World War III Alert Issued By Trump Joins WHO Nuclear Emergency Bulletin

President Donald Trump posted the World War III alert message: “FIRST COME THE TANKS, THEN COME THE NUKES…Get this crazy war ended, NOW…So easy to do!”, says President Trump then posted the message: “IF I WERE PRESIDENT, THE RUSSIA/UKRAINE WAR WOULD NEVER HAVE HAPPENED, BUT EVEN NOW, IF PRESIDENT, I WOULD BE ABLE TO NEGOTIATE AN END TO THIS HORRIBLE AND RAPIDLY ESCALATING WAR WITHIN 24 HOURS…SUCH A TRAGIC WASTE OF HUMAN LIFE!!!”, and in quick response, top Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov stated: “Trump is theoretically not far away from the truth…Indeed, should Biden wish to put an end to this conflict, he could do it very quickly, using the opportunity to simply give instructions to the Kiev regime…Such a result is impossible to achieve overnight or in a couple of days, but in many respects the key to the Kiev regime resides in Washington’s hands”.

In response to the socialist Western colonial powers announcing they are sending tanks to Ukraine, this report notes, Deputy Envoy Maksim Buyakevich to the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe warned: “The leaders of the United States and their NATO client states have come close to a red line…This is a straight path into a full-blown conflict in Europe, which absolutely all people living on our continent definitely stand to lose from…And the puppet masters of the ongoing escalation, the United States and United Kingdom, would hardly be able to sit it out either”—a warning now joined by Deputy Foreign Minister Oleg Syromolotov revealing: “The British are systematically using their offensive capabilities to target Russia’s information sector…London regularly conducts exercises, including joint NATO drills, simulating attacks on Russian critical infrastructure…They include the modeling of strikes on government entities in the Kaliningrad Region and Moscow’s energy system”.

Shortly after President Trump posted his World War III alert message and Deputy Envoy Buyakevich issued his warning, this report continues, Secretary General Stefano Sannino of the European Union’s European External Action Service declared: “Russia is now at war against NATO and the West”—a declaration swiftly joined by the World Health Organization (WHO) issuing the urgent bulletin “WHO Updates Critical Medicines List For Radiological And Nuclear Emergencies”, wherein it warns: “In radiation emergencies, people may be exposed to radiation at doses ranging from negligible to life-threatening…Governments need to make treatments available for those in need – fast”—and was an urgent bulletin swiftly followed by articles appearing like “World Health Organization (WHO) Has Issued Guidance On How To Survive A Nuclear Catastrophe, Just Hours After The EU Warned That Russia “Is At War With The West””.

In response to the socialist Western colonial powers announcing their tank escalation of the present conflict fast leading to World War III, this report notes, Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky warned: “If the American tanks arrive as late as August, it will be too late…A handful of tanks won’t make a difference on the battlefield”, then he grimly assessed: “The occupiers are not just storming our positions, they are deliberately and methodically destroying the towns and villages around them, with artillery, air strikes, missiles…The Russian army has no shortage of lethal means and can only be stopped by force”—and was a grim assessment joined by Chinese global information giant NetEase reporting: “As of 18 January, total Ukrainian soldier casualties have exceeded 500,000 and may even reach 680,000, far exceeding the general estimate”.

Early today, this report notes, the Ministry of Defense (MoD) reported massive losses of Ukrainian soldiers and equipment of the past 24 hours, and revealed: “In all, the Russian Armed Forces have destroyed 380 Ukrainian combat aircraft, 204 helicopters, 2,967 unmanned aerial vehicles, 402 surface-to-air missile systems, 7,644 tanks and other armored combat vehicles, 991 multiple rocket launchers, 3,932 field artillery guns and mortars and 8,191 special military motor vehicles since the beginning of the special military operation”—and in the just published Western defense article “Unthinkable Defeat Of The Ukrainians Brings A New Domino Collapse: The Russians With A Lightning Attack Take Ugledar – The Fortress Town Has Fallen!”, sees it observing: “The Russian Army with a lightning general attack managed to enter the Ukrainian fortress city of Ugledar (or Volendar) from two axes and sweep the Ukrainian defenses…The Ukrainians have effectively lost the city…It is clear that the Ukrainian forces are collapsing at the speed of light on all the fronts of Donbass”.

As his socialist Western colonial powers supplied military forces near total defeat on the battlefield, this report notes, President Zelensky has begun a mass purge of government officials and s

igned a decree forbidding any Ukrainian official leaving the country—and in a shocking revelation, His Holiness Patriarch Kirill of Moscow and All Russia just reported that Ukrainian snipers are targeting Christian priests first, then he beyond shockingly revealed: “The architects of international conflicts hate the Ukrainian Orthodox Church because it could serve as an instrument of reconciliation between the Russian and Ukrainian people…That is why there are demands that it be persecuted”.

With articles now appearing like “How To Kill An Abrams! Russian ‘Experts’ Issue A Guidebook On Where & How To Destroy The US Main Battle Tank”, this report continues, Russian military expert and analyst Alexey Leonkov observed: “Neither the German-made Leopard 2 nor the US M1 Abrams tanks are invincible…The Leopards’ first combat experience, and battlefield losses, occurred during the US-led war in Afghanistan…In the course of fighting against the Taliban, three Canadian and six Danish Leopard 2s were irretrievably lost, with another 15 Canadian Leopards disabled…US tank battalions sustained losses in urban combat during Washington’s invasion of Iraq…Over 80 Abrams were destroyed and 530 more had been forced back to the US for extensive repairs”—and in the just published military article “Truth About Tanks: How NATO Lied Its Way To Disaster In Ukraine”, sees it factually revealing:

The truth about tanks is that NATO and its allied nations are making Ukraine weaker, not stronger, by providing them with military systems that are overly complicated to operate, extraordinarily difficult to maintain, and impossible to survive unless employed in a cogent manner while supported by extensive combined arms partners.

The decision to provide Ukraine with Western main battle tanks is, literally, a suicide pact.

Tanks are among the most technically challenging weapons systems on a modern battlefield. They are constantly breaking down, especially if not properly maintained. For the M1 Abrams, for every hour a tank is in the field, there are three hours of maintenance time required. This problem only becomes magnified in combat.

Tank warfare also has evolved. The large force-on-force armored battles that were the hallmark of much of World War II, the Arab-Israeli conflicts, which served as the foundation of operational doctrine for both NATO and the Soviet Union (and which was implemented in full by the United States during Operation Desert Storm in 1991), has run its course.

Like most military technological innovations, the ability to make a modern main battle tank survivable has been outstripped by the fielding of defensive systems designed to overcome such defenses.

If a modern military force attempted to launch a large-scale tank-dominated attack against a well-equipped peer-level opponent armed with modern anti-tank missiles, the result would be a decisive defeat for the attacking party marked by the smoking hulks of burned-out tanks.

As to why the socialist Western colonial powers are really sending tanks to Ukraine that they know will be quickly obliterated, this concludes, was just explained by top Kremlin media analyst Elena Karaeva, who, in her just released open letter “The West Has Never Given Up Plans To Destroy Russia”, most factually observes: “The transfer of tanks as part of assistance to Ukraine, their careful calculation by the entire planetary media community, the assessment of the combat capability of the Abrams and Leopards, and the analysis of their performance characteristics are in fact just a smokescreen to prevent global public opinion from seeing the main thing…And most importantly, this is not at all an increase in the degree of escalation, this is the beginning of a war…Them with us”—and is factual observation concurred with by famed American economist James Rickards, who, in his just released open letter “World War III: Has It Begun?”, warns:

Has World War III already begun?

That’s a serious question and deserves serious consideration by investors. A wave of analysts and commentators have warned that the war in Ukraine could spin out of control and escalate into World War III.

One variation on that theme is that the war could escalate into a nuclear war with tactical nuclear weapons deployed. Most point a finger at Russia as the party that will launch a nuclear strike out of desperation at a failing campaign in Ukraine.

Actually, the opposite is true.

The Russian campaign is not failing (it has been on hold for several months awaiting the right conditions to launch a winter offensive). You just don’t hear about it in the mainstream media, which is essentially a propaganda outlet for Ukraine.

And the party most likely to use nuclear weapons first is the U.S. in order to save face and destabilize Russia once Ukraine is on the brink of collapse.

Many people have a hard time believing that. They’ve been told that Putin is the devil incarnate and would probably like to destroy the world.

We like to think that in modern times we’re sophisticated and above falling prey to propaganda. Unfortunately, it isn’t true.

The fact is the U.S. did wage the only nuclear war in history from Aug. 6–9, 1945 and had a successful outcome. I’m not getting into the morality of it here, one way or the other. I’m just being objective.

Either way, another nuclear war could not be contained and it would be tantamount to World War III. It amounts to the same thing.

But my point is different. It’s not that we may be headed to World War III; it’s that we’re already there..


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