World Wants Trump Back In Power After Biden Unleashed Russian Steamroller Crushing Ukraine

Dmitry Medvedev warning: “Now that the Western countries complicity in the sabotage of the Nord Streams has been proven, there should be no constraints, even moral ones, on us to prevent us from destroying our enemies seabed communications cables”, says this warning was joined by Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko assessing: “We will bring an end to the war in Ukraine, as the major preconditions for that are already in place, but the lunatics in the West will continue to create a ton of problems for us in the future…The lunatic NATO members are holding drills…Some are reproaching us that we are seeking to deploy nuclear weapons on the eve of NATO’s summit in Vilnius, but they are conducting drills that involve tens of thousands of people from all over the NATO bloc…That’s why this region will remain rather dangerous”.

In countering the lunatic socialist Western colonial powers, this report notes, thousands of businesses from all around the world are attending the 26th annual St. Petersburg International Economic Forum that runs from 14 to 17 June—an international economic forum hosted by Russia joined today by Egypt officially applying to join the BRICS Alliance, that’s led by Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa—yesterday it saw French President Emmanuel Macron becoming the first socialist Western colonial leader in history to request an invitation to the upcoming BRICS Alliance summit in Pretoria-South Africa—a request followed by Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova declaring: “It would be nice if Macron’s office told why they want to attend the summit…Do they want to once again make some contact to show Paris’ activity or is it a Trojan horse of some sort — so let them explain…After all, we are talking about the organization to which they are in no way a member and toward which they have never even shown any politeness, let alone showing any good intentions or feelings”.

The true motives of the lunatic socialist Western colonial powers for any of their actions, this report continues, remain in question as they plunge themselves ever deeper into economic and political turmoil, as best exampled yesterday in the United States, where new articles of impeachment were filed against Supreme Socialist Leader Joe Biden, then shortly afterwards, President Donald Trump appeared in a Miami court to plead not guilty to the Stalinist charges filed against him by the President Biden —a sordid lunatic spectacle followed by European Union and NATO member leader Hungarian Foreign Minister Peter Szijjarto declaring on behalf of all the sane peoples in world: “If President Trump had won the last presidential election in the United States, this war in Ukraine would not have broken out…We do look at his possible return to the White House as a hope for a peaceful future”.

When President Trump began addressing the American peoples last evening about the absurd Stalinist charges leveled against him, this report details, leftist MSNBC host Rachel Maddow told her socialist indoctrinated viewers: “We knew heading into this that he was planning to make these remarks…We are prepared for his pre-fundraiser remarks tonight to, again, be essentially a Trump campaign speech…Because of that, we do not intend to carry these remarks live…As we have said before in these circumstances, there is a cost to us as a news organization to knowingly broadcast untrue things…We are here to bring you the news”—but in factual reality, leftist media lunatic Maddow didn’t want her viewers hearing President Trump truthfully saying: “It’s no coincidence these charges against me came down the very same day evidence revealed Joe Biden took a $5 million bribe from Ukraine…Let’s go out and let’s indict President Trump so they don’t talk about the $5 million bribe…Just yesterday, Senator Grassley revealed that the Burisma executive who allegedly paid the bribe reportedly has Crooked Joe on tape…They have 17 tapes…I understand – he must be a nice guy to deal with, right?…The guy from Burisma – nice, company…They got him and Hunter on 17 different tapes, supposedly, but the FBI isn’t showing them…Remember, they impeached me for asking the simple question about Biden’s corrupt dealings in Ukraine and now they see that once again…I was right…I was totally right”.

In support of President Trump pointing out true things to the socialist indoctrinated and leftist media brainwashed American peoples, this report notes, it was beyond shockingly revealed today: “If you needed further proof that the mainstream media is nothing more than the public relations arm of the Democrat party, you’re in luck…Recent analysis from the Media Research Center has found that the network news outlets have spent almost 300 minutes reporting on Trump’s indictment, and ZERO minutes reporting on the bribery allegations against Joe Biden”—a shocking revelation proving the American peoples are deliberately being lied to by their own leftist media establishment joined with the news: “Mykola Zlochevsky, a former Ukrainian minister and founder of Burisma Holdings, allegedly paid President Joe Biden $5 million and possesses two audio records as insurance to secure the pay-for-play scheme, according to Republican lawmakers…Zlochevsky’s whereabouts today are unknown…Some speculate he is in Monaco, where he reportedly fled in 2019, escaping Ukraine after being suspected of embezzlement…He reportedly bought Cypriot citizenship between 2017 and 2019, according to an investigation by Al Jazeera”—and today sees it reported: “Republican lawmakers are demanding transparency from President Joe Biden regarding his 2017 tax returns in which his entity, “CelticCapri Corp”, listed nearly $10 million without specifying revenue line items, raising concerns about who paid the entity and for what in the wake of Joe Biden’s alleged link to a $5 million Ukrainian “bribery” scheme”.

Among those few like President Trump telling true things to the American peoples, this report continues, is America’s most popular and trusted newsman Tucker Carlson, who after being silenced by his employer Fox News, released two episodes of his “Tucker on Twitter” programme, about which it was reported: “CNN is lucky to get 500,000 viewers on a show. Tucker’s video got 90 million, and counting—compared to his 3.5 million average on the dead and irrelevant medium of cable”—on Monday, the Axios news service reported: “Fox News has sent a cease-and-desist letter to Tucker Carlson as he ramps up a competing series on Twitter that drew a combined 169 million views for its first two episodes”—and was a cease-and-desist letter Tucker Carlson ignored last evening when he released Episode 3, wherein he truthfully told the American peoples:

What just happened was always going to happen, it has been inevitable since February 16, 2016. That’s the day that Donald Trump made a blood enemy of the largest and most powerful organization in human history – the US federal government.

How did he make that force an enemy? It wasn’t rapists from Mexico or trade with China – the stories that dominated the news at the time. What matters to permanent Washington then and now is foreign policy – the invasions, the occupations, and proxy wars. The policies that come with trillion-dollar price tags.

The exact moment that permanent Washington decided to send Donald Trump to prison it’s from the Republican Candidates Debate – when he said “We should have never been in Iraq, we have destabilized The Middle East”.

But it was this line that doomed Trump to today’s arrest, “They lied, they said there were weapons of mass destruction, there was none, and they knew there were none”.

That sealed his fate because that was the one thing you were not allowed to say because it implicated too many people on both sides.

Because President Trump wasn’t in power to stop the present conflict, and was actually impeached when he tried to expose Biden’s crimes in Ukraine, this report notes, it caused Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko to warn about the Russian nuclear weapons he’s just received: “Nobody has ever gone to war with a nuclear state, and I don’t want anyone to go to war with us…Is there such a threat?…Yes. I have to counter this threat…God forbid I will have to make a decision to use this kind of weapon in our time…But there will be no hesitation, if there is aggression against us” and observe: “I am confident and I have it on good information that the overwhelming majority in Ukraine, including the military who has been fighting and getting killed over there, would like to stop this war now…But then there are those hyped-up top-level officials led by Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky…He is a hero now, touring the globe…He is being kissed, hugged and all that…I thought he was smarter”.

Along with the leftist Washington Post reporting today: “As Ukraine launches its long-awaited counteroffensive against entrenched Russian occupiers, both Kyiv and its backers are hoping for a rapid retaking of strategically significant territory…Anything less will present the United States and its allies with uncomfortable questions they are not yet prepared to answer”, this report continues, the leftist German newspaper Bild assessed: “It is becoming increasingly clear that a “victory by the end of the year”, as rumored by some Ukrainian politicians and even Western military experts, will probably not come about”—both of which were joined by top Russian military expert and retired Colonel Anatoliy Matviychuk most factually observing: “Having met with Russian technology, Western technology turned out to be not on par, neither in terms of armament, nor in armor, nor in maneuverability”.

Following President Putin revealing yesterday: “Kiev’s troops have so far failed to achieve success on any of the fronts in their long-touted counteroffensive…The offensive has led to massive personnel and material losses for Kiev…Ukraine has lost at least 160 tanks and 360 armored vehicles, that accounts for between 25% and 30% of all Western military equipment supplies…There are also losses that we do not see, which are a result of long-range high-precision strikes”, this report details, the Ministry of Defense (MoD) reported this morning: “In total, since 4 June, the Ukrainian armed forces have lost about 7,500 people killed and wounded on the line of contact alone, not counting the dead military personnel as a result of the use of Russian long-range precision weapons and aviation in the depths of Ukrainian territory” and revealed: “The Russian armed force has destroyed a vast amount of Ukraine’s military equipment since day one of the special military operation, including: 442 airplanes and 238 helicopters, 4,585 unmanned aerial vehicles, 426 air defence missile systems, 9,939 tanks and other armoured combat vehicles, 1,122 combat vehicles equipped with MRLS, 5,100 field artillery cannons and mortars, as well as 10,927 units of special military equipment”.

Along with President Trump and Tucker Carlson, this report concludes, telling true things to the socialist indoctrinated and leftist media brainwashed American peoples is former top Pentagon senior advisor and decorated combat tactical legend retired US Army Colonel Douglas Macgregor, Ph.D., who, in his just released open letter “Democratic Backsliding”, observed:

Presidents lie when it suits their purpose. Woodrow Wilson, Franklin Delano Roosevelt, and Lyndon B. Johnson all promised Americans that they would not send American boys to die in foreign wars. President Joe Biden, however, is arguably the first to make public predictions that invariably came true in reverse.

Instead of deterring China, the Taiwanese electorate is likely to elect a new government that favors reunification with Beijing. Rather than collapsing the Russian economy, Biden’s proxy war is destroying the economically fragile European Union. Instead of realizing Francis Fukuyama’s “Rebirth of the West”, Washington’s policies are accelerating its decline. And instead of preventing the emergence of a new coalition or axis of illiberal powers—including Russia, China, India, Iran, Saudi Arabia and others—Washington has cemented these relationships to the detriment of Western interests.

Ukraine’s “spring” and now summer offensive operation is stalled, if not defeated. Exact numbers of Ukrainian dead and wounded are not yet available, but the number of Ukrainian soldiers killed in action in the latest onslaught reportedly number in the thousands, along with many more wounded. Tank and armored-fighting-vehicle losses have also been significant. Meanwhile, Russian losses in response to the offensive are reported to be relatively negligible, with Russian soldiers killed and wounded in action only in the hundreds.

Americans must understand that that there is no more difficult and complex military operation than a deliberate attack to penetrate prepared enemy defenses. Remember, the German army, arguably the best trained and most competently led army in the last 100 years, opted in 1940 to avoid frontally assaulting the Maginot Line.

Cracking deliberate defenses is so difficult, so time- and resource-consuming, that U.S. ground forces rarely practice it in peacetime, nor do U.S. Army officers study it in detail as Russian officers do. U.S. and British advisors were no doubt limited in their ability to lend much assistance in launching this offensive to Ukrainian forces that already lacked sufficient artillery, engineers, and air defense systems. In addition, Russian integrated air defenses have neutralized opposing airpower.

Predictably, Ukrainian forces were compelled to attack under persistent Russian surveillance through the 15 to 25 kilometer security zone in front of Russia’s main defensive belts. Again and again, Russian forces in the security zone withdrew from forward outposts to prepared defensive positions just ahead of the main defensive belt. Ukrainians moved forward only to be crushed by artillery supported by Russian attack helicopters firing precision rockets from behind Russian lines that have a longer range than U.S. Hellfire missiles.

During the attacks, Ukrainian columns stumbled into minefields that canalized their movement into areas where a combination of massive drone and artillery strikes broke up the attacking formations. Meanwhile, Russian forces reportedly employed aerially delivered mines behind advancing Ukrainian forces. As a result, when attacking Ukrainian forces sought to disengage from the death traps and withdraw to their own lines, Russian forces employed loitering munitions to destroy the remaining Ukrainian troops stuck in minefields on all sides.

The question in Moscow: What happens next? Ukraine may still possess roughly twelve brigades in reserve that could be committed to more attacks in the days or weeks ahead, but committing these reserves may strain the Ukrainian manpower pool to the breaking point. Thus, the probability is quite high that Russian forces will move aggressively against Ukraine. Moscow has options.

First, Moscow can attack to seize and secure either Odessa or Kharkov. Along with Kharkov, Odessa is one of the two historically Russian cities Moscow promised will be returned to Russian control. Aside from Odessa’s enormous strategic value in terms of cutting off Ukraine from the Black Sea, Odessa was also the scene of horrific atrocities committed against Russians during the Maidan Revolution. These events are still vivid in the Russian memory.

In addition, any Ukrainian attempts to reinforce Odessa in the event of a Russian attack will endure a storm of precision rocket/missile/artillery/drone strikes. And a Ukrainian move south toward Odessa would also risk Russian attack from Belarus. Finally, Odessa lies close to the largest concentration of Russian forces and, hundreds of miles from Ukrainian forces in the north. If Odessa becomes the operational objective, expect the heavily reinforced Wagner Group to play a major role in clearing Odessa of Ukrainian troops including Ukrainians who stay behind to fight on as guerillas.

Two, once Odessa is seized, Moscow may well pause to see if Berlin or Paris will negotiate an end to the conflict. If there is no willingness to negotiate, Kharkov along with more of Eastern Ukraine will likely rapidly fall into Russian hands. This incremental approach is consistent with Moscow’s desire to avoid sudden, large-scale, sweeping offensive action that might precipitate U.S.-led intervention.

In Europe, the economic picture is grim, and European populations, especially the German people, are turning against Washington’s proxy war. The newest polls now place the Alternative for Germany (AFD) Party as the second-largest political force in German politics. Given P.M. Olaf Scholz’s suicidal policies of de-industrializing Germany and opening Germany’s borders to still more unwanted and unaffordable refugees and migrants, perhaps the AFD can put together a “coalition of the rational” to remove Scholz and negotiate with Moscow?

A short time ago, Poland’s leadership advocated for NATO intervention to fight shoulder to shoulder with Ukrainians against Russia. Now, Polish President Andrzej Duda says that the Russian steamroller is crushing Ukraine, with hundreds of Ukrainian soldiers dying on the front lines every day. Popular Polish support for Ukrainian refugees is also drying up.

Inside the United States, Americans are discovering that for President Biden and his administration, “democracy” really translates into Blue State Overlordship. This regime is buttressed by the destruction of U.S. election integrity and the transformation of the U.S. Justice Department into a Leninist instrument of social hygiene, aimed at suppressing or eliminating legitimate American political opposition. In an ingenious stroke only a Bolshevik could admire, the Biden administration transformed national strategy into a globalist struggle to subjugate opponents at home and overseas.

Now is a good time to negotiate, because it is Washington, not Moscow, that needs an off-ramp from multiple disasters.

The failed war in Ukraine, America’s weakening economy, rising nationwide criminality, and open borders crisis beg for decisive action.


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