TRUMP on PUTIN & RUSSIA – Says He Would Get Along Very Well With Putin


TRUMP on PUTIN & RUSSIA – Says He Would Get Along Very Well With Putin

GOP front-runner Donald Trump had tough words Tuesday for three of his major competitors for the presidential nomination, but his toughest ones came for Jeb Bush, who he said should "absolutely" drop out of the race. "He doesn't have a chance," Trump told "Look, Jeb is a nice guy [but] he’s a stiff. He ought to do what [Wisconsin Gov. Scott] Walker did."

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Bush on Monday went after Trump, commenting that the solution to solving the country's woes won't be found in someone like Trump, "who has never demonstrated the capacity to implement conservative ideas. And you can't just tell Congress, you're fired and go to commercial break. "Bush has several million in his campaign coffers, Trump acknowledged on Tuesday, but still, he's "wasting his time" and "a lot of money." ormer Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump put out a new book Tuesday, entitled “Crippled America: How to Make America Great Again,” his blueprint for how he’d pull America out of the pit of despair he believes it has fallen into. Ever the showman, Trump used the occasion of the book’s launch to attack the media, his GOP rivals, and Fed chief Janet Yellen then rifted on a host of issues in a way only he can.

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Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump says he would get along with Russian President Vladimir Putin and says ''he will respect us. That's what we want.' He may be a Presidential disaster-in-waiting, but if nothing else Donald Trump is, for now, entertaining.
The billionaire GOP candidate had some choice words for president Obama this morning, in reaction to Obama whining about Republican candidates speaking out regarding a liberal media bias Firing back in a Good Morning America appearance, Trump noted that he doesn’t “personally care on the debate,” but added of Obama “He can’t handle the country. He’s doing a terrible job running the country.”

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Trump set the record clear saying that he doesn’t want a three hour debate because it is too long, and add that the TV networks should not be getting all the profits from the debates, and should instead be donating some of it to veterans’ charities.
“He may say the Republicans don’t get along on a debate, and it’s not us, we are being asked very rude questions.” Trump explained. “He’s having a hard time… not a hard time, he can’t handle the country. He is doing a terrible terrible job.” Trump repeated.(youtube)

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DONALD TRUMP New Interview: "With me in the Power PUTIN will be humiliated" 

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'You're a Leader or You're Not': Trump Says Putin Doesn't Respect Obama

Donald Trump went "On The Record" with Greta Van Susteren to discuss a wide variety of topics, including President Obama's failure to secure victories for the U.S.

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