You Need To See

Sams closing along with Wal-Mart stores closing its all part of the hidden agenda to close down America close enough places down and bring chaos to the populace? 

Walmart had never contacted the County to get permits for Plumbing work. They have now covered the windows with black tarp, surrounded the place with cops and built a wall up inside so no one can see whats going on past the Pharmacy area. Why would All this be going on for PLUMBING? Plus Cops at the receiving dock at the back!”

The footage from inside a closed awl-mart is strange for other reasons as well.  As a commenter on the forum GodLikeProductions said:

“Why would a store pull all its merchandise from the shelves for reported pluming problems?  [Why are there] police stationed at entrances? Tell me this is not related
to the upcoming JADE HELM that is about comemnce soon.”

What do you think about the released footage from inside a closed walmart?  Is there something to be concerned about?


As many people around the world know, Wal-mart suddenly laid of thousands of employees and closed many stores in various states saying that it was for “plumbing” issues.  Most are not buying it, with many believing this is part of a long term plan involving the implementation of martial law.  Strange footage from inside a closed wal-mart (one of the centers just shut down) has emerged… and what it show is slightly disturbing to many people.

The online magazine DC Clothesline reported this week about the theories surrounding the closings:

Others have suggested that the closings may have something to do with upcoming military exercises and the possibility that the massive stores could be used as detention centers for American citizens.

In a report published in July 2014 on, Shepard Ambellas outlined a plan by the Department of Defense and FEMA to use, “abandoned or unused department stores, shopping malls and warehouses as camps to accommodate the mass human influx from South America.
Although FEMA has used a massive influx of immigrants as the reason for needing detention centers, their power to control the entire country in the event of a martial law scenario could easily lead them to use the centers for American citizens.

The Enmeshment of Walmart and the Corporate US Government
Before answering that, it’s worthwhile taking a closer look at Walmart’s massive place in today’s American society. Fascism as defined by former Italian dictator Benito Mussolini was the merging of corporate and governmental power, and was more aptly called corporatism. That’s what the US (and other Western powers) are today: corporate fascist empires. The US is literally a corporation; the “United States”, the “United States of America” and all other synonyms have all been trademarked, incorporated terms since 1871. Additionally, we know that the elite controllers at the top of the pyramid use the revolving door to switch between the private and public arenas as it suits them. Many top executives working at big firms go into government to regulate the very industry and companies they were just involved with! Examples of this are copious. Remember too that many top firms actually drive US policy, such as Monsanto driving US foreign policy regarding France and its anti-GMO position!

From that perspective, then, it comes as no surprise to discover that Walmart and the US Government are already enmeshed. This video of former DHS head Janet Napolitano shows how Walmart already had a deal with the DHS, and helped it spread its fear propaganda message to the public to be suspicious of each other – and of course to report anything suspicious to your local, friendly Walmart manager. US troops overseas in Yemen may have taken control of a Walmart store there by force.

Walmart could well be gearing up to become a governmental Distribution Center in an emergency (created or otherwise) or in a martial law scenario. In that kind of situation, Walmart could be the hub (like Camp FEMA) where people are being sent to be forced vaccinated, where dissidents and activists are being sent to be forcibly detained, or (I hope it would never come to this) where the public is being sent to be forced microchipped. It also unsurprising to those who are paying attention that Walmart (in this video) is using local police to guard its perimeter – further proof that Walmart is joined at the hip with the Federal Government, and also evidence that Walmart is hiding something pretty big.

And just how and when America will fall … everything you took for guaranteed … you current lifestyle, the comforts of life and America will be erased of the face of the earth.. World War 3 will hit by.2018…And this is only real solution for you and your loved ones…


Per The State of the Union Address that will be held on Tue., Jan. 30th, 2018 — Every Jan. 2018 is also when U.S. federal agencies quietly prepare for the change in the Continuity of Government Condition (COGCON) level during the annual State of the Union Address.

The Continuity of Government Readiness Conditions (COGCON) system establishes executive branch readiness levels based on possible threats to the National Capital Region. The President alone determines and issues the COGCON Level. However, The COGCON Level for the U.S. Government will secretly drop from Level 4 to Level 3 in preparation for President Trump's First State of the Union Address to the nation.


Here are the COGCON Levels:

COGCON 4:  Federal executive branch government employees at their normal work locations. Maintain alternate facility and conduct periodic continuity readiness exercises.

COGCON 3:  Federal agencies and departments Advance Relocation Teams “warm up” their alternate sites and capabilities, which include testing communications and IT systems. Ensure that alternate facilities are prepared to receive continuity staff. Track agency leaders and successors daily.

COGCON 2:  Deployment of 50-75% of Emergency Relocation Group continuity staff to alternate locations. Establish their ability to conduct operations and prepare to perform their organization’s essential functions in the event of a catastrophic emergency.

COGCON 1:  Full deployment of designated leadership and continuity staffs to perform the organization’s essential functions from alternate facilities either as a result of, or in preparation for, a catastrophic emergency.

On top of all that, the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) will also be holding a public presentation scheduled for Tue., Jan. 16th, 2018. Entitled “Public Health Response to a Nuclear Detonation,” this meeting seeks to address what public health programs have done on a federal, state, and local level to prepare for a nuclear detonation… And also how planning and preparation efforts for a nuclear detonation are similar and different from other emergency response planning efforts.

Speaking of “emergency response planning efforts,” here are some of the upcoming drills that your Government and Military will be hosting in 2018:

1. National Level Exercise (NLE)/Atlantic Fury: To simulate the coordinated response to a Category 3 hurricane impacting FEMA Region III — Spring 2018

2. Cyber Storm: An extensive DHS cybersecurity exercise designed to strengthen cyber preparedness in the public and private sectors. CYBER STORM VI will be held in Spring 2018

3. NUWAIX: Nuclear Weapons Accident/Incident Exercise tests how well emergency responders can safely mitigate a scenario involving potential damage to a U.S. nuclear weapon in DOD custody

Could all of this relate to the Illuminati’s plans of a New World Order, One World Government, and even the plans of a secret “shadow government” come a staged “nuclear war” and/or "national disaster"?!?!

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