The fact that we have a militarized police state force as an occupying standing army in this country is hard to deny. It’s to the point that 11-year-old boys are “copblocking” to warn citizens of costly speed traps, as state troopers are essentially chilling like alligators on side roads waiting to pounce on drivers and steal their wealth for the state the way any other highway robbers would. “Protecting and serving” doesn’t really enter into it, unless by “protecting and serving” one is referring to the interests of the State.

We’ve all seen how police treat protesters.


It has become a meme actually.



And we are always hearing about how the cops are gearing up in the event of violent riots and protests.

A perfect example is the upcoming Republican National Convention in Cleveland, where the police have stocked up on riot gear including 2000 sets of riot control suits, batons, and bags to carry it all in. “Welcome to America, where a supposedly free and open electoral process must be accompanied with barricades and an army of stormtroopers,” Joshua Krause wrote.

So, then, knowing how police have historically treated protesters in modern day America, would it surprise you to hear that police did nothingwhen people leaving a Donald Trump rally, innocent American citizens, walked out into an ambush of anti-Trump protesters throwing eggs (assault), pushing them (assault), punching them (assault), spitting on them (assault), throwing bottles at them (assault), beating them (assault), and jumping on and kicking their cars and smashing out taillights (destruction of private property) as they tried to leave?

Because that is exactly what happened at Donald Trump’s rally in San Jose, California last Thursday night as the cops stood idly by in their riot gear and watched, doing NOTHING.

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The media laughingly referred to this as “clashes” between protesters, but that’s bs as ABC’s own reporter points out.

Make no mistake. These were violent attacks.

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Only four arrests were made, despite all of this obvious evidence including video of a multitude of crimes.

So, we have this huge built-up police state, right? Why didn’t they actually do anything when the time came to DO THEIR JOBS? Check this out:

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That’s right. According to Mercury News:

While it appeared to many onlookers that police allowed the violence to proceed unchecked, San Jose police Chief Eddie Garcia insisted that it was more important for police to hold their “skirmish line” formations than to stop individual attacks. Four arrests were made.

“We are not an ‘occupying force’ and cannot reflect the chaotic tactics of the protesters,” Garcia told reporters. Unless a victim’s life was in peril or the violence was “spiraling out of control,” he said, officers held back to avoid inciting more violence and having the crowd turn on officers. He also said the 250 police weren’t enough to control the roughly 400 protesters.

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They held back from stopping the violence because it might incite more violence? Aren’t they there specifically to stop the violence? Isn’t that the entire reason they exist in the first place?

Gateway Pundit reports that the reason may be, and I know this will absolutely shock you, political.


What has gone largely unreported, is that police chief Eddie Garcia is affiliated with the far left group La Raza.

This is a screen-cap from his Twitter account:




The La Raza Roundtable of California celebrated when Garcia was sworn in.

This is how the Roundtable describes itself:

La Raza Roundtable brings together community organizations, community leaders, elected officials, private and public sector representatives in leadership capacities that can impact positive change for La Raza.

On top of that, San Jose Mayor Sam Liccardo is a Democrat who personally held a campaign event last week for Hillary Clinton. His response?

It’s Trump’s fault:

“At some point Donald Trump needs to take responsibility for the irresponsible behavior of his campaign,” Liccardo said.

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Wow. Really? None of those grown adults committing acts of mass violence can be held accountable for their own actions because… Trump?

Do you think San Jose police would have stood down and watched if this had been happening against supporters of Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders?

Of course not. It would have been labeled a “hate crime” and splashed all over the news, every single act of violence hyped to the hilt.

Instead, Americans are being beaten and intimidated simply for expressing their political beliefs while the system, which we all know can be brutal when it wants to, just stands by and allows it happen without even pretending to justify itself. Not that we want more police state, but when it’s already there and blatantly ignores its own job on even the most basic level, it’s pretty obvious what’s really going on here.

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Source : thedailysheeple.com



  1. James Stamulis

    The people will get the last laugh when Trump is elected president and i hope Valerie Jarett remembers warning people who opposed Obama about the payback they will get because just wait till the left gets theirs when Trump is elected! All the enemies of America both foreign and domestic your day is coming!!!

    1. Nancy

      That's right James! And the FOREIGNERS will be scurring back to their own countries like 'COCKROACHES!!!!' And EVERYONE knows that these's 'DEMONS THAT ARE' were paid for by Bath House BARRY!!!! 

  2. Raymond McGraw

    Trump needs to hire his own police to make sure these scum bags go away.This is how the scumbags got here anyway.Hired by George Sorros the scumbag.

  3. George

    When attacked by criminal thugs, and police do nothing…doesn't that place police with the thugs? If the shoe fits wear it. Self defense is a given. NO laws or b.s. from cops can ever deny a man the right to defend himself. If police want to join the thugs, then suffer the same consequences. At some point, all this RACISM DIRECTED AT WHITE AMERICANS will engender a response. Too bad, the "good cops" out there will be co-opted by circumstances unless they shed the badge and uniform.

  4. Jo Se

    If law enforcement or military permit such, then those same people will shoot We The People upon any order and will take guns from, property from, and inter We The People. 

  5. Ranger

    The Chief of Police and the Mayor are so fully controlled and corrupted. Even though the police force claims they aren't an occupying force, they could easily get the National Guard there to quel the violence.

    Of course, we all know that these are not protestors, they are hired mobs who couldn't tell you any specific reason why they are there. They just scream attacking words, and incite violence. We also know that the entire election process is pure theater and the outcome rigged.

    Trump is either a real deal thing, and being that the establishment, corporate, and banking institutions hate his guts makes me think he's a monkey in the wrench for them, and he might be the Andrew Jackson of this era in time.

    Jackson shut down the central bank and the government and the American people were never more prosperous. Then came 1913. Ever since, the entire system has been hijacked. Things are either going to get straightened out and many people arrested and imprisoned for their actions, or we are probably finished as a nation.

    Trump either wins this or I really beleieve the next 4 years will find the end of the USA as we all know it.




  6. TheTruthBurns

    Most of my Family & Friends live in California but I still want to see California Destroyed & Burned to the Ground – NEVER to return. Whatever Evil or Dipshit idea Starts in Crapipornia Spreads to the rest of the US. Nuke it, Earthquake it or Burn it Down.

  7. richard from willow springs

    250 police and only 400 protestors, and 250 police were not enough to handle 400?  what ratio would be acceptable for them to act? like Benghazi or Baltimore, I wonder if they were ordered to "stand down."

  8. cathy

    How obvious he did not act because he is hispanic? was he really trying to do his job or let the protestors have the upper hand because it would be obvious he would arrest his own.?  I think it is proof that freedom means nothing to them and less when it comes to letting others take it away at a cost–so perhaps they will leave when they do not protect all citizens and arrest those who take the rights of others away not realizing if they get away with it–they are at risk too.  Be very careful what culture you want where you live-this is America and hate is not a right to demonstrate you aren't pleased.  Get ready things will change and many will run to go where they can hurt rather than be part of community that respects freedom.

  9. Not gonna take it

    Trump supporters, travel in groups.  Make sure someone from your group is ready to record the Soros funded libtards throwing the first punch.  Then kick the piss out of their sorry illegal immigrant/candy-ass socialist asses!

  10. JoeyBagaDonuts

    Where was the "skirmish line" formed? To protect some gov't building or a safe line from the rally to the parking areas?

    The cops shoulda been sizing up the creeps before the rally ended. Anyone outside during the rally were obviously there for trouble.


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