Trump Tells Supporters To “Get Ready” As “Blood Red Moon” Over America Election Nears

Putin congratulating his Motherland co-leader His Holiness Patriarch Kirill of Moscow and All Russia and the Russian peoples on National Unity Day with the statement: “Your Holiness, dear representatives of religious organizations in Russia, we meet on National Unity Day, I congratulate you and all the citizens of our country, our Russia on this holiday, which marks our common heartfelt devotion to Russia, love for her”, says the history of this most solemn day of historical remembrance is documented in the just published article “Like Four Centuries Ago, Russia Is Saved By National Unity”, wherein it recounts: “4 November is designated as National Unity Day in memory of the cleansing of Moscow in 1612 from the invasion of foreigners”.

While the proud and fearless Slavic Russian peoples celebrate National Unity Day, this report notes, the Motherland is once again under siege from the Anglo-Saxon foreigners of the godless socialist Western colonial powers, about whom top Kremlin media advisor Victoria Nikiforova, in her just published open letter “The West Is Waiting For The Collapse Of Russia”, cites such comical facts like former socialist leader President Barack Obama proclaiming to the world in 2015 that “Russia’s economy is in tatters”, in the current crisis sees her factually stating: “Our economists, to be honest, have earned themselves several Nobel Prizes over the past eight months…Of course, there were budget losses, but now we can clearly see why the “airbag” has been accumulating all these years”, and in regards to current conditions existing in the United States, sees her revealing:

“Traditionally, when people get poor in the States, they vote for the Democrats – they unfasten some benefits, keep the lower classes of society afloat.

Today, the US economy is so bad that people go to vote for the Republicans – in the hope that at least they will fix something.

A fresh fact from the criminal chronicle well illustrates the scale of the economic problems of Americans. The other day, a married couple from Oklahoma committed suicide after shooting six of their children – from one to 13 years old. Relatives say that the main problem of a large family was loans – debts accumulated for 130 thousand dollars, there was no way to pay them back.

In general, the trend is clearly visible. The worse the country lives, the louder it promises Russia decline and collapse.”

With all Russian peoples knowing that God has an ironic sense of humor, this report continues, it’s worth noticing that an ominous blood red moon lunar eclipse will hang in the sky early on the morning of next week’s 8 November midterm elections in America—is an ominous blood red colour President Joe Biden bathed himself with a few weeks ago when while having armed Marines standing behind him to warn Americans that democracy can only survive if Democrats have sole power of their nation—a demonic display that caused Americans to post such messages like: “I was a lukewarm Trump supporter until this speech…Now I would walk over broken glass to vote for Trump again”—this week Socialist Leader Biden gave another demonic speech demanding that Americans put Democrats in total power to save democracy, that his chief of state Ron Klain proclaimed was: “One final warning”—a “final warning” joined by leftist ABC News host Sunny Hostin likening American white women who vote for Republicans to “roaches voting for Raid”—but among those knowing the truth about what’s really occurring is America’s most watched newsman Tucker Carlson of Fox News, who last evening factually warned the American peoples: “Biden is describing the Soviet version of democracy”.

Also telling the American peoples true things, this report notes, is Wall Street Journal editorial board member Kimberley Strassel, who, in her just published opinion article “Bring On the Non-Drama Election”, factually reveals:

“For those counting, this is the fourth cycle Democrats have made histrionic claims of external threat, internal menace and political demise.

Don’t look now, but the political era of existential-crisis mongering may be reaching its overdue end. Thank Democrats for screwing the basics up so badly as to focus minds.

That’s the takeaway of Joe Biden’s breathless Wednesday speech. It used to be that if a president scheduled prime-time air to warn the nation of a “threat” to democracy”, from “dark forces”, that has placed everything from our “personal freedoms” to the “rule of law” “on the ballot”—he’d be referring to something like World War II, and get a listen.

The Biden speech got a shrug. Voters have sat through this apocalyptic movie many times now, and know its anticlimactic ending. Besides, they’re busy searching for spare change to cover the rising grocery bill.”

Among those walking out of the “apocalyptic movie” fourth rendition, this report points out, was former Democrat Party congresswoman and 2020 presidential candidate Tulsi Gabbard, about whom the just published leftist Politico article “The GOP’s New, Russia-Friendly Campaign-Trail Buddy: Tulsi Gabbard” revealed: “Since the former Hawaii Democratic congresswoman made a public show of her decision to leave the party last month, she has gone on to endorse several top Republicans in the run-up to next week’s midterm elections…Some GOP candidates appearing with Gabbard — who previously defended Putin’s rationale for invading Ukraine — have echoed Donald Trump’s opposition to helping Kyiv beat back Moscow”—is a revelation that shows that the vast majority of American peoples might not want a war with Russia to protect the Biden Crime Family’s money laundering organization called Ukraine—and is further proven in the just published Politico article “The Districts Seeing The Most Spending Show Why House Democrats Are In Trouble”, wherein it notes: “The bulk of the fall TV spending in the House has gone into defending Democratic-held districts Joe Biden carried comfortably in 2020”.

Most terrifying to President Biden and his warmongering Democrats, though, this report continues, is the just published Politico article “Another Key Senate Race Moves Toward GOP In Election Forecast Update”, wherein it reveals: “The GOP could win 54 seats by sweeping the too-close-to-call races…Republicans’ path to the Senate majority continues to broaden ahead of Tuesday’s election — now including a state that Joe Biden carried by 7 points just two years ago…The Senate race in New Hampshire is moving from “Lean Democratic” to “Toss Up” in POLITICO’s Election Forecast”—a revelation explained in the just published Wall Street Journal article “Don Bolduc May Pull Off An Upset In New Hampshire” about retired United States Army Brigadier General Don Bolduc, wherein it notes:

“Bolduc didn’t spend a dime on TV ads during the primary. He couldn’t afford them

He’s no conventional politician. Asked a question, he gives a plain and direct answer. From his regulation Army haircut to his sensible shoes, he maintains an image that many in a rural state find familiar. Nothing about him seems the slightest bit calculated

Vikram Mansharamani, a newcomer who ran in the primary against Messrs. Bolduc and Morse, said that everywhere he went in the state, the message from GOP voters was resounding: “We want an outsider”.”

Further enraging the socialist Biden Regime as the blood red moon midterm elections nears, this report concludes, is top President Donald Trump ally Benjamin Netanyahu becoming the next prime minister of Israel after he won a decisive election victory—a decisive election victory for Netanyahu joined with the Jewish organization Jexit presenting President Trump with the American Defender of Zion Award—a prestigious award presentation quickly followed by President Trump announcing to tens-of-thousands of his cheering supporters yesterday: “I ran twice…I won twice, and did much better the second time than I did the first, getting millions more votes in 2020 than I got in 2016…And likewise, getting more votes than any sitting president in the history of our country by far…And now in order to make our country successful, and safe and glorious. I will very, very, very probably do it again…Very soon…Get ready”—and in proving true Fox News host Tucker Carlson’s warning to the American peoples that “Biden is describing the Soviet version of democracy”, near immediately after President Trump made his announcement, articles began appearing like “Biden’s Corrupt Justice Department Contemplating Appointing Special Counsel If Trump Runs For President in 2024”. 



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