This is a photo of I-37 heading north OUT of Corpus Christi, TX from Thursday afternoon; people are heeding the warnings to LEAVE before the storm arrives. Below are MANDATORY EVACUATION ORDERS issued by various governments.  

Understand that even though it is called "Mandatory" people are not forced to evacuate if they choose to remain on their property.  In such a situation, such persons are told that if they change their mind during the storm, and call for help to try to get out, NO HELP WILL BE SENT.  That's the price  free people pay when they ignore evacuations.

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Harvey Evacuations From Tx. Dept. of Transportation:

Mandatory Evacuation: Brazoria County (Gulf of Mexico to the Intracoastal Canal)
Mandatory Evacuation: all Calhoun County (effective immediately)
Mandatory Evacuation: Matagorda County (South of FM 521 and FM 2611 in Sargent), all areas S of FM 521 in Matagorda County, all areas south of Business 35 W of Palacios. All persons under age of 18 must leave the evacuation area
Port Aransas/Aransas Pass: Mandatory evacuation (effective immediately)
Mandatory Evacuation: all San Patricio County (effective at noon today)
Mandatory Evacuation: City of Ingleside (effective immediately)
Mandatory Evacuation: All Refugio County (effective immediately)
Voluntary Evacuation: all Jackson County (effective immediately)
Voluntary Evacuation: western Nueces County
Voluntary Evacuation: all Victoria County
Voluntary Evacuation: all Bolivar Peninsula
Voluntary Evacuation: City of Corpus Christi (effective at noon today)

On Thursday evening, a NEW STORM TRACK was revealed, showing the Hurricane will make landfall, STALL and dump up to FIVE FEET OF RAIN around Houston, TX, then make a U-Turn and head back into the Gulf of Mexico and on toward Louisiana!  Here are those computer models:


Hurricane Harvey continues to strengthen over the warm waters of the northwestern Gulf of Mexico.  As of late Thursday evening, the storm had become a Category Two Hurricane, but is expected to reach Category three (or FOUR) by morning.

 Coastal waters from Baffin Bay to Port Aransas out 20 NM-
436 PM CDT Thu Aug 24 2017



Northeast wind 10 to 15 knots increasing to 15 to
20 knots after midnight. Seas 6 feet with occasional seas up to
8 feet building to 10 feet with occasional seas up to 13 feet
after midnight. Showers and thunderstorms likely.

Hurricane conditions expected. Northeast wind 30 to
35 knots with gusts to around 50 knots becoming north 40 to
50 knots with gusts to around 70 knots in the afternoon. Seas
14 feet with occasional seas up to 18 feet building to 25 feet
with occasional seas up to 32 feet in the afternoon. Showers and

Hurricane conditions expected. North wind 75 to
95 knots shifting west after midnight. Gusts up to 125 knots.
Seas 30 feet with occasional seas up to 38 feet subsiding to
24 feet with occasional seas up to 31 feet after midnight.
Showers and thunderstorms.

Hurricane conditions expected. West wind 50 to
70 knots with gusts to around 100 knots becoming southwest 35 to
45 knots with gusts to around 65 knots in the afternoon. Seas
17 feet with occasional seas up to 22 feet subsiding to 14 feet
with occasional seas up to 18 feet in the afternoon. Showers and

Hurricane conditions possible. Southwest wind
35 to 40 knots decreasing to 30 to 35 knots after midnight. Gusts
up to 55 knots. Seas 11 feet with occasional seas up to 14 feet
subsiding to 9 feet with occasional seas up to 11 feet after
midnight. Showers and thunderstorms.


Here is a radar image:


Wind Speeds:





Beth Carpenter @B_Carp01

Convection now completelt surrounds the eye wall of , and the lowest central pressure is now 966mb, indicating more strengthening.

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As of early Friday morning, Hurricane Harvey has a central Barometric pressure of 966 millibars (mb) and falling.  Here's what that means:

Saffir-Simpson Hurricane Intensity Scale

Data is from the Hurricane FAQ posted by the U.S. Atlantic Oceanographic and Meteorological Laboratory in Miami, Florida.


Saffir-Simpson Scale
Maximum sustained wind speed Minimum surface pressure Storm surge
mi/h m/s kt mb ft m
1 74-95 33-42 64-82 greater than 980 3-5 1.0-1.7
2 96-110 43-49 83-95 979-965 6-8 1.8-2.6
3 111-130 50-58 96-113 964-945 9-12 2.7-3.8
4 131-155 59-69 114-135 944-920 13-18 3.9-5.6
5 156+ 70+ 136+ less than 920 19+



Wind Speed Projections are TERRIFYING:



Beth Carpenter @B_Carp01

HMON forecast vertical profile of  just prior to landfall tmrw afternoon shows wind speeds upwards of 150+mph (Cat 4)!  

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James Spann @spann

Exceptionally high precipitable water values will be carried into the Texas Coastal Plain by Harvey, setting up llife threatening flooding

Breaking "Cataclysmic Sign Hurricane Harvey Headed To Houston"

 Breaking hurricane Harvey expected to become a category for headed for Houston bringing apocalyptic storm surge and rainfall 



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