“World Is Inching Ever Closer To A Great Fracture” Dire Warning Issued

Putin announcing after his meeting with Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi this morning: “Of course, I gladly accepted the Chinese president’s invitation to visit China in October this year as part of an event to promote the idea of President Xi Jinping, which already has its international brand as the Belt and Road”, says the announcement was joined by Security Council Secretary Nikolai Patrushev assessing: “In the context of the campaign launched by the collective West to contain both Russia and China, the further deepening of Russian-Chinese coordination and interaction in the international arena is of particular importance”, and after meeting with President Putin and Secretary Patrushev, it saw Chinese Foreign Minister Yi proclaiming to the warmongering socialist Western colonial powers: “China-Russia relations have withstood the test of international changes and continue to develop in a healthy and stable manner…The strategic cooperation between the two countries is constantly enriched, and the quality of practical cooperation continues to improve…As permanent members of the United Nations Security Council and responsible major countries, China and Russia closely cooperate on the international stage, jointly defend true multilateralism, oppose all acts of power bullying, and promote the development of a more fair and reasonable global governance system”.

With Russia and China leading the BRICS Alliance of nations representing the vast majority of humanity, and which controls 80% of the worlds oil production, this report notes, in knowing that they will not be backing down from the threat posed by the warmongering socialist Western colonial powers, it caused United Nations Secretary General António Guterres to issue the dire warning yesterday: “The United Nations seems paralysed by divisions over the war in Ukraine…We cannot effectively address problems as they are if institutions don’t reflect the world as it is…Instead of solving problems, they risk becoming part of the problems…Divides are deepening among economic and military powers, and between north and south, east and west…The world is inching ever closer to a great fracture in economic and financial systems and trade relations”.

In evidence that the “great fracture” has begun, this report continues, because of its unending funding of wars to control the world instead of improving the lives of its own peoples, it was just reported: “United States national debt has hit a record high of $33 trillion, according to a daily report detailing the nation’s balance sheet published by the Treasury Department on Monday”—because of its war funding to support socialist Western colonial rule over the world instead of improving the lives of its own peoples, American global banking giant Goldman Sachs just issued a grim warming for the German economy—because of its war funding to support socialist Western colonial rule over the world instead of improving the lives its peoples, the British government had to take over its second largest city Birmingham after it declared bankruptcy—and instead of improving the lives of their own peoples, European Union Commissioner Thierry Breton just warned they have to find the money to pay for the 10 million Ukrainian refugees that have flooded into their bloc.

After President Joe Biden begged a United Nations meeting for more money to continue the needless war in his money laundering puppet state Ukraine, that was not attended by any other major world leaders, including many of his supposed allies, this report details, President Donald Trump posted the message: “Biden just finished his surrender (‘speech’) at the United Nations, and nobody, despite all we give them, showed up…No respect for America any longer!”—it was then reported: “While lawmakers on Capitol Hill in Washington D.C. debate sending billions more in military aid to Ukraine, an American citizen journalist, Gonzalo Lira, is languishing in a Ukrainian prison on allegations of spreading Russian propaganda, throwing into question the status of free speech in the supposed democracy the Biden administration argues is worthy of more taxpayer dollars” and revealed: “American conservative journalist and political commentator Jack Posobiec has been included on a Ukrainian-run “criminal kill list” of supposed enemies of Ukraine, which claimed that his public statements amount to acts against the national security of Ukraine”—it has already been shockingly revealed: “The covert “kill list” website is a product of the Ukraine regime, effectively funded by the CIA (amongst others) and is hosted by NATO”—and this week, it saw United States Senator J.D. Vance sending an urgent letter to top President Biden officials, wherein he stated:

“In recent days, a video has circulated of an individual who claims to be an English-speaking spokesperson for the Ukrainian military. In the video, this individual, Sarah Ashton-Cirillo, looks directly into the camera and threatens physical violence to anyone who circulates ‘Russian propaganda’.

A number of reports purport to offer additional information, much of it unconfirmed, regarding Ashton-Cirillo. I’ve seen claims this individual is an American, a former intelligence operative in the United States, and an employee of the Ukrainian government.

I worry American resources could be supporting violence or the threat of violence against people for speaking their mind. Notably, any critic of America’s incoherent policy in Ukraine has been slandered as propagandists, including multiple presidential candidates and American journalists. While we can debate the merits of these accusations, engaging in protected speech should not invite threats of violence—otherwise, the First Amendment means nothing”

Causing journalists to be placed on the Ukrainian “kill list” operated and funded by the CIA and NATO, this report notes, is any of them truthfully reporting Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, the leader of NATO’s second largest military force after the United States, most factually observing: “It’s quite obvious that this war is going to last a long time…And for the war to end as soon as possible, we would like to be very hopeful…And Mr. Putin is actually on the side of ending this war as soon as possible”—added to the Ukrainian “kill list” will be any journalist factually reporting that European Union and NATO member leader Polish President Andrzej Duda warned yesterday: “Ukraine is like a drowning person who is extremely dangerous because he can pull you to the depths”—and most certainly to be added to the Ukrainian “kill list” is top German military expert retired Colonel Wolfgang Richter, who factually assessed: “Ukraine has expended up to 71,000 troops, hundreds of tanks and armored vehicles and tens of billions of dollars’ worth of Western-provided hardware and ammunition on its counteroffensive with seemingly little to show for it…We mustn’t forget one thing: that despite all the reports about successes that we keep hearing from the Ukrainian side, what’s being talked about are tactical battles, local successes, we’re talking about two, three or even five kilometers of advance, which then at some point again go back to Russia’s control”.

Late yesterday, this report concludes, socialist Western colonial puppet leader Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky demanded President Trump publically release his peace plan “within 24 hours”—a demand puppet leader President Zelensky made to a President Trump who learned the art of negotiation in the world’s prestigious Wharton School of Business at the University of Pennsylvania, that has the largest alumni network in the United States—an alumni network that includes Wharton School of Business graduate CEO Robert Brodo of the international business consulting firm Advantexe, who’s most critical to know about because, in 2018, he published the article “Three Leadership Insights Regarding The Global Business World”, wherein he predicted the “great fracture” by noting:

Different Company and Country Value Systems Are a Big Issue

Most great business leaders are successful because they are able to create, nurture, and support a unique and believable company value system that sets the tone for their strategy and execution. But according to the leaders I spoke with, something has changed; “Country-based value systems” are becoming increasingly important and the foundational roots of “nationalism” are starting to become more apparent in the business.

Generational Disparities are Real

The next generation of leaders are knocking on the door and their perspectives are different which is truly bothering the current leaders. The next generation of leader wants their companies to do something important and meaningful and are very adept at building strong cultures quickly around values.

Laws and Regulations are Going to Matter More

Political nationalism and in some cases political isolationism has direct impacts on business specifically when it comes to new laws and regulations. We can only all pray that physical wars don’t erupt between nations because of increased global fractionalization but one big challenge is going to be wars fought through regulations on business. It’s not a matter of if, but when. Increased tariffs and taxes, increased regulations, and a general mindset of localism versus “importism” is going to fractionalize markets even further and present unprecedented challenges to leaders around the world.

The Conspiracy Of The New World Order World War 3 The Secret

The genocidal depopulation plan generally involves poisoning or sterilizing people through the use of chem. trails or water fluoridation. Agribusinesses transnational like Monsanto are often implicated in some sort of scheme to monopolize the world’s food supply so it can be easily tainted with deadly toxins. Just about anything that can be said to involve “chemicals” can be implicated in this nefarious scheme: vaccines, alleged covert geo-engineering schemes, genetically modified food, etc. Variants of the theory include those with an anti-abortion tinge who incorporate conspiracy theories about Planned Parenthood, and AIDS conspiracy theorists who believe AIDS was concocted in a laboratory for the purpose of reducing the population. Another variant, largely attributable to Lyndon La Roche, has worldwide nuclear war as part of the conspirators’ alleged plan along with a deliberate economic collapse and de-industrialization to force the world back into a “new dark age.”


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