World Enters “Period Of Perfect Storm” As America Nears “Economic Valley Of Death”

Putin reached 78% and approval of his work was 73.7%, according to a survey by the All-Russian Public Opinion Research Center (VCIOM) published yesterday, says shortly after the release of this survey, Deputy Prime Minister Aleksandr Novak announced that Russia and China are continuing to abandon the US Dollar as trade between these two Eastern nations massively expands using the Russian Ruble and Chinese Yuan—and is an accelerating severing of ties between the East and West noted by top Turkish ruling party political leader Numan Kurtulmus, who factually observed: “This war is not between Russia and Ukraine, it is a war between Russia and the West…The West is using Ukraine to wage a war against Russia and has gone so far as to sabotage Turkish diplomacy that sought to negotiate an end to it”.

With ties between the East and West continuing to rapidly implode, this report notes, First Deputy Prime Minister Andrei Belousov warned all the member nations at the opening of the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation 2022 Summit yesterday: “Now we are just entering into an understanding of the severity of the problems that are emerging in the world…The fact is that the next few years are a period of a perfect storm, when negative trends that have been accumulating for a long time converge for a limited time period”.

As it pertains to “the severity of the problems that are emerging in the world”, this report continues, the just published article “The Perfect Storm Sweeps Britain” documents such facts like: “This week, inflation on the island broke a 40-year record and stood at 11.1 percent…Economists recall the crisis of 1976, when Britain had to turn to the International Monetary Fund for financial assistance”—is a Britain reduced to rationing eggs for its peoples while France is warning its peoples of looming power outages this winter and Germany just warned its peoples to expect meat shortages—and while watching the socialist Western colonial powers destroy themselves, it caused Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova to most accurately assess:

“Unfortunately, the ideas that EU top diplomat Borrell spreads among member states of the European Union do not contain, as before, any hint at the EU’s strategic vision on the Russian track and only provoke Europe’s new prolonged split.

They offer no recipes for resolving accumulated problems, as if Russia and the European Union as geographical and civilizational neighbors can get away from each other.

The obsessive idea that has become a real goal in itself for the EU – a futile intent that bears solely costs for European Union countries and their citizens who have to pay for their politicians’ strategic blunders from their own pocket.

Indicatively, most world capitals are unready to follow the EU’s Brussels which by its mediaeval logic returns the world to the time of the split, high walls and besieged fortresses.

Using the present-day terminology, it can be said that the EU leadership that has apparently been infected by some abnormal political virus has decided to self-isolate from Russia.”

To counter the “mediaeval logic” of the socialist Western colonial powers’ insane mindset to return Europe to a continent of “high walls and besieged fortresses”, this report details, the Ministry of Defense (MoD) today revealed a newly developed unmanned reconnaissance and strike system drone is being used by Russian forces in Ukraine and announced: “Currently, all missile forces have been re-equipped with the modern Iskander-M missile system, which has no analogues in the world…Multiple launch rocket systems (MLRS) are also being delivered to the rocket formations both large and medium caliber of the Tornado family (Tornado-S MLRS of 300mm caliber and Tornado-G MLRS of 122mm caliber)…In addition, the arsenals of artillery units continue to be replenished with upgraded self-propelled howitzers 2S19M2 “Msta-S”, which have an increased rate of fire”.

While being supplied with the most powerful weapons seen on modern day battlefields, this report notes, the MoD reported that over the past 24-hours: “The Russian army thwarted the attacks of Ukrainian troops in the Kupyansk direction…More than 60 Ukrainian servicemen and mercenaries, three tanks, one infantry fighting vehicle and two armored personnel carriers were destroyed as a result of artillery fire, assault and army aviation strikes” and “Russian aviation, missile troops and artillery hit nine command posts of the Ukrainian troops, as well as striking 86 artillery units in firing positions, manpower and military equipment in 176 districts”—after which the MoD revealed: “In total, since the beginning of the special military operation, Russian military forces have obliterated the following Ukrainian military assets: 333 aircraft, 177 helicopters, 2,532 unmanned aerial vehicles, 388 anti-aircraft missile systems, 6,705 tanks and other armored combat vehicles, 897 combat vehicles of multiple launch rocket systems, 3,599 field artillery pieces and mortars, as well as 7,273 units of special military vehicles”.

With massive Russian barrage missile strikes over the past fortnight having left 10 million Ukrainians without power as temperatures plummet, this report continues, today it was revealed: “In Odessa, protesters against a power outage blocked the street again, the Ukrainian online publication reported in its Telegram channel”—and as to why Russia has begun obliterating the energy infrastructure of Ukraine, it was factually explained by former top US Marine intelligence officer and UN weapons inspector Scott Ritter, who, during an in-depth interview, noted the truth that the socialist Western colonial powers refused all Russian overtures of peace, and honestly stated: “Ukraine cannot win this war…It’s a fantasy”.

Leading this war against Russia, this report concludes, is Supreme Socialist Leader Joe Biden, who at the G20 summit this week flashed a ‘cheat sheet’ telling him when to sit, speak—this morning the Financial Times in London reported: “Ukraine’s top military commander, General Valery Zaluzhny, has been told to tone down his public persona amid rumors of tensions between him and President Vladimir Zelensky”—as to the real truth of why Ukrainian General Zaluzhny has “been told to tone down his public persona”, is because the leftist Western colonial media is furiously attempting to cover up his wearing a Nazi bracelet depicting a Swastika—in a just released interview, former top Pentagon advisor and combat tactical legend retired US Army Colonel Douglas Macgregor, Ph.D. describes the entire Ukrainian military and political leadership as “inmates let out of the insane asylum who are running the country”, sees him documenting how Pentagon leaders are deliberately lying to the American people about the war in Ukraine, sees him revealing Polish mercenaries fighting in Ukraine were forced to kill the Nazi Azov Battalion fighters that ordered them to make a suicidal attack Russian forces or be executed, sees him further revealing the Pentagon is in terror over Socialist Leader Biden ordering them into Ukraine, because they know Russian forces can annihilate all of NATO, and in his open letter “War And Regrets In Ukraine”, it sees Colonel Macgregor warning the American peoples:

Of the Vietnam War, Henry Kissinger, former national security advisor and secretary of State under Presidents Nixon and Ford, said, “We should never have been there”.

Before long, Americans, even the politicians inside the Beltway, will reach the same conclusion about Washington’s Ukrainian proxy war against Russia.

No one in the White House, the Senate, or the House consciously set out to turn the proxy Ukrainian war with Moscow into a contest of “competitive societal collapse” between Russia and NATO. But here we are.

No one imagined that the Biden administration and the bipartisan war party would drive Americans and Europeans into a political, military, and economic valley of death, from which there is no easy escape. Yet that is precisely what is happening.

For the moment, Washington remains blind to these developments. Whether in print, radio, television, or online, the narrative is clear: despite horrific losses—at least 400,000 Ukrainian battlefield casualties including 100,000 soldiers killed in action—Ukrainian forces are winning. Moreover, the narrative says, America’s financial and economic dominance will ultimately overwhelm the deceptively weak Russian economy.

The Ukrainian-victory narrative admittedly benefits hugely from Western media that actively “tune out” opposing views and depicts Russia and its armed forces in the worst possible light. The fact that nearly half a century of the Cold War conditioned Americans to think the worst of Russians certainly helps.

Yet there is also a measure of “true faith” at work, a condition of national narcissism, inside the Beltway that believes Washington can control what happens thousands of miles away in Eastern Ukraine. The message resonates in Congress because it rests on a critical strategic assumption that American citizens have yet to challenge: that American national power is limitless and unconstrained—as though a series of strategic failures, from Vietnam to Afghanistan, never happened.

Given that American politicians are always more preoccupied by domestic affairs than foreign policy, members of Congress are quick to adopt the “true faith”. This faith explains why for the last eight years members thought a future war with Russia was a low-risk affair. Ukrainians would provide the cannon fodder and Washington would provide the expensive weaponry and munitions.

Predictably, Washington’s governing strategic principles are unchanged from previous U.S. interventions around the world. Muddle through: masses of soldiers—in this case Ukrainians advised by U.S. and allied officers—and huge infusions of cash, equipment, and technology can and will permanently alter strategic reality in America’s favor.

The stupefying air of self-righteousness the Biden administration assumes when it attacks erstwhile strategic partners such as Saudi Arabia or delivers moralizing lectures to Beijing’s leadership, or when its media surrogates express contempt for the Russian state, is downright dangerous. Political figures in Washington are ready to indulge any transgression if it is committed in the name of destroying Russia. They do not view U.S. foreign policy in the context of a larger strategy, nor do they comprehend Russia’s capacity to hurt the United States, a bizarre judgment of Russia’s actual military and economic potential.

The result is a toxic climate of ideological hatred making it hard to imagine a contemporary U.S. Secretary of State ever signing an international agreement renouncing war as an instrument of U.S. national policy, as Secretary of State Frank Kellogg did in 1928. But as one of Shakespeare’s characters in the Merchant of Venice warned, “The truth will out”.

The ongoing buildup of 700,000 Russian forces with modern equipment in Western Russia, Eastern Ukraine and Belorussia is a direct consequence of Moscow’s decision to adopt an elastic, strategic defense of the territories it seized in the opening months of the war. It was a wise, though politically unpopular choice in Russia. Yet, the strategy has succeeded. Ukrainian losses have been catastrophic and by November, Russian Forces will be in a position to strike a knockout blow.

It is not the first time that American political leaders misjudged the true nature of a situation. In 1969, Kissinger advised President Nixon against de-escalation on the grounds that keeping U.S. troops fighting in Vietnam remained one of Washington’s few bargaining weapons in its negotiations with Hanoi. Kissinger was wrong. Washington gained nothing at the negotiating table with Hanoi by sacrificing more Americans in Vietnam after January 1969.

In view of Ukraine’s bleak prospects of ever regaining lost territory and its deteriorating strategic health, Ukraine’s future now rests in Russian hands. For Washington, there is a morally responsible and practical answer: Kiev should stop the bloodletting and make the best possible peace with Moscow it can. Unfortunately, for Washington this solution is unthinkable.

As long as Washington delivers cash, military assistance, and equipment to Ukraine, Kiev will fight its unwinnable war, and Washington’s ruling political class will profit from the transfer of cash to the Pentagon and the U.S. Defense Industrial Base.

But Washington, its NATO allies, and Ukrainians will gain nothing of strategic value, while Russia is likely to grow stronger. That is a development Washington will regret.


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