A grid-down scenario is for any person worst nightmare. And it is something that preppers and the government share a mutual fear of.
In just one month in a grid-down scenario, services, supplies, and necessities will be so severe that your neighbor would kill you for food, and law enforcement will be so understaffed that they won’t be there to help.

You might think this is the stuff of movies, but it is very possible, and in a very real grid-down scenario, society as we know it would stop to function.

Every single process that is run on the electric grid would come to a sudden halt. Much of what we need to survive, such as the things we eat, what we drink, and many of the comforts we have, are automated. Without a stable electric grid, they would cease.

And it’s not as if someone can just fix a power unit, or flick a switch and the grid comes back on. If crucial components of our power grid go, they need to be made again. But how can you make and repair a grid without electricity?

In the modern world, high-powered transformers in power plants convert generator voltage into consumable electricity for the grid. They are the heart of the grid that we rely on every day.

These large power transformers (LPTs) aren’t just any piece of machinery. They cost millions of dollars to make and have an average weight of 200-300 tonnes. They take a minimum of 12 months to create, which is if there is substantial power and economic resources, and transport available. Replacing them alone takes at least a month.

If these are taken out, the grid will go down and an entire country will be crippled, left in the dark ages, and it won’t recover overnight.

Donald Trump signs Executive order on EMP threat… Does he know something is coming? Perhaps Vladimir Putin even knows what is coming, Did Donald Trump hint who will be responsible? Central Intelligence Agency’s.. What happened in Ukraine, and is happening in Venezuela will soon come to America.

What Causes Power Grid Failure?

The two most common causes of power grid failure are system failure and equipment failure, but other events can also wreak havoc.

System Failure

The power grid system may fail due to a disruption of equilibrium in power supplied and power drawn, triggering the line to trip and cutting off the supply of power. System failure was the culprit in Indonesia’s outage as well as in the frequent outages suffered by India.

A system failure can occur at the supply-end during extreme weather changes, such as a heat wave that causes an increase in the power drawn from the system to power cooling devices, or at the supplier-end if an error occurs in regulating the power input.

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Other Causes

Power grid failure can also be the result of malicious or criminal behavior, such as cyber terrorist or infrastructure attacks against a nation or a nuclear electromagnetic pulse (NEMP) designed to disable electronic equipment. In the wake of 9/11, many feared the Northeast Blackout in 2003 was in fact a terrorist attack.

Power grids can also fail due to large-scale electromagnetic storms, an electromagnetic pulse (EMP), or a reversal in the Earth’s magnetic field – which can cause temporary disruptions or permanent damage to electronic devices.

While events such as these have the potential to completely shut down power systems for an indefinite amount of time, the likelihood of their occurrence – and the extent of ensuing damage – has been hotly debated.

What Can I Expect During a Power Grid Failure?

The immediate aftermath of a power grid failure is the loss of power, which means modern day methods of communications, sanitation, lighting, cooking, refrigeration / preparation, and transportation will all be unavailable.

Within the first few days of a power outage, the disruption in supply of fuel for transportation will lead to shortages in other supplies such as food and medication. Many who wait several days before stockpiling will be greeted with empty and pillaged Supermarket shelves. Don’t rely on any emergency services – medical facilities, emergency responders, and public officials will more than likely be overwhelmed and unavailable.

If the outage continues for a week or more, civil unrest will begin to grow as food and other resources become scarce. People will no longer be able to run generators or vehicles as fuel supplies run out, and many will experience a disruption in their finances or incomes.

In the event a power outage stretches out into the long-term, such as several weeks or perhaps indefinitely, alternate means of power will need to be found along with long-term solutions to meet everyday needs.

Backup Power Systems

Depending on your budget and location, having a backup power system for your home can be an excellent way to prepare for power grid failure.

The most popular choice as a backup power source for emergencies are gas-powered generators. The Liberty Generator an excellent choice for your home. If you choose to get a generator, make sure it’s installed correctly and that you test it out to ensure you’re familiar with how it works.

Solar panels are a great option for homes with adequate sun exposure and can be used year-round to save on energy bills; however, they are expensive to purchase and install. As they don’t require fuel, solar panels are an excellent way to live off the grid in the long-term.

You may also want to consider the following, less expensive alternatives:

A bicycle generator can be used to power small devices and appliances; some kits even include 12V battery charging attachments for creating stored power.
A solar battery charger can provide power indefinitely for cell phones and battery-operated devices.

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When the power goes out, your safety and comfort is important.

Protect your home or business with a new fully automatic standby generator. Maintain your security system, lighting and air conditioning to keep your family or business safe and comfortable through any power outage

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