U.S. Bans all Citizen travel to North Korea; Americans inside N.K. urged to Leave Immediately

The United States has officially BANNED travel by Americans to North Korea and warned all Americans who may be in North Korea to leave.  

Further, all Tourism and Travel agencies presently servicing North Korea have been officially informed by the US Government they may not include American nationals in such Travel and Tourism bookings for any future North Korean activities.


It issued a statement on Friday saying: "We have just been informed that the US government will no longer be allowing US citizens to travel to the DPRK (North Korea).

"It is expected that the ban will come into force within 30 days of July 27th. After the 30 day grace period any US national that travels to North Korea will have their passport invalidated by their government."


BBC Breaking News  @BBCBreaking

US to ban American tourists from visiting North Korea for 30 days from next week, tourist agencies report http://bbc.in/2ugSA1R 


BBC Breaking News @BBCBreaking

UPDATE: US ban on American tourists visiting North Korea will be indefinite, tourist agencies report http://bbc.in/2ugSA1R 

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US 'to ban Americans visiting N Korea' – BBC News

US to ban American tourists from visiting North Korea for 30 days from next week, tourist agencies report


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Military Request for Talks FAILED

Earlier this month, South Korea initiated contact with North Korea and asked for an official, high-level military meeting with the subject to be the official lessening of tensions between the two nations.   The south has sought the meeting for July 21 – today.   

North Korea didn't even bother to answer

This North Korean submarine was photographed this week 100 km from their coastline. 

As stunning as it may seem, 100km is the "farthest distance any of their subs has been documented as having traveled."

Hawaii Bracing for ATTACK

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