World War 3 if it Started Now – This is how World War 3 will start

World Wars

World War 3 if it Started Now – This is how World War 3 will start

 For the world. Down with all governments, people take our freedom. STOP PAYING. STOP BUYING. Help each other in your community, grow gardens, and take the leaders and lock them up. plenty of room in prison for all powers that BE. THEY cant use the war machines, they never worked a day in their fucking life!. If u pay taxes and shop at walmart, you are helping them. You dont need a car or gas to get to your garden, and if you are not working for yourself, it isnt work. Wake up our Armies, and take them down from the Top first. Rich should become a full belly everyday, and otherwise an extinct pipe dream. 

Weapon That Can Instantly End Modern Life in America

 My interview with geopolitical analyst Joel Skousen covers the setup for another world war, the failures of the alternative media and what you can do to protect yourself.

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The majority if our debt belongs to China. When China asks where their money is, what are we gonna do? Nothing but fight. Its not so much that they depend on us, because they really don't. China is making a brand new currency to replace the us dollar in global markets.They no longer need us. A war with China is inevitable. 

 By. MyDailyInformer

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