Trump Warning Something Big Is About To Happen In America The MARTIAL LAW Is Coming – 100% Chance It Will Happen ( RED LIST & BLUE LIST )

War Economy Will Change the World
When societies shift their economies to a war footing, it doesn’t just help them survive a crisis—it alters them forever.

Our campaign against the disease most clearly recalls wartime emergencies in the urgent need to expand production and care. As COVID-19 cases overwhelm intensive care units around the world, we need more test kits, hospital beds, ventilator machines, masks, and protective clothing—lots of them, fast. Expanded emergency care capacity is encountering supply bottlenecks, for instance of the chemical reagents used in testing, and the looming shortage of trained medical personnel. The U.S. government’s invocation last week of the Defense Production Act (DPA), a Cold War law allowing it to prioritize and allocate resources to help expand private industries in strategic sectors, is a step on this road to constructing a larger medical mass-production base.

But as historian Tim Barker points out, the DPA is not the only model for such resource mobilization, or even the most effective one. There are models less reliant on the private sector than the DPA; one important peacetime predecessor is the New Deal-era Works Progress Administration. This sort of public scheme would be able to put to work the large numbers of workers who are facing unemployment in the coming weeks and months. Besides having positive economic side effects, such public employment expands state capacity and removes the need to rely on improvised exploitative labor practices, such as New York State’s use of prison labor to mass-produce hand sanitizer.

War-economic production is often conceived of as a national enterprise. But most war economies in the 20th century were deeply international in their supply lines. The medical mobilization against COVID-19 will have to be similarly global. There are currently about 173,000 ventilators in the United States. In the short term, the increase in American needs alone will probably exceed the entire global annual production of 40,000 to 50,000 machines. Given the complex nature and high sanitary requirements of ventilator assembly, even the DPA will only allow a small conversion of manufacturing plants for medical machine production. The shortage cannot be solved within national borders. East Asia, where the virus is under relative control, is where ventilators can be produced on a serious scale. Just as Lend-Lease and the Berlin airlift provided U.S.-produced war material for the rest of the world in the 1940s, so the realities of the global manufacturing base in 2020 suggest that mass airlifts of ventilators and machine parts from China will be needed to support adequate Western emergency care.

Beyond the immediate treatment of those infected with coronavirus, however, Western governments have almost universally shut down rather than ramped up production. As one financial analyst pointed out, “lockdown economics” is in many ways the exact opposite of the wartime economics of total mobilization. During both world wars, economic mobilization enrolled unprecedentedly large groups of male and female workers in mass production. The coronavirus’s disruption of supply chains and the social distancing measures of today, however, are currently putting millions of employees in the manufacturing and service sectors out of work.

Despite the atomized nature of life under quarantine, it’s clear that the coronavirus resembles war in one crucial aspect: As a highly infectious virus with a significant mortality rate, it has the potential to cause mass death on a scale unseen in European societies since the 1940s. Facing up to this reality is politically difficult but unavoidable. Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte has asked his compatriots for “60 million small great sacrifices” as they weather the pandemic. Even those who would rightly avoid the language of war, such as German Chancellor Angela Merkel, acknowledge that the coronavirus demands a level of collective action unseen since World War II.

Beyond the sick, wounded, and dead, war economies are based on other sacrifices, too. Under capitalist conditions, war economics raises the question of how many resources society is willing to set aside from profit-seeking ventures to protect itself. Both military power and health care fall into the category of expenditures that are essentially protective rather than productive in nature.

The MARTIAL LAW Is Coming – 100% Chance It Will Happen

The list of items below is my conviction of what the administration wants to achieve once martial law is announced. This list is substantial and to achieve all of it, will require exquisite timing and the use of extreme force. Of course, all of the items listed below won’t immediately happen when martial law arrives, but this represents the ultimate “wish list” of the globalist New World Order politicians (including the President) as well as the super rich elitist bankers who are pulling the strings of power behind the curtain.

Because this agenda represents such an extreme transformation of America, you know that they will try to keep what they’re doing a secret from the masses—until they reach critical mass and rebellion becomes fruitless. Martial law in America, once begun, will never end (unless the government is overthrown) because the goal is to radically change everything.
1. Controlling the Population. The first purpose of martial law is to place the entire population under strict control. If we can be cowed into obeying and don’t rebel, they will rapidly continue with their more extreme measures.

A. All critical resources will be confiscated and/or controlled. Taking full control over the distribution of the food supply, water, gasoline and electricity will force most people to comply. Dependence upon the government will be encouraged. Being self reliant by hoarding or growing food will be illegal, subject to confiscation. Fresh water will be drugged (even more than it is now) and it will also be tightely rationed.

B. A national ID (or surgically implanted bio-metric ID chip) will likely be mandatory. By tracking the population, it will become more difficult to rebel or escape.

C. All forms of money will be tightly regulated and controlled. Bank accounts and retirement funds will be stolen. Gold will be confiscated (even as it was under President Franklin Roosevelt). Bartering will become illegal. Only state approved and recorded financial transactions will be allowed. Anything done under the table will be harshly punishable with strict penalties.

D. Propaganda will be continually fed to the population about the reason for the national control. The government will attempt to present itself as the country’s savior from whatever manufactured crisis they have authored. Believe almost nothing that they tell you. Virtually everything they say will be a calculated lie designed to keep you hoping and subservient until resistance is no longer possible.

2. Ruthless Elimination of Resisters. The government’s approval ratings are already at rock bottom. So a ruthless takeover will either polarize resistance further or force people to keep their mouths closed in the mistaken belief that things will get better. They will NOT get better.

A. Radical control over all communication. Radio, television, the Internet and the press will all come under intense censorship or will be shut down altogether. Only government-friendly propaganda media will be allowed. Cellphones will be regulated and cut off if used against the state. An uninformed public that cannot effectively communicate will have great difficulty mounting a revolt. Military Battery Reconditioning

B. Control over all transportation. Every form of transportation will be taken over by and controlled by the state. Cars will be impounded if rebellion is suspected. Freedom of movement will be dramatically curtailed.

C. Roving TSA and FEMA checkpoints. Everyone will be subject to random roving checkpoints for search and seizure. There will be no citizen rights to be violated. Unlimited detention is the threat that will keep most people compliant.

D. Establishment of a curfew. Restricting times and places of movement will make resistance and escape much more difficult and control much easier for the government.

E. Harsh penalties will be enacted on the spot. Local officials will be authorized to inflict punitive judgments, arrests and even summary executions without charges or evidence based upon the slightest suspicion.

F. Terrorist events will be set off to induce fear. The government will try to make themselves look like our savior as they supposedly stop these horrific false flag events that they themselves have created. Fear through drones overhead, neighborhood spies, electronic surveillance, and the presence of military police everywhere will make the world unnerving for citizens who haven’t seen all of this coming.

3. Disarming the Population. This is probably the biggest hurdle they face in subduing the US population. Because there are more guns in America than people, any attempt to disarm the population will likely result in tremendous bloodbath and maybe even a civil war.

A. Systematic confiscation of all weapons. This is likely to be rolled out slowly in different areas with swat team raids targeting registered gun owners who haven’t turned them in.

B. Gun owners, even those who turn them in, will likely be relocated.The government will no doubt see all gun owners as potential resisters even if they turn in their weapons. So its likely they will be targeted quickly.

4. Relocation of the population. This will probably happen slowly due to the considerable logistics issues involved. But all of this is part of Agenda 21 and it is a common method that Communist despots have used many times in the past 100 years. Uprooted peoples cannot rebel as effectively.

A. Citizens relocated to larger cities where they can be controlled and put to work. This is all part of Agenda 21 so this is all on record. Those in the country and the suburbs will be removed to the city in stages (maybe first going through detention camps to weed out the problem people).

B. Citizens relocated to forced labor camps. Those who are considered “dead weight” will be taken to FEMA work camps. These will probably include welfare recipients, healthy senior citizens (especially social security recipients) and anyone who has any labor left that they can benefit the state.

C. Citizens relocated to re-education camps. UN Agenda 21 can’t be fulfilled without a dramatic reduction in the US population. Therefore, it seems that few will actually be re-educated. With so many freedom loving people in the US, it will probably be far easier for them to just send everyone with negative traits to the death camps.
D. The death camps. Resisters, those unable or unwilling to work, the sick, the diseased, the inferior races, anyone who isn’t worth redeeming to the political views of those in power will be easier dealt with dead than alive. All that is necessary to reach a death camp is to arouse suspicion of your disloyalty. There will be no trials. Countless millions are likely to receive this one-way trip. Of course, to avoid riots, the true nature of these camps will be kept secret until the last possible moment.

Take a look at this collection The Lost Book Of Remedies, taken word for word out of a circa 1845 manual.

5. Private property will be confiscated. Most of the land in the US has already been designated for “no people zones.” These maps have already been drawn up at the United Nations for this purpose. Their goal is to have a much smaller population in the US.

A. Property of any kind will belong to the state (except for the elitist rich rulers). No independence will be allowed; people will need to be completely dependent upon the government.

B. There will be no need to own housing. Housing will be at the government’s discretion. Private ownership will simply be terminated.

 C. The globalist rich classes (sitting in governmental or corporate offices) will own property and houses. They alone will have freedom of choice and of movement. They will be endlessly entertained (think: The Hunger Games).

D. Independent businesses will be fazed out. Almost all businesses will be nationalized or run by giant multi-national corporations. Almost all food will be created in large efficient factories (similar to what it is now) using genetically modified crops, hormone injected animals, all filled with slow acting poisons and behavior controlling drugs. This type of food production takes less space and is much more efficient, but is deadly to consumers.

E. Crowded multi family dwelling structures in the central cities will house the majority of workers. In small spaces, tightly monitored, they will be much easier to work and control.

6. All lifestyles will be dramatically altered. Transportation, communication and choices will all be greatly reduced. All workers will be vaccinated, fed GMOs, and drugged into compliance without any choices. Life expectancy will be low.

7. Society will have no freedom. The Bill of Rights will become a foggy memory.

8. Children will become the property of the state. Taken at a young age, they will be raised and indoctrinated in state school factories. They will be groomed for different stations depending upon the eugenics standards set by the state.R

The Signs Martial Law is Coming

Now I’m sure that some reading this may be thinking: “He’s guessing. How can we know that martial law will involve all of this and that it is coming to America anytime soon?”

I would love to be wrong with what this article predicts. But some future events seem pretty obvious when you assemble all the supporting evidence. Viewed together, the odds that this will happen—and soon—become overwhelming. Here are some of the major pieces of evidence I’ve found which convinces me that this is coming soon:

First of all, check out the UN Agenda 21 so that you can better understand where this martial law agenda comes from and how it isn’t going away anytime soon. The global cabal of U.N. Agenda 21 is behind global warming, regionalism, zoning, land and water use control, wealth redistribution, weakening and eventual replacement of the dollar as the world’s reserve currency, global warming, cap and trade, Smart Grid, Smart Meters, carbon taxes, high gasoline prices, global citizens, IB World Schools, Common Core nationalized education standards, biofuels, Marxist advancement across the globe, food control, water access control via the Law of the Sea Treaty (LOST), gun control, health control, the Arab Spring/Winter, unchecked illegal immigration, and they are unstoppable.’

Arms build up within the government. I’ve read and seen article after article on this and the buildup of arms within the US government has definitely accelerated at breakneck speed. You have to ask yourself why all of these governmental agencies are arming themselves. What are they afraid of or planning to do with those armaments?

The DHS has purchased 2.2 billion rounds of ammo, acquired 2700 armored personnel carriers, has 100,000+ armed enforcement agents and has acquired thousands of military vehicles. Almost every department of the government from the US Postal Service to the Social Security Admin to the national weather service, all have purchased weapons, immense amounts of ammo and they all have their own swat teams. Why do they need this unless they expect to have a war on their hands?

2. Indefinite detention is now legal. The National Defense Authorization Act was passed by Congress allowing the arrest and imprisonment of an American citizen on US soil without habeas corpus. And we can now be held indefinitely without due process. This one act is usually the first thing that’s taken away with martial law—and it’s already gone.

3. Americans can now be murdered “legally” by this President.Drones have been used on the President’s approval to kill Americans that were not convicted of a crime or act of terrorism, and who were not even involved in such an act. These killings include a 14-year-old American youth who was merely riding in a car. The memo that was used to justify these murders overseas has come out and it is blatantly unconstitutional.

4. The DHS mission has now changed to one of domestic terrorism. The Department of Homeland Security recently sponsored a study which proclaims their mission is no longer foreign inspired terrorism. They’re now focusing on domestic terrorism by Americans against the US. In other words, they are now targeting law abiding Americans who are worried about their own government. The government views those of us who feel this way as the “new terrorists” to be dealt with.

The government also sees armed forces veterans as potential resisters as 90 percent of the armed services are not in alignment with the agenda of our socialized government. So the armed forces and the vets must be neutralized.

5. Local police forces are being federalized (in violation of the 10th Amendment). All sorts of used military equipment is now being transferred to these city departments. Through this process the DHS will end up acquiring a national police force to enhance its already considerable national manpower to enforce martial law.

6. Police forces are now engaging in consistent swat attacks for minor offenses.Last year alone it is estimated that 80,000 unannounced swat team invasions of homes occurred in the US. These involved breaking down doors, concussion grenades and the deaths of many pets and innocent occupants including many children who have also been injured or seriously traumatized.

7. Limited-edition martial law lockdowns are happening throughout the US on a regular basis. The lockdown declared in Watertown area after the Boston bombing was a sort of “beta test” of the martial law process. During this attack innocent occupants of homes were forced onto the street with no opportunity to grab clothes, flashlights, cellphones or turn anything off inside their houses. They were forcefully made to place their hands behind their heads as they were crowded together.

Simulated “terrorist war games” are now being held in many big cities as local police, DHS, and National Guard units all swarm in with helicopters and overwhelming firepower designed to make average citizens yield in fear the state.

8. The President is already acting like a dictator. He now routinely disobeys and refuses to enforce laws he doesn’t like. He rewrites laws on his own that have been passed by Congress. He instructs the government to increase hardship on the American people for political reasons. He uses the IRS and other agencies to target and punish his enemies. He flaunts and simply ignores all the investigations into his law breaking.

He has opened the borders telling our agents to stand down. Thousands upon thousands of illegal aliens (especially children) have been wooed in the Central American by the CIA, and escorted to our borders by paid guides (paid by the CIA) who have been told they won’t be asked to leave if they can get here. Aliens who have all sorts of diseases which is creating a humanitarian crisis. He has also invited the UN in to deal with this crisis (which is another act of giving away our sovereignty.

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And of course he has now written his own laws saying that these illegals have more rights than US citizens. They can get driver’s licenses, travel freely within the country, get society security cards and aid if they have no money. He’s also rewriting US foreign policy towards countries like Cuba and Iran with virtually no oversight allowed of Congress. Even though his policies were soundly defeated in the most recent election, he continues to rule on his own agenda no matter what anyone says or thinks.

9. Many martial law orders are already in place. This is an extremely compelling argument that we are on the edge of this declaration. It has already been planned and it will be totally “legal” when it happens. Multitudes of redundant executive actions can quickly be enforced and they will thoroughly lock down the country and put virtually everything under the President’s control. And I mean everything.

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  1. Michaela Botswanovich

    This was obviously written during the 8 years of Obamastan, correct? Well, whaddaya know? Here we are in the middle of yet ANOTHER Communist Chinese deadly pandemic, … and the timing is surreal. I think part of the 3-month cover-up in China followed by blaming it on the U.S. Military is that a) they didn’t want to blamed for it and b) it has caused an even bigger catastrophe than they thought and c) they were worried that they had released it too early to affect our POTUS election in November. The Communists want their naïve leftist chumplings back in the White House, since they were so cozy with China during Obamastan, and to reward them for being so vocally outspoken against Trump’s tariffs, which are KILLING their state-owned manufacturing revenue and causing most OEMs and VARs to pivot and move their supply chain sources the HELL out of China. This will cause the CCP (Chinese Communist Party) to lose even MORE money. Every U.S. Citizen with any THREAD of critical thinking skills WILL be voting for Trump in Nov. 2020. The radical leftist recessives in D.C. and the corrupt uniparty in the Republik of Kalifornia, Sackapimento, KA have done everything they can to permanently overthrow the Federal Gov’t for 3+ years. All you hear about the CORVID-19 on the leftist propaganda fakestream news is “it’s all Trump’s fault”. They are literally clutching at straws. Trump WILL be re-elected to the 2nd term that he has EARNED by his performance, … whether they like him as a person or not. The extent to which it is a “close election” or not will be fun to watch. I’m fully expecting the fake polls to show Biden leading by 3-5% on the eve of Election Day just like they did for Hillary. I’d like to see Trump SMOKE CRAZY JOE LIKE A CHRISTMAS HAM. Just in time for Thanksgiving 2020. I guarantee you that if any punk-assed “antifa” pukes set out to get violent, destroy public property, or smash people over the head from behind with bike locks, THEY WILL BE THROAT STOMPED AND BODILY CRUSHED. If the police stand down under orders again like last time, the Oathkeepers and the various Patriot communities will restore social order quickly and with ZERO TOLERANCE for violent radical leftist domestic terrorists. Just look what happened in Virginia recently. It takes A LOT to piss off the Patriot communities full of law-abiding gun owners, but when the balloon goes up, WE SHOW UP ARMED AND READY TO RESTORE ORDER IMMEDIATELY WITH BONE CRUSHING FORCE. Play time is over in this country. We will not allow it to be divided OR RULED BY Communists and their sympathizers. EOM.

    1. Bye Done

      Looks like you’re all wrong.

      Btw, not very detailed orientated are you? This was posted on April Fools Day.

      If it was treason, we’d already be in Martial Law. Looks like its just a big show again.

  2. MP

    It looks like it’s not Covid that’s gonna cause martial law, but your selfish dictator Trump! 🙂

    1. Billy Joel

      Your a fucking douchebag.
      Trump won the election hands down by millions.
      Look at the fraud. Trump should do what needs to be done before we are all speaking Chinese within a year

    2. Uwish

      The ignorant one posting, is obviously a coward, hunkering behind the TRUE patriots because true patriots protect the 2nd amendment and legal, law abiding citizens. Disgrace and a waste of anyone’s time….bye Troll.

  3. q

    Look carefully…T has been replaced … replacement trained at Oak Ridge … eye movement reveals …q

  4. Katt

    I dont understand, Patriot or not, how ANYONE is ok with the state of our country, or world as it is!

    This may have been a “joke” of an article, but the state of our country is no laughing matter. I am a Patriot, (if that even means anything anymore)….. there is this misguided perception that if you are a conservative, you want a civil war….that is the dumbest idea I have heard! I don’t know why everyone is asking for a civil war! Do people really want to kill another human being, or watch their children die? We didn’t like watching our country burn these past months, but now are crying out “civil war?”…….sorry, but I really don’t understand, why its now trending, and ok to want to run around and burn our country down and kill others???
    Yes, our freedom and rights need to be protected…but shouldn’t war be the absolute last resort or am I just delusional

  5. Chris

    Sounds like hell to me. Hope Jesus comes before I see this. 🙏


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