The Central Bankers Are Preparing To Crash The Economy: David Quintieri


The Central Bankers Are Preparing To Crash The Economy: David Quintieri

The Collapse will happen because a new monetary system is going to be in this decade. Mike Maloney shows this. in regards to business the west is failing look at the way the USA conducts there business with other countries. it's a joke.

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Canada is no different to the USA if you have a monetary system you will always have corrupted government. as repetitive as the words of these channels are think about history as a guide line we've had empires before nations an leaders before look where many of them end up. America is a joke if you want to make a real business why are is America bombing other nations instead of working for a trade deal? Isis has lasted 1 year and a half right well America bombs them for a entire year Russia destroys most of them in a month how is the strongest nation not removing a simple terrorist organization? business may seem good but watch sites like Zerohenge it tells the story. the world's largest miner there shares dropped to seven year lows thing about what it does to the global day western banks and governments will go crazy to safe them selves if you don't believe that just read Zerohenge updates from time to time you'll see were already a joke here in the us.

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