Son of Satan In Our Midst: Barack Obama–Is He the Antichrist, or Not? ‘Watch This’ and See For Yourself–the Facts Just Keep Piling Up! (Shocking Videos!)

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Is Obama the Antichrist Or Not? Facts Just Keep Piling Up Against Him! 

Is President Barack Hussein Obama actually the Antichrist? Or, is he setting us up for the one who will be the Antichrist?  We certainly know for sure that Obama possesses a strong spirit of antichrist, and he does fulfill most of the scriptures regarding the details about the Antichrist.  We know positively, according to the things happening in this world right now—strange weather, current events, politics, peace talks, Jews going back home to Israel, and much more—that the very man who is titled the “abomination of desolation”, the “son of perdition”, the “false Messiah”, etc. is alive and among us today.


In my opinion, there seems to be just a little too many coincidences not to acknowledge that he very well could be the ‘one’!  Watch the below video and then decide—coincidence or Antichrist?



Coincidence–or Could Barack Obama Be the Antichrist? (Pt 1-3 Autoplays) 



Is Barack Obama THE ANTICHRIST? 100% PROOF Is There!


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Obama the Antichrist, Al-Mahdi of Islam, 1st Seal a Bow and Crown



Anti-Christ UNVEILED: The Sun Rising in the West




The 3rd Temple “Birthing a New Race within Humanity”






The Spirit of Lawlessness in Washington


This one is from last year, however it contains information that will help show you what is going on and what our president has done! It also contains important news tidbits about what he has done and what his plans are that you might have missed!




Adultery Against God-Has the Passion Died, or Were You Ever In Love To Begin With?


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