Why John Bolton Should Not Be Trump’s Secretary of State – A Dangerous Record of Death & Destruction

Why John Bolton Should Not Be Trump's Secretary of State

Josh Sigurdson breaks down some of many reasons why John Bolton should NOT by any means be Donald Trump's pick for Secretary of State. 
Josh lists several of Bolton's past ideas that are both dangerous and have resulted in the death of more than a million people. 
Senator Rand Paul has made it clear that he will do anything in his power to stop John Bolton from becoming Secretary of State, saying, "I’ll do whatever it takes to stop someone like John Bolton being secretary of state… He’s opposed to everything Donald Trump ran on: that the Iraq war was a mistake, regime change made us less safe in the Middle East, including in Iraq…I don’t know how a President Trump could appoint someone who’s diametrically opposed to everything Donald Trump ran on. Some of that goes for Giuliani as well.”
Rand Paul is correct in pointing out how different the two's talking points are. 


Video edited by Josh Sigurdson

John Bolton supported the war in Iraq, spouting the usual lie about weapons of mass destruction and to this day believes that the war was a good idea. 
He supported going to war with Cuba because he believed Cuba was developing weapons of mass destruction and selling biological weapons to Syria. 
He wants to go to war with Iran which could lead to further instability between the U.S. and Russia which seems to have been culled somewhat recently by Hillary Clinton's stunning loss. 
Bolton has also suggested adamantly that Israel should nuke Iran and wipe it off the face of the map. Something that would be catastrophic. 
He also advised both Obama and Hillary Clinton to intervene in Libya which led to mass destabilization and death all while leading to the rise of ISIS.

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Josh talks about the need to leave people alone, mind our own business and stop creating further instability which perpetuates the dangers we face. John Bolton and Rudy Giuliani for that matter to a slightly lesser extent threatens the future of both liberty AND security. 

If Donald Trump picks either John Bolton or Rudy Giuliani, he has proven that his non-interventionist stance was a lie and that he will be a warhawk president before even becoming the actual president. 
This means the hope and change he promised, much like Obama will be one giant lie and we are doomed to repeat history over and over again until we end up all dying in a bloody war. 

This cannot stand. We must stand up as individuals for the liberties of ourselves and those across the world as government pushes their agenda of absolute death and destruction under the false guise of security. Remember who armed Al Qaeda, the Taliban and ISIS. The U.S. government and their allies. We cannot allow them to push this chaotic agenda any further. We cannot continue to be the policemen of the world. 


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