WW3 ALERT: Macron Has Announced a Plan for French Troops to Fight Russia. NATO Moves Hydrogen Bombs to Russian Border. Humanity is Sleep Walking in to Armageddon!!

French President Emmanuel Macron gave an interview last evening to French national television TF1 and France 2 about the Ukraine conflict, says he spent much of the interview arguing in favor of remaining ambiguous, saying only that France would not “lead the offensive or take initiative”, but he refused to back down on the possibility of Western troops in Ukraine and declared: “If the situation should deteriorate, we would be ready to make sure that Russia never wins that war”—a declaration joined by French broadcaster BFMTV revealing about its latest survey: “Macron was wrong to raise his voice against Russia with recent remarks about deploying troops to Ukraine and calls to provide more support to Kiev, according to 57% of respondents”.

Following his interview, this report notes, President Macron convened the “Weimar Triangle” to a meeting in Berlin today, that is a regional alliance of France, Germany, and Poland created in 1991 in the German city of Weimar—in this alliance German Chancellor Olaf Scholz is in open conflict with President Macron over sending Western troops into Ukraine, that’s been branded “The Battle of the Two Mini-Napoleons”—Chancellor Scholz’s ruling party leader Rolf Mutzenich proclaimed yesterday: “Isn’t it about time we talked not only about how one wages a war, but also thought about how one can freeze and later also end a war”—and Politico just revealed: “Hopes are high that if anybody can help jumpstart the broken relationship between German Chancellor Olaf Scholz and French President Emmanuel Macron over Ukraine, it’s Prime Minister of Poland Donald Tusk…But hopes of a breakthrough may well be misplaced, given the extent to which the Macron-Scholz relationship has soured in recent weeks…The timing of this personal and political falling out could hardly be worse”.

With President Macron furiously attempting to ignite a full-scale Western war against Russia, this report continues, he does so while leading a France best known as being a nation of “cheese-eating surrender monkeys”, and as further proven this past year when France turned tail and ran from Africa, as it was documented: “France’s days as a military power in Africa are numbered….French President Emmanuel Macron’s decision to withdraw from Niger signals the end of an era for France — one marked by military interventions in the West African Sahel region, and a sense in Paris that its former colonies in Africa were still in some way France’s private preserve”.

As to the insane logic of President Macron wishing to ignite a war against the world’s largest nuclear armed power Russia after he was thrown out of Africa by lightly armed goat herders, this report details, the French publication Marianne just served him a dose of reality in its article “War In Ukraine: From Caution To Panic-What Macron’s Shift Hides”, that began with the observation: “By not ruling out sending troops to Ukraine, Emmanuel Macron caused an outcry in Europe and received American disavowal…Several French soldiers, interviewed by Marianne, say they “fell out of the closet”…“We must make no mistake, facing the Russians, we are an army of cheerleaders!”, mocks a senior officer, convinced that “sending French troops” to the Ukrainian front would simply be “not reasonable””, and revealed: “The greatest takeaway from the documents is that a Ukrainian military victory now seems impossible…The Russian forces are waging a slow and long, high-intensity war based on the continued attrition of the Ukrainian army…The officers heard by Marianne know that it’s clear, given the forces present, that ‘Ukraine cannot win this war militarily…Zelensky would need 35,000 men per month, he is not recruiting half of them, while Putin draws from a pool of 30.000 monthly volunteers…The failed 2023 offensive tactically destroyed half of Kiev’s 12 combat brigades”.

Following American defense experts declaring: “The NATO alliance today more closely resembles an international welfare program than a true alliance”, this report notes, European Union High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy Josep Borrell grimly assessed: “The next months will be decisive…Many analysts expect a major Russian offensive this summer and Ukraine cannot wait until the result of the next US elections”—a grim assessment joined by the leftist Washington Post citing a senior adviser to Ukraine President Vladimir Zelensky warning: “People don’t understand how bad the front is right now…The morale is low; the momentum is low…Young men are afraid they will be mobilized to die because of a lack of weapons”, then it revealed: “U.S. officials foresee a range of bleak scenarios in Ukraine if the military aid President Biden has requested doesn’t materialize, including a catastrophic breakdown of Ukrainian lines in the grimmest contingency and the likelihood of massive casualties in the best”.

In confirmation of President Biden fears about its corrupt puppet state Ukraine suffering “mass casualties”, this report concludes, the Ministry of Defense (MoD) announced today: “On 12-14 March, Ukraine sustained over 1,500 casualties, including around 500 troops killed, as 18 tanks and 23 armored combat vehicles were destroyed, as well”, and yesterday revealed that Russian forces have killed nearly 6,000 foreign mercenaries and volunteers fighting on behalf of Ukraine since the conflict began over two years ago.


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