Tucker Carlson Declares Total War On Biden With Putin Interview

Today first noting Western military experts acknowledging last year: “The failed Ukrainian counteroffensive has essentially confirmed that Western military hardware is not superior to Russian weaponry”, says this acknowledgment was joined by Director General Alexander Mikheev of Russian state arms exporter Rosoboronexport announcing this morning: “In 2023, we worked actively, held 16 exhibition campaigns in Russia and abroad, during which we demonstrated to our foreign partners more than 800 full-scale samples and full-scale models of modern Russian military equipment…As for financial results, we fully met our targets, and the order portfolio reached a record high in the 23 years of the company’s operation and amounted to more than $55 billion”.

As it pertains to the weapons quickly turned into scrap metal the socialist Western colonial powers are bankrupting themselves providing to the Ukraine Nazi Regime, this report notes, yesterday it saw their corrupt puppet leader Ukraine President Vladimir Zelensky giving an interview to the Italian news channel TG1-RAI, the longest-running programme in the history of television in Italy, wherein he grimly observed: “As for the situation on the ground, stagnation is obvious, because there were delays in the supply of weapons, and this leads to mistakes”—a grim observation joined by the TASS news service, the largest Russian news agency and one of the largest news agencies worldwide, citing law enforcement officials warning: “The weapons that are being provided to the Ukrainian armed forces have already been found in the possession of Mexican cartels and the radical Palestinian movement Hamas”.

When asked by TG1-RAI about a reported plan to fire Ukraine Commander-In-Chief General Valery Zaluzhny, this report continues, corrupt puppet leader President Zelensky replied: “When we talk about this, I mean a replacement of a series of state leaders, not just in a single sector like the military…I’m thinking about this replacement, but you can’t say here we replaced a single person…If we want to win, we must all push in the same direction, convinced of victory…Definitely a reset, a new beginning is necessary”—a reply that caused world-renowned American historian Dr. Tarik Cyril Amar to assess: “Regarding the Ukrainian leadership, I have a guess that President Zelensky himself is, basically, delusional and has become drunk on his own rhetoric as well as the flattery that he used to receive from the West…I think it has really deranged him a bit and disturbed his relationship to reality”—an assessment followed by socialist European Union and NATO member leader Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban warning: “The West still thinks that time is on our side…Yet, I think the opposite is true…I think that time is on the side of the Russians, and the longer the war goes on, the more people will die, and the balance of power will not change in Ukraine’s favor”.

While holding the lowest January approval rating during an election year in modern American history, this report details, yesterday it saw President Joe Biden and his warmongering neocon allies in the United States Senate unveiling a monstrous bill to give Ukraine $60 billion while only providing the out of control American southern border with $20 billion—upon receiving the bill, it saw House Speaker Mike Johnson posting the message: “I’ve seen enough…This bill is even worse than we expected, and won’t come close to ending the border catastrophe the President has created…As the lead Democrat negotiator proclaimed: Under this legislation, the border never closes…If this bill reaches the House, it will be dead on arrival”—House Majority Leader Steve Scalise then posted the message: “Let me be clear: The Senate Border Bill will NOT receive a vote in the House”—all of which followed United States Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell warning early yesterday morning: “The U.S. federal government’s on an unsustainable fiscal path…And that just means that the debt is growing faster than the economy…So, it is unsustainable…I don’t think that’s at all controversial ”.

Last evening, this report concludes, world-renowned Black American entertainer Killer Mike swept the Rap category at the Grammy Awards, quickly after which an avalanche of articles appeared like “Rapper ‘Killer Mike’ Arrested At Grammy Awards Two Days After He Refused to Endorse Joe Biden”—are articles about what happens to those who oppose the President Biden Regime critical to notice because America’s most trusted and popular newsman Tucker Carlson, who was fired from Fox News after the NSA beyond shockingly leaked his private emails about setting up an interview with President Putin, said in Moscow yesterday: “I love this city…It’s beautiful…I’ve read so much about it, but I’ve never seen it before…So, I wanted to chat with people and take a look around to see how it is doing…It is doing very well”—though Carlson was coy about interviewing President Putin, when asked to comment on the likely American leftist media reaction to his trip he replied: “I don’t know, they are really crazy”—in quick response, top American neocon leader Bill Kristol posted the panicked message: “Perhaps we need a total and complete shutdown of Tucker Carlson re-entering the United States until our country’s representatives can figure out what is going on”—all of which was joined by top Carlson confidant Benny Johnson releasing his video “Tucker DEFIES Federal Government, Spotted in MOSCOW to Interview Putin!? Internet Set ABLAZE”, wherein he gravely warned: “He is now defying our federal government…That will means some sort of retaliation, guaranteed, absolutely without question…If Tucker Carlson platforms Putin, that means he’ll be going to war, metaphorically, with our government…So then, I predict bad things are going to happen to Tucker”.

And just how and when America will fall … everything you took for guaranteed … you current lifestyle, the comforts of life and America will be erased of the face of the earth.. World War 3 will hit by.2017…And this is only real solution for you and your loved ones…

What I discovered will send shivers down the spine of every true Christian and Patriot… because inside the final chapters of the Holy Book, the prophets give a very precise account of what is happening in America at this very moment… And they foretell a very dark and sinister fate for our great country…


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