Project Prophecy 2.0 Predicts Terrorist Attacks , Fall of Dollar…
And what many Americans do not know is that their findings were dramatically different than the conclusions reached by the government’s 9/11 Commission.
The CIA determined that bets against the stocks of American and United Airlines reached dramatically heightened levels in the days before Al-Qaeda operatives hijacked the three planes that would be used in the attacks on the Twin Towers and Pentagon.
The fourth plane was downed near Shanksville, Pennsylvania after passengers overtook the terrorists.

From their investigation, the CIA came to an important conclusion.
Using the financial markets, they could identify imminent threats to our national security from terrorists, rival nations, and from internal weaknesses lurking inside our economy.
This led to the launch of a sensitive operation called Project Prophecy. And its mission was clear.
Prevent another 9/11. And it may have done just that.

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The system built from Project Prophecy proved its accuracy on August 7, 2006 when it detected the warning signs of an impending terrorist attack.
Three days later in London, a plot to blow up 10 U.S. passenger jets was thwarted. And 24 Pakistani extremists were arrested.
However, one of Project Prophecy’s architects is now warning that the next attack is about to strike us.
Only this time it is going to come from within.
Jim Rickards is a 3-decade veteran of Wall Street’s biggest investment firms and hedge funds. He also helped build the technology infrastructure known as “the brains” of the NASDAQ.
And he is the CIA’s Financial Threat and Asymmetric Warfare Advisor.
In an exclusive interview with Money Morning, Rickards revealed that he and his team have detected a series of dangerous economic signals that predict a fast-approaching $100 trillion meltdown.
And they believe it will lead to an event more severe than the 1930s.

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A 25-year Great Depression.
Their estimated date for this catastrophe is
Making matters worse, they believe it is impossible to stop.
Editor’s Note: Money Morning has released their exclusive interview with Jim Rickards to the public. And it’s a must-see for every American who is concerned about our country and their financial security.
“Everybody knows we have a dangerous level of debt. Everybody knows the Fed has recklessly printed trillions of dollars. These are secrets to no one,” Rickards said in the interview.
“But all signs are now flashing bright red that our chickens are about to come home to roost.”
One of the warning signs Rickards revealed that the CIA is closely monitoring concerns the Misery Index

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STOCK MARKET Heading For A COLLAPSE in SEPTEMBER / OCTOBER 2015 ? Global Reset Coming ?

Dow is now down more than 1300 points from the peak of the market. warning about a stock market crash in 2015, and after today I am sure that a lot more people will start jumping on the bandwagon. In particular, tech stocks are getting absolutely hammered lately. The Nasdaq has fallen close to 3.5% over the past two days alone, and it has dropped below its 200-day moving average. The Russell 2000 (a small-cap stock market index) is also now trading below its 200-day moving average. What all of this means is that the stock market crash of 2015 has already begun. The only question left to answer at this point is how bad it will ultimately turn out to be.

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When stocks were booming, tech stocks were leading the way up. This scenario would be bad enough for the emerging economies. But now China has devalued the yuan to stimulate its exports and thus its economy at the expense of others. And one thing has become clear on Wednesday: these struggling economies that compete with China are going to protect their exports against Chinese encroachment. Hot money is already fleeing emerging markets. Higher rates in the US will drain more capital out of countries that need it the most. It will pressure emerging market currencies and further increase the likelihood of a debt crisis in countries whose governments, banks, and corporations borrow in a currency other than their own.

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The Federal Reserve has printed trillions of dollars to monetize U.S. government debt. Any significant rise in interest rates will probably decimate U.S. government finances and the fragile housing market. It will probably also cause a financial catastrophe in the bond market, too, because of interest rate derivatives. montagraph prediction

Things You Must Do Before September 15th, 2015 How To Stay Warm Without Electricity. The Date The New World Order Will Be Implemented global financial crisis, the mainstream media continues to insist that everything is going to be just fine. I recently interviewed Jim Rogers, George Soros of the Quantum Fund and author of the best-selling “Investment Biker,” which chronicled his investing-focused trek around the world by motorcycle. Since 2008 Rogers warned me that the stock market was going to crash

Rogers said that instead of buying US stocks, he is investing in Asian markets – Japan, Russia, and China. very few shorts. I would get out of everything and start shorting. Bubbles Rogers also said that he’s not buying gold, and said the precious metal is “in a correction opportunity to buy within the next two years if it goes under $1,000, he said. Gold was near $1,172 an ounce on Friday morning. History is repeating itself. While the times are different and the names have changed, the underlying circumstances and basic fundamentals. The Crash of ’29, The Great Depression, plunging commodity prices, currency Now, four score and six years later: The Panic of ’08, The Great Recession plunging commodity prices.

The US government has run up trillions of dollars in debt, and given the recent debates over the country’s debt ceiling spending and balance the budget. trillions of dollars to the national debt clock until such time that our creditors no longer lend us money. Travel Restrictions. Food Shortages. The food industry operates on very small profit margins and survives only as a result of quick payment of invoices. With dramatic inflation Martial Law. The US has already prepared for this, with the passing of the 2012 National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA)

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How To Protect Yourself Before Dollar Collapses

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