Trump Sounds “Great Depression” Alarm As Russia Warns “Fighting For Peace Is Like Screwing For Virginity”

Today first noting top Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov assessing there are currently no conditions for a peace settlement in Ukraine, meaning Russia has no other option but to keep fighting, with him declaring: “The absolute priority for us remains and will always remain reaching the goals that we’ve set for ourselves…At this point in time, they can only be achieved through military means”, says this official declaration was in reaction to veteran German diplomat Wolfgang Ischinger, who served as chair of the Munich Security Conference for over a decade, urging Western leaders to “start thinking about a peace process now” and create a special political contact group for the Ukraine conflict, with him adding: “In addition to arms deliveries and financial support, we have to offer perspectives to the growing chorus of questions by critics”—and is a “growing chorus of questions by critics” in the socialist Western colonial countries shocked after Pulitzer Prize winning legendary American investigative journalist Seymour Hersh revealed that the United States and Norway blew up the undersea Nord Stream pipelines to take the European Union energy market away from Russia so they could gain exorbitant riches.

In response to the socialist Western colonial powers trying to silence the “growing chorus of questions by critics” about the act of war bombing of the Nord Stream pipelines, this report notes, Seymour Hersh stated yesterday: “They’re trying to divert attention from the story that I wrote, which included enormous specifics…I was describing a process that began before Christmas of 2021…They had a series of meetings at a secret room in the White House, that I gave clues I know, including the title of the room”, than he observed: “Top Biden administration officials all have high degrees of, plenty of, intelligence…It’s just what they’re so driven by is hatred of all things particularly Putin…They’re so cold warriors, they’re really out of sorts…It makes them do dumb things…Being antagonistic with China and Russia is counterproductive for Washington…They make it personal…They don’t make it professional…Russia has made more friends in the Third World since this began than anybody in this administration seems to appreciate…This notion of American hegemony, if you will, just doesn’t work anymore”.

Shortly after the socialist Biden Regime began plotting the act of war bombing of the Nord Stream pipelines right before Christmas of 2021, this report continues, President Putin and Chinese President Xi Jinping met in early February 2022 and declared a “new era in the global order”—a “new global order” declaration quickly followed by Russia launching the “Special De-Nazification Operation” to liberate Ukraine on 24 February 2022—in response to articles now appearing in America like “China’s Xi Plans Russia Visit As Soon As Next Week”, top Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov told reporters: “Right now I have nothing to say on the subject…As a rule, announcements of official foreign visits are made synchronously, by mutual agreement…When there is such readiness, we will let you know”—after which it was revealed that American exports to Russia have plunged to a 30 year low and the socialist Biden Regime is privately urging the world’s largest commodity traders to resume shipments of Russian oil before global energy markets crash.

With the BRICS Alliance of Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa representing the vast majority of humanity leading the “new global order” against the socialist Western colonial powers, this report details, the socialist Biden Regime has branded Russia and China as its two top enemies—a branding that sees the President Biden and its socialist Western colonial allies waging total war against Russia in Ukraine and warning of a soon coming total war against China—after Mexico announced it was stopping all oil exports and ending all imports of American genetically modified corn, yesterday a news flash revealed: “BREAKING – Mexico has officially applied to join the #BRICS economic alliance”—a news flash not surprising because all of Latin America told the President Biden they support Russia and won’t send weapons to Ukraine, and declared in unison: ”We are for peace”—nor is it surprising that American lawmakers have introduced an authorization of military force against Mexico.

As previously noted by Security Council Members, this report continues, the powerful “Hamilton Oligarchs” elite faction of rulers controlling American banking and business interests ignited the 2007-2008 Financial Crisis that forced President Obama to end the failed war in Iraq—are “Hamilton Oligarchs” devoted to American Founding Father Alexander Hamilton, the first United States Treasury Secretary who famously proclaimed: “There can be no profit in the making or selling of things tobe destroyed in war…Men may think that they have such profit, but in the end the profit will turn out to be a loss”—are “Hamilton Oligarchs” that last week collapsed two banks, quickly after which President Joe Biden fled from Washington to his Delaware basement bunker—than these “Hamilton Oligarchs” sent President Biden the unmistakable warning message: “There’s nothing like a bank panic to make for a relaxing weekend”.

While President Biden spent a “relaxing weekend” sending out Tweets about his so-called American Rescue Plan while ignoring the growing bank panic, this report notes, the “Hamilton Oligarchs” struck again yesterday when they collapsed the Signature Bank in New York—near immediately after which top President Biden budget director Shalanda Young was rushed to CNN where she couldn’t answer any questions and nervously stated: “I think the voice here is our Treasury Secretary who is our lead and working with regulators, um, that’s the appropriate person we should listen to here”—a nervous statement followed by Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen proclaiming: “There will be no bailout of Silicon Valley Bank”—a few hours later, Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen declared the government would bail out Silicon Valley Bank and said “all deposits would be available Monday morning”—while watching this banking debacle top American investors began posting messages like: “YOU SHOULD BE ABSOLUTELY TERRIFIED RIGHT NOW — THAT IS THE PROPER REACTION TO A BANK RUN & CONTAGION @POTUS & @SecYellen MUST GET ON TV TOMORROW AND GUARANTEE ALL DEPOSITS UP TO $10M OR THIS WILL SPIRAL INTO CHAOS”—all of which was followed this morning by Socialist Leader Biden giving a nationwide address to declare to the American peoples: “Investors in the banks will not be protected…They knowingly took a risk and when the risk didn’t pay off, the investors lose their money…That’s how capitalism works”.

In knowing how the powerful “Hamilton Oligarchs” are waging a battle against President Biden to end his senseless wars before they destroy America, this report concludes, Russian state broadcaster RT managing director Margarita Simonovna assured humanity that “Russia is saving the world” and warned about the Orwellian and suicidal socialist Western colonial powers: “Fighting for peace is like screwing for virginity”—and was a warning quickly followed by President Donald Trump sounding an alert to the American peoples with the dire message: “With what is happening to our economy, and with the proposals being made on the largest and dumbest tax increase in the history of the USA, times five, Joe Biden will go down as the Herbert Hoover of the modern age…We will have a Great Depression far bigger and more powerful than that of 1929…As proof, the banks are already starting to collapse!!!”.


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