Who Are These Globalist Enemies? (Who Are the Globalist Conspirators Who Control Our Government? What Are They Trying to Do?)

It Only Takes One to Cause A Fight

So true. All that's necessary is one side to start a fight. The other side will face a conflict whether they want it or not. That's what the population in western countries is facing today. The vast majority of us have no idea there is even a conflict between us, let alone that these people want to orchestrate the world's biggest genocide. So it's critical that we discover who these people are and what's really motivating them. Because we'll surely end up dead if we don't know what we're up against.

Why have these people sworn in secret to be our enemies? Why are they doing this? Their beliefs seem so illogical to our way of thinking that it's hard for us to understand them—or even believe that is possible. Of course, anyone who doesn't know his enemy, and how he's making war on you, you will soon be defeated. But these people, who have great wealth and influence, do exist and they want to enslave and destroy us. So understanding their mindset is essential and their strategy is essential to grasping what's really happening.


The Rich Are Different


Those who are filthy rich (as in multi-millions and even billions) are indeed different from the rest of us. From their earliest moments they do not need to worry or even think about those things which consume us. No wondering where their next meal will come from. No fretting about getting ahead. No wondering about what to wear or how to keep the house warm. Those living in a world of privilege have a dramatically distant world view from what we the "common people" experience. They cannot relate to any of us, nor we to them.

When you are decadently wealthy, your biggest problem is often how to keep yourself amused. This causes many wealthy to be focused upon feeding their depravities. All sorts of sexual deviations become fair game for those with money. Any perversion is fair game, including using young children. And if they should step over the line—by society's standards—and their secret deeds are exposed—no problem. Their wealth can buy them out of trouble. When you have this much money, morality is turned upside down. Good becomes evil. And evil looks good. The rich often have a skewed morality; they are taught from an early age that you don't have to answer to anyone, not even to God.


Billionaires Are Just Different

Now these elitist moguls love accumulating money, not because they need it, but because it's like a sporting contest. Winning is their way of "keeping score" to prove that they're superior. In the end, many of these people end up seeing themselves as gods, able to control the destiny of all the "little people" because they truly perceive of themselves to be a master race of humans.

Now if you believe that man is just an intelligent animal, that there is no God to punish evil, and in fact that evil doesn't even exist—it radically changes how you perceive of the world. Lies, treachery, theft and even genocidal murder are no longer "sins." They are just part of the survival of the fittest. So the rich elitist sees himself and the rest of the world and all of its billions of children as messing up his planet. As the years pass by and population growth has begun to accelerate even faster, we discover that the globalists have become ever more passionate about the need to "depopulate" the planet.

While globalist sometimes give lip service to religion (to keep good public relations) the reality is that many of the rich embrace a godless Darwinian religion. They so often belief that those with superior intelligence (and who have proven it by their accumulation of wealth) were meant to triumph over others. This gave the early robber barons a mindset ripe for the adoption of a pseudo science called eugenics, which seeks to destroy "inferior races" and the mentally disabled by compulsory sterilization, and murdering babies within the womb (among other things). Eventually, hardcore elitists start to dedicate billions of their excess dollars to changing the world in tangible ways.


The Main "Cause" For the Rich


So many of those with immense wealth have become incredibly evangelistic in their perceived solution of the problem of overpopulation. And so they begin to embrace devious ways to eradicate all the "lesser people" from their earth. Possessing massive amounts of money has ultimately been a spiritual cancer upon the lives of these people. It quickly tramples any rationality under a truly satanic mindset. They want to kill and destroy most of mankind so that they can create a world which is in tune with their own depraved thinking. So now, let's get more specific.

Men like Bill Gates (of Microsoft) and Ted Turner (of Times Warner/CNN, have pulled themselves up by their own bootstraps to immense wealth. They are newly rich but they have quickly embraced all of the evil that comes with immense wealth. In both cases, these men have announced in their propaganda that they have dedicated their lives and their fortunes towards "giving back". The reality is far more sinister.

Turner has been open about his desires to see world population fall below 1 billion (which logically means that six billion people have to die). He is buying up vast tracts of lands in the US to keep them just for animals. He is an open globalist who has committed his vast wealth toward the fulfillment of the UN Agenda 21 (which I'll talk more about below). There are a number of YouTube clips which show Turner talking about the need to depopulate the world and he says it with great passion.

Bill Gates (who attended Bilderberg in 2010) and his foundation are on a campaign to vaccinate and depopulate the world (against its knowledge or wishes), in order to save the world for himself and his ilk. He is fully aware that the vaccinations contain both mercury and other strains which will abort any baby a woman is carrying and render her sterile. The following video clip reveals his agenda in his own words.




Families like the Rockefellers have had wealth for several generations and it has thoroughly corrupted them, as it certainly did in the case with John D. Rockefeller (the founder of the dynasty). John D. was a life-long Baptist, yet he followed unscrupulous marketing methods, espionage, price wars and ruthless practices to drive all his competitors out of business. He admitted that he viewed business as being merely the survival of the fittest. He also adopted and was instrumental in promotion Darwinian eugenics within the United States and around the world. As he became the world's richest man, he used his wealth to finance (among other things) the eugenics movement in Germany, helping Adolph Hitler rise to power and destroy millions of so-called inferior people.


Guilty and Proud

His son John D. Jr. continued on with his father's agenda, financing all of the early abortion and eugenics programs worldwide, including Planned Parenthood. His son, David Rockefeller, is one of the founding members of the Bilderberg Group—the foremost globalist organization in the world—and even in his nineties he is still an active leader in the organization. David admitted: "Some even believe we are part of a secret cabal working against the best interests of the United States characterizing my family and me as internationalists and of conspiring with others around the world to build a more integrated global political and economic structure; one world, if you will. If that's the charge, I stand guilty, and I am proud of it." He has also stated: "We are on the verge of a global transformation. All we need is the right major crisis and the nations will accept the New World Order!"

So David Rockefeller, who is a major leader of the shadow government, readily admits that he and his family and other members of the globalist elite are conspiring with others around the world to build a one world political and economic structure that will squash the United States. And feels that they just need the right major world crisis to turn their dream of a one world order into reality!

The egotistical depravity of this family is unbelievable. The Rockefeller Foundation, founded by John D., not only financed the Nazis, it has supported abortion and forced sterilization all over the world. Their eugenics research within Germany, which strongly encouraged the horrendous experiments in the slave labor camps, encouraged the genocide that Hitler used to destroy 10 million people who were deemed inferior.

After World War 2, to avoid any connection with the discredited Nazis, the Rockefellers changed the Eugenics Society to the Society for the Study of Social Biology. But nothing changed in its agenda. They continued to push eugenics. For the Rockefellers, abortion has nothing to do with “choice” or empowering women—it is about controlling the masses and cutting down the size of the US population. The following video clip gives more about the background of eugenics and how the Rockefellers attempted to distance themselves from eugenics after the war. Also see where eugenics has led the globalists since.


After World War 2 the globalists championed Mao Tse Tung and secretly funded his revolution. China has actually been the globalist's laboratory where their heinous crimes enjoyed the full support and sanction of the globalists. After Mao slaughtered well over 60 million of his own people in his cultural revolution, Rockefeller stated, "Whatever the price of the Mao's Depopulation in Action

Chinese Revolution, it has obviously succeeded not only in producing more efficient and dedicated administration, but also in fostering high morale and community of purpose… The social experiment in China under Chairman Mao's leadership is one of the most important and successful in human history."

China's one child policy came about after heavy pressure from Planned Parenthood and the United Nations, both heavily funded by the Rockefellers. Globalists can now purchase live organs taken from  Chinese prisoners in a kill-on-demand program if they need to replace their own diseased organs. This is all acceptable as part of their eugenics mentality. The Chinese have been able to aggressively follow the globalist blueprint by ruthlessly countless millions of their own people, especially the aged and infirm. Why? Because the west has supported and even financed their treacherous deeds: "Depopulation should be the highest priority of foreign policy towards the third world," said Henry Kissinger (another well known globalist who is shown talking to Mao in the photo illustration above).

David Rockefeller spoke candidly about his globalist Trilateral Commission (which is an offshoot of the Bilderberg Group) and how they have managed to stay under the radar. This happened in major part because he and his fellow conspirators own all of the mass media.

"We are grateful to the Washington Post, the NY Times, Time Magazine, and other great publications whose directors have attended our meetings and respected their promises of discretion for almost 40 years. It would have been impossible for us to develop our plan for the world if we had been subjected to the lights of publicity during those years. But now the world is more sophisticated and prepared to march towards a world government. The supra national sovereignty of an intellectual elite and world bankers is surely preferable to the national auto-determination practiced in past centuries."

Note that last sentence. He thinks that the super national sovereignty imposed by an intellectual elite along with the world bankers is surely preferable to our self rule which we've practiced for centuries. The arrogance of this man and his fellow globalist plotters is truly stunning. No one elected them to redefine the world's power structure. No one appointed them to work illegally behind the scenes to bring about a bloody world revolution that would bring them to the pinnacle of power. But that's exactly what they've been working on all these years.

I hope this gives you just a small idea of the mindset of these people who are dedicated to reshaping the world into their own image. But you might be thinking, how can these globalists have so much control over the world? Immense wealth can certainly buy political leaders who know where the wealth came from that put them into their jobs. By inviting select politicians into the halls of power, they seduce these leaders into the club and insure for themselves that their governments marching in the direction that globalists desire. Kennedy: Plot to Enslave

And that is exactly what has happened with multitudes of western world leaders, but especially in America. Every US President since Kennedy. has been in alliance with these globalists. Kennedy saw their agenda and was planning to expose their plot before he was assassinated. Note the quote above.

All of these Presidents, to a greater or lesser degree, have pushed the globalist agenda. The Bush family, through Prescott (the father of George HW Bush) was another major financial supporter helping to achieve the rise of Adolph Hitler.

Bush Tells the Truth

George senior was the first American Presidentto actually use the term "New World Order" in many of his speeches. He is the one who brought in Agenda 21 (which was eventually passed by executive order by Bill Clinton).

Bush's son, President George W. Bush gave us 911. Make no mistake about the fact that this attack was engineered by the globalists. The bankers all knew about it in advance and profited by it(. You can read up on that if you don't believe it; lots of "puts" were placed in the stock market against American Airlines and United. There was definitely insider trading that went on which would not have happened if Muslims had engineered the attack) Watch the following short interview with the late Aaron Russo who was a friend of elitist Nicholas Rockefeller. Hear how he was told of the event eleven months before it happened. He offers a fascinating insight into the mindset of the lesser known Rockefeller and their globalist mentality:


Of course, after 911, Bush Jr. presided over the establishment of so many of the draconian laws which have robbed the United States of its basic freedoms. After 911, the Bush administration turned America into a police state. But this latter Bush has been outdone by the last American President—Barack Obama. Unless Obama is slowed or stopped, there will be no more American Presidents.

Obama is fully engaged in bringing about the globalist agenda during his second term. People question how he can make some of his decisions. They seem so illogical to many of us. But when you understand that he is specifically working to at fulfilling the globalist agenda for a new world order, everything starts to make sense. Trump's aim, is to prepare the country through dividing us, to get it ready for the day when he will declare martial law (see Is Martial Law Coming to America?). If they are able to disarm the Americans first, then all hell will break lose.


The UN and the Globalists

UN Globalist Gun

The plot thickens when you understand that the globalists virtually own the United Nations. John D Rockefeller Jr. donated the land upon which the United Nations building sits in `New York City. The UN is totally committed to creating a globalist one world government, marrying all of the different countries into one government. And all the mega rich bank owners, who have financed the UN right from the beginning, will then be able to quietly pull all of the strings on the world. The UN is the main vehicle that's being used to bring the US and the world under global domination. They have already offered our sovereignty and our weapons over to the UN. They just need to get the population to go along with it. Once the UN has control, we will no longer have any freedom; most of us will end up dead.

I always assumed the UN was created to maintain world peace. Not so. That's only a cover story. This organization was dedicated, right from the beginning, to be used for fulfilling the radical globalist world takeover. It was financed with the robber baron's money and that means the elitist golden rule applies: "He who owns the gold writes the rules." The globalists have used their gold to write the UN's mission. This organization is on a collision course with the world; it wants to dominate all peoples, bringing them under their holocaust agenda.

While they don't openly explain this of course, neither do they fully conceal it. They have written it down in detail in Agenda 21. This calls for "sustainable development" which sounds reasonable enough. But what that really means is that the world as it is now will need to be destroyed. And with that destruction will come the deaths of billions of people.

We don't have to guess where this is all headed. These men who have financed the holocausts in Germany and China have already cost countless millions of lives. These banker crooks have illegally used their billions to finance crimes against humanity. Genocide plain and simple. They are now herding all of the naive and trusting people of the world towards the cliff. Their diabolical plan is to usher in their version of a "final solution" for world overpopulation.

In Agenda 21, which is the UN final solution paper. This monstrosity is an absolutely wretched work. For this to be implemented, there will need to be a radical reworking of society and of the human brain. For this to function, the family must be destroyed. Children must become wards of the state, reprogrammed to accept the globalist propaganda. Education must be dumbed down and thinking must be discouraged because independence, intelligence and creativity all work against this totalitarian system. To buy into this, the concept of a knowable rational truth must be abandoned. Consensus is more important than reality or facts or truth. 

Agenda 21 Will Do This

All national sovereignty must be eliminated. All private property must end. All religions must be abolished in favor of the UN state religion. And knowing all of this, it quickly becomes obvious that the only way Agenda 21 can actually be made to work is for their to be a wholesale massacre of all those who oppose it. Those who remain alive will be drugged to pacify their rebellious nature, while they are slowly killed off by all of the slow acting poisons within their food and water. This will be done to thin down the present population to a manageable billion or half that of "beautiful people" that the elitists can milk and use as they see fit.

Eventually, the limited future population will belong to the children who they have brainwashed into fully accepting their globalist world fantasy. Read Aldous Huxley's "Brave New World" which long ago described the final end product. Huxley was himself a globalist and he admitted that his novel was not really a work of fiction. It was a dramatized version of the state of Nirvana which globalists have been planning for the planet.

The Agenda 21 document is ludicrous because these people are deadly serious about pushing this horrendous agenda upon the rest of us. All across America, communities are being encouraged to put its tenets into practice. Watch this short video where locals expose what they discovered about Agenda 21 in their community. And many expressed their outrage.


I hope this article has helped give you the bigger picture of why the globalists are at war with us and what their plans are. I hope you see that this is not a child's enemy that we are up against. It is like coming face to face with the devil. But if you're like the typical American, like me, you probably have a tendency to assume that all of this will never really happen. If you believe, you're simply a fool.

These globalist fat cats have been using their robber baron capital to build an army of paid disciples willing to attack the world to push their depopulation gospel. These people have worked tirelessly establishing globalist networks while we've been busy trying to make a living. And as of today, they have made incredible inroads into America.

All of our Presidents have either been bought off or they were selected because they had the seeds of globalist arrogance in their blood. Everything that Barack Obama is now doing, without exception, is designed towards reaching these new world goals and ushering in the new globalist autocracy. The President promised us that he would fundamentally transform America, and that's one promise he wants to keep.

Will the UN Ride in On a White Truck to "Save Us"?


Take the current crisis of illegal aliens that are flooding into our southern US border right now. Our border agents have been told to stand down and let them pass. Buses and short term housing is already all set up for them, hauling the illegals all over the country. If you look carefully beyond the mainstream news media, you'll discover that this has all been orchestrated by Obama. Months ago he signed an executive order saying that children could stay and announced it in Latin America. The CIA put ads in Central America looking for escorts to bring children through Mexico and right up to our borders. So this is all a set up. Obama admits he knows full well what's going on—because he created this situation.


UN Trucks to the Rescue?

So what we have here is a humanitarian crisis—manufactured by the White House.

As a side note, there are thousands of brand new UN vehicles already inside of the US. Where did they come from? Why are they here? Dave Hodges of the Common Sense Show thinks that's one of the steps that the administration is taking to lead us toward martial law. It is highly likely that the American people will respond positively to UN troops taking care of our illegal alien problem (so we don't have to) in this or another new crisis. The next thing we know, foreign troops are manning all of those UN armored vehicles and we have a Red Dawn situation on our hands. It is highly likely that this new crisis could be the one that he needs to push us closer toward declaring martial law in America.

"In Evil We Trust"

In conclusion, as we reflect upon the men who have influenced the globalists—men like Darwin and Marx and Galton (the father of eugenics)—look at the philosophy of organized genocidal murder that the globalist club has embraced. They have championed men like Hitler, Mao, and other murderous Communists and are completely unapologetic for that support. They look at those tyrants as groundbreakers and innovators in the field of eugenics!

They have embraced forced sterilization, drug induced miscarriages, secret experiences on patients, and forced abortions. But worst of all, they have applauded the massive genocides as a necessary measure to reduce the population. Understand that these people still support all of these crimes against humanity. Imagine if Hitler or Mao sat in on the meetings of the Bilderberg Club giving counsel to Obama and the other administration lackeys about how to "do it right." Actually, they already study these masters of depopulation.

While some of these globalists may give lip service to being religious, the reality is that their agenda is totally anti-God and antichrist. They want to kill babies, euthanize the old and infirm and mentally slow; they wish to abort or destroy inferior races, criminal elements, and the majority of useless people in the third world all "to make the world safe" for their new world disorder.

Their goal is to destroy the family, ripping children away from their parents. They support homosexuality, push sexual experimentation and want to introduce sex to very young children. Although they believe that man is just an intelligent animal, they seek to treat people worse than animals. They want to abolish all religions, especially Christianity and Judaism—while slaughtering both Christians and Jews (who they know stand against them). They will destroy all private property—except for what they themselves own. They have vilified the concept of "in God we trust" within the US but it could easily be stated that their real credo is: "in evil we trust."

I've purposely kept this article more secular in tone, because this information is so important. Whether you are religious or not, I hope you agree that the inherent right of religious freedom presented in the US Constitution is a must for humanity. It should protect us from those who would trample on us for our beliefs.

The globalist men and women want to inflict their brand of atheistic viciousness upon the unsuspecting masses. I have examined in depth how so many of these globalist reprobates have engaged in secret occult and satanic groups, flaunting everything good and decent in the world. Because of what I've seen, I firmly believe that the immensity of this diabolical conspiracy against humanity can only be described as satanic in nature. No less scathing of a term should be used to describe the vile tyranny they have already financed and which they plan for the innocent people of planet earth in the near future.

Wake up you citizens of the world. Wake up Americans. Wake up Christians. We're being assaulted by a force so insidious that even the demons must be rejoicing. We must fight against the incredible atrocities that they have planned. We must fight in the boardrooms, in the classrooms, and in the halls of power. We must take the battle to our enemy telling them that we are indeed mad as hell.

We cannot remain silent and escape the wrath and judgment of God that will surely come upon them and all they attack. Knowing what these people are doing makes us complicit if we do not warn the world.

We must resist these enemies because if they win, all goodness and truth will be lost. If we don't, billions will die. Not only must we resist, but we must do so noisily. We must open our mouths to protect the widow and the orphan and the disenfranchised. We must rip the reins of power away from these men who do not deserve our trust. Rise up with me and band together or there will be no hope for humanity. God will judge us for what we do or do not do with the information that he has given us.

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