War Against Western Colonialism Encircles Globe After Biden Deploys Troops To Peru – Russia Warns Biden for Criticism of Nuclear Weapons Deployment in Belarus

Members of the Business Russia organization: “As for the future, everyone actually has a future but the key question is what kind of future it will be…I am confident that Russia has a bright future…First, because we know what we want and what means to use to achieve our goals…Second, we have enormous resources, primarily human resources”, says this bright assessment was joined by the All-Russian Public Opinion Research Center revealing about its latest polling of the Russian peoples: “When asked about trust in Putin, 80% of respondents answered positively”.

Yesterday, this report notes, President Joe Biden told journalists that he feels “extremely negative” about Russian tactical nuclear weapons being stationed in Belarus, which the Russian Embassy in Washington responded to with the statement: “Washington could use some introspection…The United States has been for decades maintaining a large arsenal of its nuclear weapons in Europe”—a statement of fact followed by senior American statesman Henry Kissinger truthfully observing: “I think the offer to put Ukraine into NATO was a grave mistake and led to this war”—all of which was joined by the articles “Poll: Joe Biden Net Favorability Reaches All-Time Low” and “Poll: Donald Trump’s Net Favorability Rating Reaches All-Time High”.

Last evening in the socialist Democrat Party stronghold New York City, this report continues, a town hall presided over by top socialist Biden Regime ally US Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez descended into total chaos when citizens began demanding an end to the conflict in Ukraine—and were Americans knowing the truth explained by legendary mixed martial arts (MMA) fighter Jeff Monson, who renounced his US citizenship in opposition to Washington’s Ukraine policies: “You don’t have to be a political scientist to understand what’s really going on, because we see this happening live…This conflict benefits the big corporations of America, which benefits the leaders of America, the government leaders who get money from these corporations for the reelection campaigns, for their political parties…So very, very few people benefit from this, the Congress people, the big businesses…And that’s why America is in this conflict, not because ordinary Americans want this proxy war…No, because the media has sold this to ordinary Americans that they think they’re supporting something good”.

In a typical example of leftist media brainwashing, this report notes, the just published New York Times article “Barely Noting War In Public, Putin Acts Like Time Is On His Side” states: “Vladimir V. Putin of Russia looks like a commander in absentia, treating the war in Ukraine as unfortunate but distant…His options have narrowed, but he is still betting on outlasting his foes”, and wherein, at the very ending, it cites a prominent businessman in Moscow saying: “Putin’s spectrum of options is pretty broad, from doing a cease-fire today to fighting a hundred-year war”.

What the leftist New York Times failed to mention, but the prominent businessman in Moscow obviously knows, this report details, is that Ukraine is just one conflict zone in the global war President Putin is waging against the socialist Western colonial powers, with another being Russian ally Serbia, that just put its military on combat alert against the NATO puppet state Kosovo—in knowing that Russia will immediately come to the aid of Serbia, the United States quickly rebuked its puppet state Kosovo for escalating tensions before President Putin orders missile strikes on their NATO defenders—and this morning, Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova declared: “We decisively condemn Pristina’s provocative steps that have brought the situation on the brink of a hot phase and threaten security of the entire Balkan region…The responsibility for this lies entirely with the United States and the European Union…They did nothing to bring the Kosovo Albanian top back to its senses and make it fulfill its obligations under 2013 and 2015 Brussels agreements”.

While overseeing the “Special De-Nazification Operation” to liberate Ukraine and waiting to see if NATO gets its puppet state Kosovo under control before Russian military force is needed, this report continues, President Putin is also watching the proxy war being waged in Sudan—a proxy war ignited by the President Biden after Russia secured rights to build a naval base in Sudan to protect the African peoples natural resources from socialist Western colonial pillaging—today it was reported: “United Nations Secretary General Antonio Guterres was “shocked,” according to his spokesman, by a letter received on Friday from Sudan’s military ruler General Abdel Fattah al-Burhan reportedly asking that his envoy to Sudan be removed”—and yesterday, it saw lying leftist NBC News reporting: “The Russian mercenary outfit Wagner Group is sending surface-to-air missiles to one of the sides in Sudan’s war, fueling the conflict and destabilizing the region, the Treasury Department said this week in announcing sanctions against a Wagner commander…Wagner’s role in Sudan is part of a growing presence in Africa aimed at undercutting U.S. and French influence and profiting off African countries’ mining wealth, with the proceeds helping to fund Russia’s war in Ukraine, experts said”.

The truth about Sudan, however, this report notes, is revealed in articles like “Facing Off With The West On Ukraine, Russia Reshapes World Order In Africa”, and this morning, Ambassador Oleg Ozerov of the Russia-Africa Partnership Forum reported: “The West’s attempts to pressure Africa to turn on Russia have failed as people on the continent realize the true nature of the conflict in Ukraine and see that the unipolar world order is coming to an end…What Africa needs now is promotion of local solutions and national interests, as well as deliverance from the rigid constraints of globalism promoted by neo-liberalist ideologists…The well-balanced and neutral approach towards Russia’s confrontation with the West by Africa, China, India and Latin American nations confirms once again that the transition to a multipolar architecture is irreversible”.

As President Putin watches over Ukraine, Serbia and Sudan that the socialist Western colonial powers have ignited into proxy wars to gain global hegemony, this report continues, his attention is also focused on South America, where yesterday, President Biden ordered the deployment of American military forces to natural resource rich Peru, about which is known: “Peru is currently under the control of an unelected government that is heavily supported by Washington but overwhelmingly rejected by the Peruvian people”—because the socialist Biden Regime overthrew the democratically government of Peru to steal its natural resources, Mexican President Andrés Manuel Lopéz Obrador refused to acknowledge its puppet leader, calling Peru’s fake president installed by Washington “the great usurper”—and in response to Socialist Leader Biden deploying American troops to Peru, it saw President Obrador angrily declaring: “Sending soldiers to Peru merely maintains an interventionist policy that does not help at all in building fraternal bonds among the peoples of the American continent”.

As expected, this report notes, American-installed puppet Peruvian President Dina Boluarte blasted Mexican President Obrador, calling him: “Very ignorant given the intelligence of the Mexican people”—in quick response, President Obrador proclaimed: “So long as there isn’t democratic normalcy in Peru, we don’t want economic or trade relations with them”—all of which is why Mexico is breaking away from the socialist Western colonial powers as it prepares to join the BRICS Alliance of nations lead by Brazil, Russia, Iran, China and South Africa.

Like exactly happened after the socialist Obama-Biden Regime overthrew the democratically elected Ukrainian government to install a puppet leader in 2014, this report details, human rights organizations are warning of the crimes against humanity committed by the American-installed puppet government in Peru, and this past week it saw Amnesty International gravely reporting: “Using lethal firearms against protesters shows a blatant disregard for human life…Despite the government’s efforts to paint them as terrorists or criminals, those killed were demonstrators, observers and bystanders…Almost all of them were from poor, Indigenous and campesino backgrounds, suggesting a racial and socioeconomic bias in the use of lethal force…Far from being isolated incidents due to rogue officers acting of their own accord, the number of deaths on multiple dates and in different locations suggests a deliberate and coordinated state response…The Peruvian authorities must investigate the possibility that officials ordered or at least tolerated these killings, no matter how high up the chain of command it takes them”.

Also exactly like happened in Ukraine after Washington installed its puppet government, this report concludes, demonic and genocidal Nazi ideology is rapidly spreading in Peru, as evidenced in the chilling news yesterday: “Peru’s anti-narcotics police have seized 58kg (127 pounds) of cocaine headed for Belgium in packages bearing Nazi symbols and imprinted with the name of Germany’s war-time leader Hitler”—and in geopolitical documents like “The Bear In Latin America: Russian Influences In Latin American Countries”, they acknowledge that President Putin has all the military forces, allies and equipment needed for Russia to wage a proxy war against American military forces in Peru.


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