With each passing day, authentic images of Nibiru become more difficult for shills and paid disinformation agents to discredit. Earlier this week, an agency specializing in digital image authentication validated a photograph of Nibiru taken in Washington Seattle . The photograph above this article surfaced soon after, allegedly capturing a stunning photograph of Nibiru from an undisclosedhqdefault location in Washington Seattle .


As with the previous photograph, someonesbones submitted the Washington Seattle image to  Primeau Forensics, a world leader in digital image authentication, for an in-depth analysis of the photograph. Employing a revolutionary technology that combines an advanced fluoroscopic examination with mass spectral chromatography, Primeau Forensics found no evidence of photographic manipulation and thus certified the image as authentic. The report stated: “We find no evidence of tampering, having checked for image alterations made with Photoshop or other image editing software. To ensure our accuracy, we sent the image encrypted to our London facility to double check our results. They corroborated our findings. The image is authentic.”
Nibiru from an undisclosedhqdefault location in Mexico.


Nibiru from an undisclosedhqdefault location in Brasil.


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It's the end of the world as we know it.

Doomsayers have prophesized for decades about a giant, rogue planet in our solar system — dubbed Planet X or Nibiru — that has the capability of colliding or passing near Earth, with catastrophic consequences.

And of course, NASA has known about the mystery planet for years, but declined to warn us.
The early 1980s were evidently an important time in the search for Planet X.

The "experts" state that two NASA scientists sighted a Jupiter-sized object — Planet X — in 1983.

Additionally, a 1984 Associated Press article claims that dinosaurs and other species were killed off by a dim dwarf star that periodically causes immense comet showers, "plunging Earth into cold and darkness that kills up to 70 percent of all life."

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Scientists have identified a 26 million-year cycle of meteor impacts that coincides with the timing of mass extinctions over the past 260 million years.

These doomsday events are linked to the motion of the sun and its family of planets through the dense mid-plane.

Gravitational disturbance of the Oort Cloud – a shell of icy objects on the outer edge of the solar system – is believed to lead to periodic showers of comets pouring through the inner region where the Earth resides.

The last of these events is said to have occurred about 11 million years ago, roughly the same time as the Middle Miocene mass extinction.
NASA announced this week a new Web-based asteroid monitoring system, called Sentry, to monitor and assess the threat of space rocks that could possibly strike the Earth.

The setup is designed to help scientists better communicate with each other about the discoveries of new, potentially threatening asteroids and the follow-up observations that typically show those asteroids to be, in fact, no threat.

While no large asteroid is currently known to be on a collision course with our planet, experts say an eventual impact is inevitable and the consequences could be grave, up to and including global devastation that might destroy civilization as we know it. The odds of such an impact in any given decade are extremely low, and most experts agree that there would likely be at least 10 years of warning if such an object were ever spotted.

Smaller asteroids, however, are more likely to hit Earth in any given year and could cause significant local or regional damage. The odds are low in any given year. But over the course of a generation, the chances of such an event become significant.


From all offical Government accounts:

1) Asteroid 1998 OX4 has a high probability of impacting the Earth this century – and is openly projected to do so! 
2) NASA is launching the Deep Impact probe in 2004 specifically to intercept and IMPACT (thus diverting) an NEO object in 2005. The official word now is that it will be Comet 9P Tempel 1…but 1998 OX4 WILL be in the same vicinity! 
3) The British are publically calculating the economic costs of an Asteroid impact, making plans to deal with the resultant environmental, industrial and political issues, encouraging activities like the Deep Impact mission to "mitigate" the serious effects of an impact. 
4) They (along with the other western powers) are engaging in a systematic program to "educate" the public about (desensitize?) the absolute certainty that an Asteroid/Comet will hit the Earth and cause significant damage and disruption. They enclose all kinds of merry little charts and figures to show that – "shucks folks we get hit every day", no big deal, its just the size of the incoming rocks that vary from year to year…and heck we've had some pretty big boomers over the last few years that most people didn't even notice (in other words, even when they finally make the formal announcement, there will be no need to panic or overreact…it's all perfectly normal and under control).

 Something REALLY IS fishy here. Something is up for sure…but for all I know 1998 OX4 is just a bit more of the smokescreen, one more to be discarded maybe, before the real impactor is announced (if it isn't actually 1998 OX4).

I also do not think it was mere coincidence that NASA made a big deal about 2000 RD53 and 2000 QW7 – which were non-events. It is easy to speculate that they were a test of the media/internet "early warning system".

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  1. ray jones

    they know its comeing china with the largest bunker system in the world and ghost cities out in the hinterlands the Russians have their bunkers but here in the good ole ussa COG and the fortune 500 are the only ones with bunkers that tells the world how corrupt our government really is.

    1. Name

      It's truely laughable that you think this could at all be true. You think some underground bunkers are going to protect you from a planet colliding with another planet that is supposedly the size of Jupiter? The planet would be completely decimated… Most logical thinking people would realize that, and then they would realize there is no underground bunker system anywhere because it does not exist, get your head out of your ass.

  2. John Stewart

    What a joke.  When God created the universe, he didn't make any planets.   Just the earth, sun, moon, and stars which he covered with the firmament.  Science invented the rest for those who don't believe that.  So which one is right?   Our school system has taught us theory as fact so we were all taught the scientific explanation, but science didn't create anything, they don't even understand it.  If you want to find out about the universe that God created you can here: 

  3. jnarcus

    Hey what the heck is a Washington Seattle? If you can't be any more coherent than that I tend th=o think that everything else you are posting is just plane insane.

  4. John Stewart

    When God created the universe, he only created the earth, sun, moon, and stars and covered them with a firmament (sky).  No planets.  The Big Bang, Evolution, and the Heliocentric Solar System was a creation of science as an alternative creation story.  But the math doesn't work.  This is why all they have to offer is theories which replace other theories.  Unfortunately, we are taught this as fact in school.  But is it true???   Has it ever been proven??   Find out the "other theory" and compare for yourself at 

    1. Clare E Butterfield

      You are going to be surprised!

    2. Jafo

      Really!  Funny my bible mentions how God has named every star and planet!  

      1. Cj

        A person from jesus' time would not think of themself as simple and considder themselves wise and knowlegable. But if you showed an iPad to a person from the days of Jesus, you could use it, would they suddenly worship you? I'd think So! But to you now and your understanding of how it works an iPad is just a bunch of wires with electric passing through it to give you a changing picture! You consider yourself not to be simple and to be wise and knowlegable. THAT person all those centuries ago would not have understood more about your iPad even if you explained it. So the list of planets and stars were kept simple until we were are capable of accepting more! That time is now! 

  5. SGT Shitbag

    It is in fact a solar system moving through ours, It is multiple objects.  The third is the one they (NASA) are concerned about, within .3 AU of earth.  Men's hearts failing them for fear, and for looking after those things which are coming on the earth: for the powers of heaven shall be shaken. Luke 21:26. Better keep a change of shorts in the Bug out bag..

  6. Yaakov

    Whether or not a planetary body is moving toward earth, you should really stop using the Nibiru non sense to describe it if you want people who research and not take things at face value to take you seriously. It really bothers me when CHRISTians use the non sense espoused by the deceiving deceived Zacharias Sitchin, a man who was a complete fraud and a Blasphemer. By doing this you give credence to a man who Blasphemed The Living GOD and did his best to try and twist The WORD Of GOD beyond recognition. The guy could not speak or read Sumerian, he didn't translate any Sumerian tablets, he only pretended he did. Before you sight him and any of these other ancient alien deceiving deceivers take some time and research out these claims.  Go to and see a man who actually is an ancient near east scholar and a CHRISTian obliterate the non sense this GODless heathen Zacharias Sitchin spews out. Also go and watch "Ancient Aliens Debunked" by Chris White on YouTube and see the lengths this world under the sway of the wicked one is going to to turn people away from The Most HIGH GOD and our SAVIOR and LORD JESUS CHRIST to await for these fallen ones masquerading as aliens.

  7. Rey

    Although I believe in the nemesis theory or to put it another way that our star has a binary companion that is smaller. Maybe im partial to the work of Dr.Robert Harrington (as should the general public) but what you claim to be photos are nothing more than dogs and artifacts. Solar filters go a long way. When the time comes it will ascend from the southern hemishere at a 30-40 degree inclination. dont worry you wont miss it. no one will




  8. mark

    it is called lens flare the sun does that without using proper colored filters . the sun distorts as it goes through the lens glass and makes that optical effect     from a photographer's standpoint.



  9. Kim Zorzi

    Oh dear, I don't believe any of this garbage. They said the earth is flat and If we go to far we will fall off the edge. So the earth is still flat cause they said so. And to the bible thumpers, Don't you know, God doesn't exist anymore. We nailed him to the cross the same time we nailed Jesus to it. Thats why we haven't seem him for 2000 years now. Jesus said "I and my father are one". Pretty pathetic that the human race did away with God with simple nails and wood. 


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