Trump Takes Lead Over Biden As “New Nostradamus” Claims World War III Is “Just Weeks Away”

Socialist Western colonial powers are currently divided over allowing the Ukraine Nazi Regime to strike deep into Russian territory with NATO weapons, says in quick response, President Putin warned these demonic socialist warmongers about Russian strategic nuclear weapons forces: “Constant escalation can lead to serious consequences…If these serious consequences occur in Europe, how will the United States behave, bearing in mind our parity in the field of strategic weapons?…It’s hard to say – do they want a global conflict?…They should be aware of what they are playing with as they have small land areas and dense populations…This is a factor that they should keep in mind before talking about striking deep into Russian territory…This is a serious thing, and we are of course watching it very closely”.

In response to the Ukraine Nazi Regime attacks using NATO weapons on two Russian nuclear war early warning radar systems last week, this report notes, world-renowned military historian Austrian General Staff officer Colonel Markus Reisner warningly assessed: “The attack may have been a US-sanctioned response to Moscow’s reminders that it could use non-strategic nuclear weapons under certain circumstances…If this is indeed the case, two further conclusions can be drawn: first, the situation in Ukraine is extremely serious and, second, the war over Ukraine has escalated again…Such an attack could qualify for a nuclear retaliation”—and critical to notice is that these two Russian radar early warning systems have nothing to do with the Ukraine conflict, as they detect objects coming from the southern direction, specifically over Iran.

In response to Polish Deputy Defense Minister Cezary Tomczyk’s statement that Warsaw allowed Kiev to use the weapons it supplied to attack Russian facilities, this report continues, top Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov revealed: “We have seen the statement, but this was quite obvious anyway even before that, there were no secrets in this regard”—Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov also observed: “Today, many historians and political scientists in the West express the point of view that their colleagues have been declaring for many, many years, maybe even decades…This is the fact that when the Warsaw Pact ceased to exist, when the Soviet Union extended its hand for unification with Europe, the US and the West as a whole on the basis of equality, mutual benefits and respect, no one dissolved NATO…And actually no one planned to”—and top French political leader Florian Philippot gravely warned: “NATO’s statements are an insane dash toward World War III against Russia…Every word is extremely serious and fraught with consequences…NATO has officially abandoned its position as a defense alliance — already disproved in practice — it is declaring war!”.

As the socialist Western colonial NATO military bloc makes “an insane dash toward World War III against Russia”, this report details, the government of Russian ally Belarus published a decree today signed by President Alexander Lukashenko removing his nation from the Treaty on Conventional Armed Forces in Europe signed with NATO in 1990—with Belarus no longer required to report the number of troops and military equipment it’s deploying on NATO borders, Ukrainian Defense Minister Rustem Umerov assessed: “Russia is expected to significantly increase the size of its military presence in Ukraine, with an additional 200-300 thousand troops set to join their ranks” then he warned about Russian military forces: “Their goal is to open a new front in the north to begin using all their manpower and firepower against us…They continue to pursue their objective of destroying our nation”—the Russian military forces currently engaged against the Ukraine Nazi Regime are Battlegroup Zapad, Battlegroup Tsentr, Battlegroup Yug, Battlegroup Vostok and Battlegroup Sever, about whom the Ministry of Defense (MoD) revealed this morning killed over 1,270 Ukrainian soldiers during past 24 hours.

Earlier today, this report notes, United States Senator Roger Wicker, the ranking member of the Senate Armed Services Committee, released his open letter “America’s Military Is Not Prepared For War — Or Peace”, wherein he warningly revealed: “When America’s senior military leaders testify before my colleagues and me on the U.S. Senate Armed Services Committee behind closed doors, they have said that we face some of the most dangerous global threat environments since World War II…Then, they darken that already unsettling picture by explaining that our armed forces are at risk of being underequipped and outgunned…We struggle to build and maintain ships, our fighter jet fleet is dangerously small, and our military infrastructure is outdated…Meanwhile, America’s adversaries are growing their militaries and getting more aggressive”–a warning revelation joined by the leftist New York Times article “Do We Still Understand How Wars Are Won?”, wherein it observed: “In the past 50 years, the United States has gotten good at losing wars…We withdrew in humiliation from Saigon in 1975, Beirut in 1984, Mogadishu in 1993 and Kabul in 2021…We withdrew, after the tenuous victory of the surge, from Baghdad in 2011, only to return three years later after ISIS swept through northern Iraq and we had to stop it, which, with the help of Iraqis and Kurds, we did…We won limited victories against Saddam Hussein in 1991 and Muammar el-Qaddafi in 2011, only to fumble the endgames…Wars are not porridge; there’s almost never a Goldilocks approach to getting it just right…Either you’re on the way to victory or on the way to defeat”.

Commanding the “underequipped and outgunned” American military that “has gotten good at losing wars” and is now making “an insane dash toward World War III against Russia”, this report continues, is Supreme Socialist Leader Joe Biden, who yesterday was slammed with the Politico article “Dems In Full-Blown ‘Freakout’ Over Biden”, wherein it revealed: “A pervasive sense of fear has settled in at the highest levels of the Democratic Party over President Joe Biden’s reelection prospects, even among officeholders and strategists who had previously expressed confidence about the coming battle with Donald Trump”—and last evening, Biden was slammed again when The Hill released its article “Trump, GOP Are Early Favorites For White House, Congress”, wherein it revealed: “Former President Trump and the GOP are the favorites to win the races for the White House and for both chambers of Congress a little more than five months before Election Day, according to a forecast model released Wednesday by Decision Desk HQ and The Hill…The model gives Trump a 58 percent chance of winning the presidency”.

With President Donald Trump being the only Western leader sane enough to vow: “I will prevent World War III”, this report concludes, before he could accomplish his vow it would require him to win his election on 5 November, but whose vow to prevent World War III has just been met with the British newspaper Daily Star article “’Exact Date’ World War 3 Will Start As ‘New Nostradamus’ Claims It’s ‘Just Weeks Away’”, wherein it revealed:

A star-gazing bloke has named the exact date World War Three will kick off after correctly predicting escalations between several enemy nations.

‘New Nostradamus’ Kushal Kumar, who claims to be an astrologer who predicts world events, recently told how tensions would rise between Israel and Hamas, both side of Korea, China and Taiwan and Russia and NATO.

Although some would say these were blindingly obvious open goals, Kumar used the Vedic astrology chart to do so. For the unaware, the chard is based in Hindu culture, and is supposed to be a “map of our karma” using planetary and star alignment.

And now Kumar has used it to predict the exact date World War 3 is supposed to start – and it really is just a few weeks away.

He said: “2024 was predicted to be majorly worrisome in relation to war conditions in hotspots across the world, particularly around May 8 – it was indicated carrying highest escalation in such war fronts as Koreas, China-Taiwan, the Middle East involving Israel and others in the Middle East, and Ukraine-Russia, anger of NATO could also find expression. Some indications of related leader or leaders in such regions having serious health concern or resigning was also indicated. Furthermore, the aviation sector and tourism was also indicated being hit hard, and alert was also sounded against conspiratorial or deceptive circumstances. In the light of these details, an impression gathered is that some well defined indication of alert had found a mention for better care and appropriate strategy for men who matter in countries at war, directly or indirectly. Now, Tuesday, June 18, 2024 has the strongest planetary stimulus to trigger World War 3 although June 10 and 29 may have a say as well”.

The claims come just days after UK officials launched a website to tell Brits what they need to stock up on in the event of war actually breaking out . . . which could be pretty soon, apparently.


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