Unbelievable! What Was Just Discovered Confirms 2015 Is the Year of Hell On Earth! This New Release Will Stun You! (Videos)

Unbelievable! What Was Just Discovered Confirms 2015 Is the Year of Hell On Earth! This New Release Will Stun You! (Videos)

Unbelievable! What Was Just Discovered Confirms 2015 Is the Year of Hell On Earth! This New Release Will Stun You! (Videos)

September 2015. The month of doom, gloom, catastrophe, and God’s wrath! Here are some facts and some theories:

—the end of the Shemitah cycle

—Blood Moon

—Economy Crash

—Asteroid/Meteor/Comet impact

—Martial Law


—the beginning of the tribulation

—the rapture

—God’s judgment 

These are among the many theories and prophecies being posted all over the internet about this September.  But will anything really happen this September, or is it all just hype? 

Watch the below videos and decide for yourself. Is there any reason we should be concerned about this coming September? Only time will tell.

Philadelphia train crash 9:23/Meteor in Russia 9:23 – warnings of what is coming on 9/23/15!!


YouTube Commentary: In this video, I look at how the train crash and meteor explosion in Russia both took place at 9:23 local time. I believe these events are warning signs from the Lord of what is coming on 9/23/15. The fact that the train crash took place in Philadelphia is extremely significant, because Philadelphia is mentioned in Revelation 3 as the church that is kept from the “hour of trial” that is coming on the earth. Philadelphia is also the city where the Liberty Bell is located. On the Liberty Bell, we read Leviticus 25, which explains to us that the trumpet is to sound on the Day of Atonement to announce the Year of Jubilee. September 23, 2015 ,is the Day of Atonement and starts the Year of Jubilee for the raptured saints.

New Copy: Confirmed-2.5 Mile Wide Comet Headed Toward Earth With Chilling Hellish Mystery Sounds




Pole Shift Theory Global Coastal Event Map U.S.-You Won’t Believe Your Eyes!

This video contains a Pole Shift theory along with a New Map Of North America after the Pole Shift takes place. Leave your comment below and tell us what are your thoughts. 

All Major US Stores & Grocery Chain Stores To Close Indefinitely This Year!?


WARNING! The Greatest American Nightmare Begins September 2015-Jade Helm and the Shemitah


00000007 (6)

Earth Approaching Asteroid/Update


And, be sure to check out this story here: Visions From The Lord: Flood Coming To Florida & Terrorist Attack

So, is it all just sheer coincidence? Or, is something so horrible about to happen that our minds can’t even begin to fathom the terribleness of it?


By Lyn Leahz

Source : beforeitsnews.com

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