US General Issues Dire Warning! America In Grave Danger! Shopping Malls, Transportation System And Electrical Grid Being Targetted!!!

United States General Paul Vallely joins NewsmaxTV to talk about the very real threat ISIS holds to America with incredibly weak leadership from Barack Obama and his National Security staff here in our own nation.


Warning us that documents written in Arabic have been found on the Texas/Mexico border just this week, Vallely fears ISIS/Al-Qaeda sleeper cells are already here in big US cities, preparing to launch attacks upon our transportation system, our electrical grids and our shopping malls. Vallely begins his outlook for America at 6 minutes 20 seconds.


Vallely also gives us an update from Syria where 1200 Syrian soldiers were recently captured by ISIS, talks about a recent warning from Oklahoma Senator Jim Inhofe that an American city would soon be in flames due to ISIS attacks and gives his own advice on what America needs to do to deal with this ISIS threat.





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