America Is Quickly Approaching a Catastrophic Economic Collapse – It’s Coming

According to the talking heads of mainstream press the economy is slowly recovering and the financial crisis is all but behind us, but we need a reality check.

The world's economic implosion is getting closer. It's not something that is a staple on the nightly news, but it is taking place.

Because it is not commonly reported, investors may not understand fully how debased the economic environment has become. Japan, Russia, China,Venezuela and Brazil as well as the West are all plunging economically and thus interest rates – one sign of distress – may be going lower not higher.

The European Union doesn't anticipate growth and the Fed anticipates but doesn't act as if it believes it. And now Bank of England's Mark Carney has weighed in with his own negative forecast.

It’s time to stop being naive and start being more discerning. Instead of more false hope, we need the truth as bitter as it might sound… and the truth is, from our local municipalities, to our states to our federal government, we are broke… the truth is we can’t payback our debt without getting into even more debt… the truth is the housing crash of 2008 was just a small preview of what’s to come.


By Fahim A. Knight-El

 [email protected].

There are some economic forecasters and outside the box social scientists and economist who have crunched the economic data since the 2008, United States economic collapse and meltdown, and many have determined that the United States is on the verge of another huge economic depression; however, this time around there might not be any recovery and/or government safety nets from what they are predicting to occur in the very near future in which this part of equation is scary and my research tends to agree with these blight predictions. The American people will not be prepared for the fallout because their lives have been shrouded in a false sense of reality (insulated by propaganda and disinformation) and the American system is very good at creating illusions by bombarding the masses with symbols of wealth and they start believing that they can take their cues from Madison Avenue and Fifth Avenue and have become victims of the allusive money game. America is in trouble and its citizens do not have a clue of what the pending economic danger is all about—they have been blinded by financial reports being giving to them by the Bloomberg Reporters and the Wall Street Journal (private and government agent provocateurs spin doctors), which continues to lure the American public into more out of control consumerism and choking them to death with debt. They fail to realize that each time they swipe that microchip credit card, it serves as a key to their personal demise and America’s demise, because they are buying and purchasing beyond their ability to pay and it is this negligent behavior that is causing a slow death to the U.S. Economy.

They have falsely convinced the American people that the employment market is expanding and prospering and they have used inflated statistics coming out of the Obama administration to downplay unemployment and to play up labor as though somehow more wealth is being generated and accumulated by the job market—this is a clear case of voodoo economics, which is designed to lure the American people to sleep. But in this narrative they have overlooked the systematic dismantling of the middle class who prior to 2008, believed in obtaining 401-K plans and money market investments and other low risk financial portfolios, however, they lost optimism after the government could not protect their hard earned wealth during and after the 2008 crisis; they were stripped of their financial incentives after the 2008 meltdown; playing the stock market became risky because of the market fluctuation and the global un-predictability and it’s even more risky in 2017. They also desired for us to believe that it is now safe to ignore the past recent housing bubble and that the housing and real estate markets have totally recovered (the banks have created lending power out of thin air because in reality there is nothing backing loan principles other than the people’s promise to service the interest that is keeping this illusion afloat). Municipal markets and bonds have begin to create a short lived level of enthusiasm and excitement, which have once again enticed American investors towards buying and acquiring property in an unstable market (this will eventual proved to be devastating) there are going to in the very near future meet housing foreclosures and seizing of personal and real property unlike any time in American history.

Moving right along, this is why the international bankers and other low level operatives induced 9/11 in order to create a quasi-police state in the name of U.S. national security and defending against so-called domestic and global terrorism. This was a mere hoax and in particular blaming so-called radical militant Islam as the culprits while the international bankers usurped more global authority over controlling humanity and our ignorance have allowed us to applaud this scapegoating. This has also allowed the U.S. Government to impose public polices, laws and executive orders to ensure that they have the domestic jurisprudence and the domestic militarization of law enforcement in place, which to combat any potential rebellion and resistance that might arise from the people. They have created a military style apparatus inside most of the American police departments that makes it easier to declare martial law pursuant to the laws of Homeland Security in particular the National Defense Authorization Act and the United States Patriot Act. In addition, this factored into stripping the American people of their civil liberties and in the grand scheme of things all of this is directly connected. Donald Trump as did President Barack Obama will continue to dance to the tunes of Goldman Sachs and the powerful international bankers that selected him to serve; this isn’t about democracy it is about expanding the Invisible Rulers wealth base (Trump know and understand all the rules to the game and will be a good sport).

The Federal Reserve continues to print worthless money and is flooding the national and global markets with large amounts of United States Dollars that have been systematically depreciated in value and there is nothing holding it up other than the United States Government hot air rhetoric; this dumping is being propped up based on the international bankers creating a super elastic credit based system that is partially being fueled by the Twelve major International Central Banks (and sanctioned by mother of all Central Banks which is the bank of International Settlements in Basil, Switzerland). Here is the problem that is leading to the economic Fall of America; they have the ability but refuse to properly mange the national and the international debt ratio in conjunction with the nation's inability to balance the debt which has allowed the strength of global currency to falter on the international markets (debt is not real wealth although it’s being transposed as money). The present day currency is secondary, which is designed not to exceed the elastic money—It will be debt that wreck the U.S. economy. The United States has a 19 trillion dollars national deficit that is mounting as I write this Blog and 42 billion dollar trade deficit—these numbers are a clear indication that someone is negatively driving the U.S. economy and world economy in which at some point they have the ability to call the debt in.

The Federal Reserve Chairman Janet Yellen just as Paul Volker, Alan Greenspan Ben Bernanke, etc., understands the importance of manipulating interest rates and minimizing inflation (it stabilizes other nations fears and keep them engaged in the money market game), which only serves as a temporary fix and not a long term economic solution. This strategy also appeases the international bankers on Wall Street, but simultaneously has left the American people in its most vulnerable economic position since the 1929 Great Depression. The United States Dollar has lost its value as the world's reserve currency and it has been systematically devalued. Thus, China's currency and economic markets have much more substantiality and in the very near future will be unilaterally dictating most of the global economies. The United States Government is not preparing its people for the economic danger that lie ahead. This predicted and projected new economic crisis is inevitable and the money will be valueless unlike anytime in American history, but all this will be induced by international bankers in order to make the final political and global alignment. The progress of the New World Order and One World Government initiatives have been slowed by the U.S., Russia and Western Europe trying to so-called contain militant radical Islam and combating terrorism. But let's be clear these Middle Eastern Wars are very profitable to weaponry manufacturing and military technology selling and the solicitation of government military contracts. The Afghanistan War and the Iraq War are still ongoing because this revenue is helping to service the debt. I do not know if the Islamic State (ISIS) is a Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) front and is being used to carry out their objective and/or are they truly independent forces that are fighting to protect their sovereignty and resources in lieu of neo-imperialism and onslaughts being carried out by Western governments in which they are defending themselves in the name of Islam. I do not have the answer to this question, but I do know one thing, we cannot trust the government to answer this question for us.

This coming economic collapse will create social devastation and as I have stated above our paper money as our monetary currency will have no value and when it fall, it will create mayhem throughout America. Thus, not even gold and silver will be a viable medium of exchange during these crisis, because the international bankers momentarily will devalue all mineral rights and cause mass panic throughout the globe. The Euro and the British pound will devalued at an all time low and will lead to the collapse of the European Union and the European Common Market better known today as European Economic Community (EEC). The Bank of England and the U.S. Federal Reserve will have no power and/or option to determine these two nations and associated group of nations induced economic downfall because the Rothschilds and their global domination of the world's wealth and financial institutions will be pulling the purse strings. The international bankers are not completely satisfied with hording just 95% percent of the world's wealth in which this 1% percent powerful Elitist minority desire to captivate 100 percent of the global Wealth. Moreover, the objective and goal is to solidify the Haves and ‘Have nots’ paradigm (it will represent the final stage of enslaving the Sheepl). Yet, nations like China, Japan, and North Korea; even Russia and Moscow have been weaning themselves back from dependency on the United States economy, because Vladimir Putin already sees the setup and what is coming down the pipe and these nations have put systems in place that will short circuit and counter the economic affect that the induce global depression will have on these societies and there are other nations who are thinking outside the box as well. Nevertheless, China will lose the investments they have in the United States; they have been trying to liquidate their U.S. assets since the 9/11 bombing of the World Trade Center and the default of these debts will be blamed on the predicted downturn economy. The United States know that they cannot repay China back relative to the massive amount of loans owed to the Chinese international financiers. China owns huge amounts of private and government real estate in particular in New York the money Capitol of the world.

Bill Bonner CEO of Agora, Inc., an international digital news agency. Let me first say Agora, Inc is more of a think tank than a pure news agency, but most think tanks need propaganda outlets to mold and shape public opinion. The forecasting of analyzing and evaluating the shifting of economic trends and predicting the political, economic and social affects on domestic and global society places Bonner in a unique position. He talked about having 35 years of experience making these predictions and according to him, he actually called a number of the world's economic depressions, recessions and economic collapses that have impacted recent American and global history. It is hard to disagree with his analysis and perspective based on his life body of work, but I am not naïve to the fact that the United States Government uses highly touted intellectuals to dupe the ignorant public (which is the masses regardless of class, race and color). I think Bonner gave us a lot of clues, he use to work as one of the top political lobbyist on Capitol Hill and was a graduate of Georgetown University law school and stated that the Central Intelligence Agency offered him a deal to work for them probably as a covert agent provocateur. We truly do not know, if he took this deal and whether not they are using him to create the next new economic frontier by propagandizing fear and panic and using him in the interest of expanding global capitalism in relations to the one World Government and New World Order Concepts.

Bonner attacked the U.S. Federal Reserve and understands they are printing more worthless money (U.S currency) than ever before, but in same breathe touting paper money as perhaps the most viable alternative monetary to have in our possession when the next economic collapse takes place. He predicted the fall of the Japanese economy years ago and has a clear understanding of the rise and fall of world's nations and their ties to wealth and the causes and effects of their declines and he understood the implications of 1989 ending of the Cold War and the global political, economic and social implications it had on how the new world would be shaped as the nations of the earth transitioned into a new era in world history. But to inject paper money, in particular U. S. currency (as a solution and savior) to say this coming from him is less than genuine. I wanted to believe that this says to me, that this man was too smart to overlook and not understand the U. S. historical monetary advent that had forever shaped the American monetary system in which took place in 1913 on Jekyl Island off the coast of Augusta and Savannah, Georgia in which a group of private bankers initiated a silent coup. They violated the Sixteenth Amendment to the U. S. Constitution and the U.S. monetary system with the backing of the United Congress was allowed to become controlled by private international bankers.


Now, I know that Mr. Bonner knows the affect and the impact of U.S. government has experienced relative to its monetary policy in moving away from the gold standard in 1933 and bearing it has had on the present day national and global societies; he sought to gloss over this. But the U. S. dollar when it was stripped of having the backing of gold and silver, it became worthless currency as a medium of exchange and has been suffering for over eighty plus years now.

The Jewish international bankers historically and presently have always controlled the money game and they played a huge role in dismantling the global economy in 2008, they are perhaps the most powerful financers in the world and have used their influence to dictate world markets (whenever in doubt just follow the money chain).

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