World Warned “To Think Of The Unthinkable” As Russia Deploys Tactical Nukes

First noting Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova used her Diplomats Day nationwide television interview to brand godless socialist Western colonial leaders as people so untrustworthy they’re not fit to watch dogs, says she then observed “Russia has two allies, its Army and Navy”, and declared to the entire world what Russia is really fighting for: “You say the future of Ukraine…It’s about the future of humanity…Is this whom we want to be?…Do we want to deal only with genders?…Cutting things off or sewing them on, from one spot to another, including children and coming up with new names for these perversions, or do we want to be people?…Compassionate, loving, capable of repentance, asking forgiveness, admitting mistakes, being humans, that is the question…This is the center of the global agenda that we continue to discuss so often these days…This is what matters, not where the borders will be, not simply who and where will achieve a geo-strategic defeat or victory, but the boundaries within our hearts…Will we be divided into humans and non-humans?…Will we be divided into sensitive and non-sensitive, or will we start to save one another dragging each other out the abyss that the liberal dictatorship is trying to push us into?…I believe that we will make it…I’m not only talking about us as a nation, as a people…I believe that humanity shouldn’t miss this chance”.

In knowing that Russia is in an existential fight to the death against the godless socialist Western colonial powers to save all humanity, this report notes, top Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov factually stated: “NATO is a hostile organization…The US-led military bloc reaffirms its hostility every day, and is doing its best to signal its involvement in the conflict over Ukraine as clearly as possible”, then assessed: “Regarding this balloon issue, which the whole of America is dwelling on, willingly or unwillingly, I doubt that anybody should be blamed…It would be better if the Americans figured it out on their own”—a “balloon issue” assessment followed by exiled CIA-NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden observing: “It’s not aliens…I wish it were aliens…But it’s not aliens…It’s just the ol’ engineered panic, an attractive nuisance ensuring national security reporters get assigned to investigate balloon bullshit rather than budgets or bombings, such as the Nord Stream”—and was an observation joined by Donald Trump Jr. posting an image based on the obscure Tumblr meme called “Can we address the elephant in the room?”, that shows a woman in a supermarket looking at items labeled “UFOS”, while a giant, pink inflatable balloon elephant labeled “THE US BLEW UP NORD STREAM” looks on from behind her.

Late last week, this report continues, modern American history’s undisputed most distinguished, prize-winning and globally celebrated investigative journalist Seymour Hersh published his bombshell article “How America Took Out The Nord Stream Pipeline”, wherein he exactly revealed how socialist Western colonial energy producers the United States and Norway blew up the Nord Stream pipelines owned by Russia in order to seize control of the European energy market—in a just released radio interview, legendary Pulitzer Prize winning investigative journalist Hersh revealed that the evidence proving that the United States and Norway blew up the Nord Stream pipelines “was not hard to find”, said the leftist American media was “cheapened” because it no longer knows how to tell the truth, and observed: “The war I know about is not the war you’re reading about”—and today it’s reported: “Remarkably, following the sabotage, Germany, Denmark, and Sweden kicked off separate inquiries into the attack…Sweden was reportedly the first to leave the planned joint investigation team; Denmark followed suit…Thus, Germany was left to investigate the matter on its own”.

Earlier today, this report details, leftist European media sources reported: “Russia has begun deploying tactical nuclear weapon-armed vessels in the Baltic Sea for the first time in the last 30 years, the Norwegian Intelligence Service said in its annual report…“The key part of the nuclear potential is on the submarines and surface ships of the Northern Fleet,” the Norwegian intel noted…The Northern Fleet warships regularly went to sea with nuclear weapons during the Cold War era, but this is the first time the modern Russian Federation has done the same, the report added”—and that followed the leftist American media article “Is The Biden Administration Late To WWIII?”, wherein it observed: “Not once in Biden’s speech did he reference the pressing need for the U.S. to urgently go on a wartime economic footing…This, despite the recent call in Davos, Switzerland by NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg for the organization to do just that…Stoltenberg, in clear terms, framed the war in Ukraine as an existenti

al “fight for democracy”…When is the Biden administration going to recognize that we are essentially in the equivalent of World War III?…It has been “game on” for some time…We are, arguably, (quite) late to World War III and seemingly blind that we are caught in the eye of a hurricane…It may move rapidly at any moment now”.
In observing the present state of the global crisis fast heading towards a nuclear war abyss, this report notes, it caused Managing Director Kristalina Georgieva of the International Monetary Fund to issue the ominous warning this morning: “We need to think of the unthinkable”—an ominous warning joined by famed American international investor Robert Kiyosaki posting the dire message: “Giant crash coming…Depression possible…Why?…Because faith in US dollar, fake money, will be destroyed”—all of which was joined by world-renowned French historian Emmanuel Todd gravely observing: “It is evident that the conflict, initially a limited territorial war, has evolved into a global economic confrontation between the whole West on one side, and Russia, backed by China, on the other…It has become a world war…U.S. control of the world financial system is at risk because the Russian economy’s resistance to sanctions is pushing the American imperial system toward the precipice…America cannot withdraw from the conflict, they cannot let go, because it has no exit strategy and the stakes are too high…This is why we are now in an endless war, in a confrontation whose outcome must be the collapse of one or the other”.

In an effort to warn the American people before their lives are destroyed in a nuclear war apocalypse, this report concludes, the Liberty Lockdown Channel devoted their entire programme to reading the powerful anti-war speech delivered by Reverend Martin Luther King Jr. over 50 years ago, but quickly after which it was reported: “The Liberty Lockdown channel has been permanently banned from YouTube after he posted an anti-war speech….The channel’s creator, Clint Russell, said that in his final video, he had quoted Martin Luther King Jr. and “called for love and peace for all mankind””—and when NASA astronaut Scott Kelly posted the message to American multi-billionaire Elon Musk: “Ukraine desperately needs your continued support. Please restore the full functionality of your Starlink satellites…Defense from a genocidal invasion is not an offensive capability…It’s survival. Innocent lives will be lost…You can help…Thank you”, Musk replied: “You’re smart enough not to swallow media & other propaganda bs…Starlink is the communication backbone of Ukraine, especially at the front lines, where almost all other Internet connectivity has been destroyed…But we will not enable escalation of conflict that may lead to WW3”, quickly after which Musk shared a tweet showing the insanity of the left saying “Exactly”.


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