AMERICA IN DEEP TROUBLE! You Are ‘About To Get’ Just What You’ve Asked For–and It Will Be More Than You Bargained For! GET READY! (Shocking Videos and Pics)

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Does anyone remember ‘America—Land of the free and Home of the Brave’? Not anymore!  Rather, we have become ‘America–Land We Must ”FLEE” and home of the Gay!’  One nation under God?  Well, try One nation under god!  (Notice, I used a little ‘g’ meaning, under ‘satan’, whom the world is truly following instead of the one true God!)


Guess what? We’ve toyed with God much too long, and His silence has been rather unnerving, to say the least. Which has left many wondering, “Why is He not doing anything?”  ”What does God have up His sleeve now?”  ”Is something unprecedented in nature getting ready to happen?” While the scoffers scoff, saying, “HA! There is no God!” “Where is your God?” “Rubbish! Absolute rubbish and lies!”


AMERICA, IT’S COMING-You’re In DEEP Trouble-Part Two


Is something BIGGER than we can even begin to imagine coming our way?  I think so.


Back in the 1980′s, a man by the name of Dumitru Duduman came to America with a message from God that someday, America would burn!  But how would America burn, Duduman asked.  And God said by a Russian nuclear attack.  


A Warning To America by Dumitru Duduman




Does this sound far-fetched? Not so much when you combine it with a lot of other information.  For one, we are living in the end times—we ARE the generation who will witness what the book of Revelation discusses—the end of this age and the coming Antichrist! 


Let’s look at a news post that was published today in Omega Shock News:


And, America sits as ruler of the world at the end of time. She is Lord of the End. Is she the Beast Kingdom?  Not in her present incarnation, but… the Book of Revelation speaks of one of the heads that was given a deadly wound by military attack (i.e., by sword). That deadly wound is healed (Revelation 13). Then, the beast goes on to rule the Earth. I believe that Revelation 17 offers us some insight into this when it says that the Beast Kingdom comes from one of the seven heads, and is the eighth head (Revelation 17:9-11). It appears that – when the head is rescued from certain death – the wounded head transforms into the eighth King/Kingdom. It is THAT transformed head that becomes the Beast.  I’m afraid that this can ONLY be America.


And, the author of this article goes further to say:


Who Are Those Heads? Yes, I know that it is ‘traditional’ for us to view the wounding of the seventh head, as an assassination attempt upon a ruler who then is resurrected.  But, are you sure?  Remember that the seven heads are referred to as mountains. At the time when John receives his vision, it is said of the seven heads that five are fallen, one is, and one is yet to come.  Sorry, those cannot be people. Those are empires.  America is the empire that was yet to come, that would only – to quote Revelation – continue a short while. Two hundred and thirty years is a VERY short time, very short.


America, Nuked  If my interpretation is correct, then America will receive an overwhelming attack that will certainly lead to her death. Does this mean that America will be attacked with nuclear weapons?  I don’t see how this could be anything else. And, many have had dreams and visions of just such an attack. And, I treat these dreams and visions very, very seriously, and you should too. Worse, we have reports that American leaders are swaggering around the capital, advocating the use of nuclear weapons against America’s enemies. This means that the enemies of the US must strike first, before America uses her nuclear weapons on THEM.



Dr. Paul Craig Roberts-Belief U.S. Can Win Nuclear War Makes it Likely

Not enough for you? Well, it was also recently revealed that the date 6-22-2014 may very well be a date in which America is bombed, or the day in which a nuclear attack  happens.  Apparently, the Freemasons/Illluminati have left their symbolism not only in an episode of the Simpsons, but in movies and more, displaying this date as a date that a bombing will occur.  


Here’s an image you might recall (one of the many images and clues) that was found just a little too late which shows the twin towers and the date 9-11. It is a clip from one of the Simpson’s episodes:



And here is one more recently, showing what appears to be 6-22-2013, but is also 6-22-2014:




Pakalert Press News:


Given that the dates 9/11/016/22/12, and 6/22/13, had all been hidden in Simpsons episodes from previous years, I decided to look for suitable episodes within the current season. “The Art Of War” (S25E15, 3/24/14) seemed like a promising title. This episode involves threats/terrorism against the Simpsons. Here is a still from 13 minutes in.


Note the raised/questioning eyebrow from the CIA type character next to the (year) 13, and only he has eyebrows. Also, the 13 is being thrust forward into the front row/current year, to join the 6and the 22. And, 6+1+3+2+2 is a hidden 14, for a full 6/22/14.


Additionally, there are red Masonic pyramid earrings in the second row, perhaps indicating that Blackjack was stopped in 2013. Marge’s green pyramid earrings and outfit in front row, seem to symbolize that Blackjack 6/22 is green-lighted in 2014.


What I have mentioned here is merely a trickle compared to the entire story, so please be sure and follow the above link to Pakalert Press News for the whole story on this!  There is much more to this date they’re discussing than what I am posting!  But I at least wanted to give you an idea.


Operation Blackjack (Full Slide Show)



The Lone Gunmen Pilot 9 11 Predictive Programming



Are you awake? Are you praying? Are you listening? Because there have been MANY warnings from MANY people saying the same thing!  And what is that—bombings?  NO! That SOMETHING is about to happen VERY SOON! What, I personally do now know, but I too feel it and have felt it in my spirit for a while! Get ready, God’s had enough of the filth this nation has been putting out, and our dealings with Israel have all but sealed the deal!


America’s Most Pressing Concern: Is America In Trouble?






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