Top 3 Reasons To Get Essential Oils for Disaster Preparedness

By Julie Behling – Hovdal

’ll be honest with you.  I’ve never survived a life-threatening disaster by the skin of my teeth.

All of the earthquakes, hurricane, mud slides, wildfires, and tornadoes that have taken place close to my home, wherever my home happened to be at the time, have caused only relatively minor damage to my property or person if any at all.  The earthquakes and nearby mud slides and wildfires that visited us fairly regularly when I was a kid in southern California only threatened to encroach on our family home.  The dozen or so hurricanes that grazed my city Tallahassee, Florida in the years I was a college student may have dumped a lot of rain, broken a few branches off of some oak trees, and caused a power outage every now and then.  But even the ones that were projected to directly hit Tallahassee, such as Hurricane Katrina, swerved off in a different direction before hitting ground.





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