The Best Remote Survival Retreats In A Post Collapse World

Even a teenager could build these retreats…

How do you get your hands on a good remote survival retreat?

How to find a good survival retreat todayhow to build a survival retreat for just a few hundred bucks — and how to do it without a building permit.

Whether it's threats from terrorist groups and rogue nations with nuclear weapons, or climate change or the 'hand of God' bringing judgment on a fallen world, building a remote survival retreat may be a smart move to consider.

You might not want to wait too long either to make that decision. Here's a prediction I'm going to make: The fast rise of Donald Trump to what looks like a sure win of the Presidency is going to really raise fears in terrorist groups and rogue nations like Iran and North Korea. While Obama didn't have the guts to go after these groups with the full force of the U.S. military, Donald Trump just might do that. He vows to make America great again, and historically a leader makes a nation great by conquering and or destroying other nations.

Trump's Grudge

Donald himself might have a personal grudge against Radical Islam. You see, Donald's home is New York City and Radical Islam, as we all know, wants to see New York City go up in flames.

Though a lot of people like Trump's tough talk, America's enemies are very probably, and rightly so, worried. They are talking to each other about what to do and what might happen if or when Trump is finally president.

Though no large scale attacks on the U.S. have happened to date, other than a few localized terrorist attacks (9-11, San Bernadino, etc.), the rise of Trump may signify that America's "doomsday clock" is now ticking down at a faster pace. Those widescale terrorist attacks promised by Radical Islam may finally erupt, government and infrastructure collapse, and we face an All Hell Breaks Loose fall of the United States of America.

Government is gone. A few major cities are gone.

A lot of people run for the hills.

But where do you go?

Take Your Family to a Survival Retreat

Maybe you've already played with the idea before. The idea that if government collapses you and your family can pack your bags and head for a remote cabin or survival retreat. Kudos to you if you already have a location or cabin in place.

Is it high time for a lot more people to finally make that decision today? I think so. But as with anything else in life, it is something to be praying about and asking God direction on. I'm a Christian by faith and this is what I believe. You might not be on that page yet — but I caution you this — the terrorist attacks, natural disasters, rise of Radical Islam, spread of violence, murder, and mayhem in several parts of the world sound a lot like warnings from the last pages of the Bible about the end of days to come.

As a lot of people are realizing, those days may finally be here. One day, sooner than we realize, things may get worse. A lot worse. Death, pain, and suffering are headed to our world, as the Bible cautions us.

I don't believe in God — I'm here to learn about survival

Here's why it's a good idea to consider the God factor in all this. In a post-collapse world, you are likely to meet a lot of people with strong beliefs in Jesus; there are a lot of Christians who believe in the end times and God's judgments of the world.

Here's how that can be helpful to you:

If these believers you meet are true to their faith, they are likely to appreciate and seek after good morals; so you, not being a believer, might consider it wise to befriend a few believers who you can trust with your life, rather than making the wrong friends post-collapse and getting stabbed in the back (or raped, especially women), or held captive and imprisoned, or worse.

Though some Christians are "wolves in sheep's clothing" (this is something that Jesus warned would occur), many are sincere to what they believe and good people to have on your side in a bad situation.

For Many, It All Comes Down to Survival

So, whether you believe or don't believe, the question on a lot of minds is survival.

What do we do to prepare?

Where do we go if the crap hits the fan?

A Remote Location May Be Your Only Escape

Many Christians believe in being "supernaturally" rescued in a rapture, as or before All Hell Breaks Loose. This belief has been depicted in movies and books such as the "Left Behind" series, and so even many who don't believe (atheists included) know all about it. Some make fun of the idea. Christians have long been ridiculed by unbelievers about the rapture!

Will it actually happen that way? That is hard to say for sure. Many Christians have their own beliefs, and my belief is that if a rapture happens this way, a lot of people can expect to be "left behind." Why is that? Too many people, Christians included, are too caught up in "SIN" and a lack of real faith in God. If that's you, it's time to repent.

Whether a rapture happens this way or not, don't let it shake your faith in God either way.

Whatever is going to take place in the days ahead, a lot of people would be smart to start thinking about that remote location to escape to with your family when or if All Hell Breaks Loose.

Being Spiritually Prepared and Physically Prepared

The best move of course would be to have all your bases covered: Develop a real faith in God and close walk with Jesus, just in case that "rapture" belief turns out to be the real thing. It does appear to be in scripture — but at the same time there is a real mystery about when exactly it will take place. Jesus said, "no man knows the day or the hour, not even the Son, but only the Father in Heaven."

What it comes down to is this: We should live our lives today as though today could be our last day, fully ready to meet the Lord, because the fact is we don't know when our own last day is. As you're reading this several people have probably lost their lives somewhere. Every second someone dies somewhere.

Any of us can die at any moment. Here's a fact to consider: 10 out of 10 people die (at some point in life). Whether we are raptured, or left behind, or die in an accident or at the hand of a terrorist, we should all get our lives right with the Lord while we still have time.

How Easy is it to Build a Survival Retreat?

It's easier than a lot of people think. First of all, a cabin doesn't have to look like a cabin built by our ancestors. While it can be built of wood it doesn't have to be built from several dozen logs with all the right cuts in all the right places.

Instead, a small purchase of lumber from your local lumberyard can get you started.

You also don't need to hire a general contractor (though you can if you prefer to spend the kind of money a general contractor will likely ask for).

Land is Cheap in Remote Country

You may be surprised to find out that the price of land can be extremely cheap in remote areas — for example $8,000 – $10,000 for ten acres or more of land. Of course there may not be any amenities nearby, but that's ok. This is a survival retreat we are talking about. You don't want kids from town vandalizing your cabin and you want a lot less people ever accidentally stumbling on it if refugees turned crooks flee into the countryside. 

Things to Consider When Buying Property

Buy property that does not have a gravel driveway and does not have a mailbox. A gravel driveway, even if it winds through the woods, is just asking for someone from the region to discover that you have a cabin back there. Be prepared to drive overland to get to your property, even during building and visiting phases. A vehicle with offroad capability is greatly recommended.

Do not have a mailbox installed — ever. So, let's say you decide to build a home, with a permit, etc., I would suggest that you do not have a mailbox for your residence anywhere that would mark your land as someone having a residence there.

Build on the other side of a hill, or hills, and plant a lot of thick brush throughout the area. By building on the far side of a hill, from any roads, you reduce the odds of anyone knowing that you have a home back there. Most people travel through areas by vehicle; those who may be on foot (or horseback, or motorcycle or ATV) may choose to stick to well traveled paths, and paths that offer the most ease of travel. By building in an area of heavy trees, and brush, though it may be difficult to get supplies in and out, you end up using the terrain, woods, and brush in the area to your advantage and as a natural camouflage of sorts.

In the end, you can increase the odds that no one will ever "accidentally" discover your retreat in the years ahead. Only those you invite or tell about the retreat ever need to know.

It is for your safety, and the safety of your family, that you don't want to be easily discovered during a time of collapse.

 Prepare! And do it the old fashion way, like our fore-fathers did it and succeed long before us, because what lies ahead of us will require all the help we can get. Watch this video and learn the 3 skills that ensured our ancestors survival in hard times of famine and war.

Building A Survival Retreat in Your Spare Time

If your survival retreat is designated a cabin for recreational use by the county, in most cases you don't need any kind of permit to have a cabin built.

Even though you can build a cabin without a permit in most areas, it would still be wise to put a cement slab in place, for a foundation, and that's not an expensive thing to do. You can hire a local excavator to come in and clear out a small section of land, and then hire a cement company directly (the excavation company may be able to recommend someone), to come and pour your cement.

Forget about a basement — it's a lot more expensive and makes building a cabin a lot more complicated in the end. Just go with a cement slab to put your cabin on.

Talk to a cement company in your area, about what you'd like to do. When you talk to a cement company (or any sub contractors you hire), don't call it a survival retreat, just call it a cabin; no one needs to realize that you may be a "prepper" (you don't want that kind of attention, because it could make you a target for a robbery following a collapse).

Of course, if there is no gravel driveway leading to your building site, then a cement truck will not be able to drive in. You'll need to haul in bags of cement on your own, and do your own mixing (you'll need water), and then build your cement slab in small sections.

Sand will go down first, over the dirt, then gravel on top, and then a protective water proof barrier that will keep your cement slab from being weakened by ground moisture. Refer to books like Compact Cabins and Tiny House Living for specific instructions (it's too much detail to go into in one article) on everything from simple foundations to building a small home or cabin that can withstand the elements, is energy efficient, and even has some modern design in some cases.

What's It Like to Live in the Wilderness?

It's one thing to take your family camping in the National Forest — that's a whole different aspect to experiencing the wilderness and it's my preferred way to spend time outdoors. It's another thing though to go and spend a few days in a remote cabin; doing that will give you an idea of what's it's like to call the wilderness your home. To get up in the morning and explore and not have the confines of society as any kind of distraction. For many people, who want to escape the rat race of metropolitan life, that's why retirement and cabin living can be a good way to go.

VRBO: Vacation Property Rentals (Cabins)

For those of us not yet at retirement age, and lacking the budget to invest in any kind of remote destination cabin right now, there are services nowadays like and Home Away Vacation Rentals that provide the opportunity to rent cabins for a few days at a time (though these sites also list other types of properties, including waterfront, for our purposes we are solely discussing remote cabin rentals).

Not all of the cabins on these websites are remote, so you'll have to do your homework if browsing each site. When you find a property that looks and sounds remote, book a few days, or even just two, and take your family there for your next "vacation".

While you're there, make it a point to not bring any phones, or turn on cable television, and perhaps for the first time in your children's lives (if you have children), experience a weekend without electronics or video games.

In a way, this can be a "practice" run for your family, one where you "bug out" and evacuate with your get home bagsurvival gear, and survival food.

Build a campfire out back, find a good and safe place to swim and bathe in a nearby stream, hike some trails and scout a few game trails, playing a game of "hunter/gatherer" with the kids. Finally, watch out for any bears or dangerous wildlife that may be in the area.

Talk to your family about what it means to live off the land and just maybe it won't be such a shock if and when you actually have to bug out one day soon.

Even if You Don't Have Land Yet, You Can Start Building Now

Here's an interesting point to make. You can start building right now even if you don't have land yet. How so?

Since your cabin isn't going to be the same size as a regular house, you can start buying lumber now, and building walls one at a time, and do this spread out over several months.

In fact, this is a great way to learn and get hands on experience building a home on a small scale.

Start with the Framing

Starting with 2x4s, you can build a 15×10 foot wall (for example), in your own backyard where you live right now.

First, you will need to get a good idea of what the measurements are for nailing 2x4s together so that your walls are structurally sound (be sure to research framing — there are many free online tutorials that will show you how and it's too much detail to go into here).

When you decide how big your cabin is going to be (just make it one level, it will make things a lot easier and cheaper in the end), then you can decide how many walls you need to build.

What are you going to do with these walls once built? Simply store them in a garage or large storage unit, the same place you are nailing these 2x4s together; just be sure they are protected by the weather.

If you don't have a backyard to build in currently you can even assemble them (and of course store them) in a large storage unit (as long as the management of that storage unit is okay with you hammering nails on site; some are more lenient than others).

Once you've made that land purchase and poured a cement slab, find a local trucking company from the Yellow Pages and have a trucker with a flatbed haul your fully assembled walls to the new location you've purchased for your retreat. (You may need 3 – 4 friends to help carry each wall in).

In the end, your home can go together like a simple prefabricated home, but for thousands of dollars less.

A Survival Retreat Doesn't Have to Be Large

Though it may be a wise move to buy a large tract of heavily wooded and undeveloped land, it may not be necessary if you choose an area with a good group of neighbors. You see if your neighbors own huge tracts of land, you may be able to find a small parcel of land nearby, and settle in either behind their tracts of land or in between.

When considering land to buy, drive around and go knock on doors and meet your prospective neighbors. This will give you an idea of the kind of people who populate the area around the land you want to buy and whether or not they may be a threat (try to run you off your land) post collapse.

As an ice breaker, you can ask if they've ever had a problem with vandals and if they'd give you a phone call if they ever see anyone snooping around your land where you are building a vacation cabin. (Right now, this is just a vacation cabin. No sense in alarming people by calling it a survival retreat for a post collapse).

Besides, you're not lying if you take a few short vacations at your cabin following construction.

What Kind of Neighbors Should You Look For?

Those who own farmland for one thing; these are people who are already growing food and raising livestock and may be willing to trade you food in exchange for labor from yourself and others staying with you.

Also keep your eyes open for likeminded believers, if you're one of this website's many Christian readers who drop by.

Be wary of neighbors who look like they or their friends may be crooks or have kids who are crooks; even if they're good people, if their kids are crooks, there's a good chance their kids might ransack your place while you're away.

Location? Where the Mountains Meet the Foothills

Deep off the beaten track, where the mountains meet the foothills, I believe these are good areas to look at for possible locations to buy land and build a survival retreat. Mountainous regions that have several year round rivers and creeks running down into the foothills are good places as that water will likely be a factor in how easy life is for you and how far you have to go for fresh water (if you don't have a well on site or any other means for drinking water).

River systems are also good regions for hunting as large game often travels in and around these rivers during many months of the year.

You can build your retreat on higher ground, behind a hillside if possible, that is not in plain view from down in the valley. At the same time you are not so high in elevation that you have a long snow season) and you are close enough to farmland down in the valley that it's not a hard walk to go down to the lower elevations for supplies and food.

These three old lessons will ensure your children will be well fed when others are rummaging through garbage bins. Click here to learn all about the 3 skills that will help you thrive in any crises situation.

Look for Light Population, Light Agriculture

Look at areas that are light in population and also light in agriculture, but areas that do have agriculture nonetheless. The experience and knowledge that hardworking farmers and hunters can pass on to you is priceless, especially if you don't have much experience and knowledge in either one yourself quite yet.

Avoid Areas Along Major Highways

Even though some of these areas may be hundreds of miles away from major cities, these areas may become first stops for large numbers (hundreds of thousands) of refugees. With those refugees comes crime and strife, even if a number of refugees have good intentions.

Avoid Areas Near Prisons

In California especially. Several other states have prisons in remote areas also. Do your homework and find out where medium and maximum security prisons are located in your state; don't worry so much about the minimum security work camps; in fact a few of those guys and girls may be good friends to have and quite resourceful during a time of collapse).

Regarding California, though the Sierra Nevada mountain range encompasses thousands of square miles, with hundreds of remote communities that may make good survival retreats, these mountains also hold a few prisons in different parts of the state.

Following a government collapse, expect mass escapes of dangerous criminals in several areas. The last thing you want is an escaped prisoner and his buddies breaking down your doors and claiming your place as their own.

Avoid Areas With Airports

I've talked about this in another article. The problem with an airport is that a rogue or invading nation may have plans to use several remote airports as bases to fly in people, equipment, and supplies. While a small airstrip for small planes may not pose much of a threat in that regard, larger airports do pose a threat for that reason.

The Red Dawn Effect

The problem with a collapse of government is that it opens the door for America's enemies to make a grab for power using people and weapons they already have here. Both China and Russia, major powers in the world and our enemies from the Cold War, have the people and resources here to spell major trouble for a future rebuilding effort, if the U.S. should fall. North Korea and Iran may also play a small factor. So may their allies from Latin America.

If America falls into ruin, these same major powers will likely make a grab for our natural resources (we are rich in natural resources) and our nation will never rise from the ashes. Instead, we can expect a post apocalyptic wasteland as many regions are mined and drilled for natural resources (the Chinese don't care about the EPA — Environmental Protection Agency); concentration camps go up, slavery returns from the pages of history (the Chinese and Russians would need laborers to harvest our natural resources), and America is conquered.

Isn't it Odd?

Isn't it odd that this becomes a likely scenario following a collapse of the U.S. government? It's odd because it sounds like prophecies repeated in the Old Testament, from the Bible. Many times in the Old Testament God brought judgment on a nation, and often used other nations to come in and conquer that nation, and carry out that judgment.

As Donald Trump rises to claim the U.S. Presidency, and many wonder about his true intentions, we have to consider that Trump may be a sign of the times we are living in. If he ran against Ronald Reagan, people would see the clear difference in character. Most would feel a lot better about Reagan than Trump.

Blind People Who Choose Blind Leaders

But when we put Trump in the White House, does God see us as blind people who choose blind leaders? There are a couple things I like about Trump (one of those things is his understanding of the threat from Radical Islam — this is a serious threat and a lot of people are dying at the hands of Islamic radicals; it's not something to tread lightly with; Radical Islam calls for drastic measures).

But there are several things that I see as red flags and don't like about Trump. I also don't like Hillary. (I don't think we have any great candidates for president currently, though one or two in the race with conservative values could bring some good character to the Presidency; but America, when it comes to the majority who will cast their votes, doesn't want that — they're not looking for a leader with good character; they're looking for a leader like Trump.)

Trump: The Leader America Deserves

In the end, I think Trump is going to be elected. God is going to give America a leader it deserves. I don't say that with optimism.

If and when that happens, America's doomsday clock just ticked down again, perhaps just a hair's distance from zero hour.

We better get prepared. For many, that means having a plan to get out of Dodge if it all hits the fan, having friends you can count on, and having a survival retreat that can help you and your family escape the madness down in the cities and suburbs.

Don't Miss the Boat

But the bigger picture is this: We better get our lives right with God. The ship is going to sail. We better get on that ship before it leaves harbor.

God decides our future. What we decide to do with our lives, for His name's sake, is a big factor in the eternal decision that God makes for us. Do we put our faith in Jesus, repent (as a way of life, not just something you do once and forget about), and be saved today "from the coming wrath"?

Or do we shrug out shoulders, proclaim that the Bible isn't real, it's just a bunch of made up stories, and it's every man for himself in the end.

With all the evidence and testimonials from around the world over the centuries, that point to faith, that faith is real, and that God is real — I think that shrugging our shoulders at God is a decision that a lot of people are going to regret in the end. Let's repent while we still have time.

Then, if God is leading you, get that survival retreat built and have a plan for getting out of Dodge when it all hits the fan.

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