America Slides Away From “Rule Of Law” Towards “Rule By People With Guns”


An interesting new Security Council (SC) report circulating in the Kremlin today first noting First Deputy Chairman Olga Skorobogatova of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation (CB-RF) revealing that the SWIFT international payment system has confirmed that it will work in Russia as usual and there is no risk that the country will be disconnected from the system, says this confirmation comes after 50 radical socialist European Union Parliament lawmakers threatened Russia with a global SWIFT network disconnection a fortnight ago—though most interesting to notice about this confirmation was it coming immediately after Supreme Socialist Leader Joe Biden suddenly dropped sanctions against the Nord Stream 2 pipeline that will transport up to 55-billion cubic meters of natural gas per year from the coast of Russia through the Baltic Sea to Germany, and is 95% complete.

An unexpected abrupt turnabout by socialist leader Biden, whose shutdown of his own country’s energy pipelines sees US gasoline prices stuck at 7-year highs as East Coast fuel shortages continue—by dropping sanctions sees him being slammed as “the most pro-Russia leader in America”—saw the this sudden move by Biden “detonating like a bombshell” inside the Beltway, with Republicans and President Donald Trump administration officials leaping to call out the hypocrisy of Democrats, who spent years falsely claiming the 45th President was a “Russian agent—important to notice sees Trump’s former top intelligence official Richard Grenell assessing what Biden did by noting: “The Greens in Germany could be in power in September…And they are against Nord Stream 2…The reality is by the end of the this year, the Germans could be stronger than Joe Biden on stopping the Russian pipeline”—though sees this assessment being countered by German Minister for Economic Affairs and Energy Peter Altmaier, who stated: “Now it is a very short stretch which is yet to be completed, and this completion of the project depends on how quickly the pipe-laying work goes…I know that we will need natural gas for years to come…Namely, probably even more than now, because we are abandoning nuclear energy and cannot cost-effectively serve coal power plants”.

In an attempt to ascertain what socialist leader Biden is doing, later today Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov has agreed to meet with US Secretary of State Antony Blinken following the official program of the Arctic Council’s ministerial meeting in Reykjavik-Iceland—an Artic Council meeting preceded by President Putin authorizing the Ministry of Defense (MoD) to quickly deploy a squadron of nuclear weapon capable Su-34 fighter-bombers into the Arctic—a rapid deployment coming in the grim shadow of more than 18,000 rockets having been fired on Israel by the terrorist group Hamas in the last week—which has caused top American defense experts to warn: “The world is edging toward a major war… Reality is that a non-trivial part of the Democratic Party is now actively anti-Israel”.

With President Trump blocking money to the Palestinians so he could separate this volatile issue and enact the historic Abraham Accords, that saw Israel signing peace agreements with its decades-long Arab state enemies to create “The dawn of a new Middle East”, it was widely proclaimed that “Trump deserves a Nobel Peace Prize for Israel-Bahrain-UAE deal…It’s more than Obama did”—a Nobel Peace Prize that also saw Trump’s son-in-law Jared Kushner being nominated to receive it—but to make sure such a thing never happens, saw socialist leader Biden flooding the Palestinians with over $235-million last month, after which the rockets began to fly—thousands of rockets Israel is defending itself against, which predictably was followed by the leftist New York Times publishing their lying screed “Kushner’s Absurd Peace Plan Has Failed”—that was followed by socialist Democrats in the US House refusing a bid by Republicans to sanction Hamas terrorists for firing rockets into Israel—a vile act quickly joined by the leftist terrorist organization Black Lives Matter proclaiming that they “stand in solidarity” with Palestinians, and are vowing to fight for “Palestinian liberation”—all of which are demonic forces ignoring the truths exposed in articles like “If The Left Got Its Wish For Israel”, that notes in its final analysis: “As for Israelis, they would eventually emerge from the morass, at a terrible cost in blood, because they have no other choice…When they did, they could be sure the progressive wing of the Democratic Party would be quick to denounce them for having the temerity to survive”.

The main components every nation needs to have in order to survive are common sense and the rule of law—moral characteristics thrown aside by Biden and his godless socialist forces as their bloodthirsty quest for total power grows—though it now sees evidence growing that in the rest of America, at least, these moral characteristics still mean something—best exampled by the Republican lawmakers in the US House using common sense to defy socialist leader Pelosi’s mask rules that are not based on scientific facts—further exampled in Arizona yesterday, when after fearful socialist Democrats begged that an audit of the 2020 election be immediately stopped “For the good of the country” it was met by Arizona Senate President Karen Fann refusing this plea and issuing the very common sense statement: “Let’s get this thing done and get our questions answered and get it out to the public and let everybody know that our next election will be 100 percent safe and secure”—and for upholding the rule of law, this week has seen the United States Supreme Court ruling in favor of energy companies contesting a lawsuit filed by the city of Baltimore seeking monetary damages from them due to costs caused by global climate change—then saw this high court making a unanimous 9-0 ruling slamming down Biden’s extremely dangerous scheme to take guns away from people without a warrant—rulings that were joined by his high court announcing it will hear the first baby killing abortion case it’s heard in decades, the full importance of which the leftist Washington Post noted by fearfully stating: “Make no mistake: The Supreme Court is coming for ‘Roe’”. 

Shortly before the 2020 election, Biden’s socialist forces believed that the baby killing “Roe v. Wade” decision was secure due to the divided makeup of the Supreme Court—a belief that was shattered when socialist Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg died on 18 September 2020—who was quickly replaced by President Trump’s nominee Justice Amy Coney Barrett, who is openly anti-abortion, and wrote that the “Roe v. Wade” decision must be overturned, and now has the backing of the majority of this high court—a stunning turn of events that placed into the crosshairs of socialist Democrats the most liberal Republican Party member of the US SenateSusan Collins—who voted against Barrett, but was never forgiven for voting for Trump’s two other nominees, Justice Neil Gorsuch and Justice Brett Kavanaugh—which is why socialist Democrats went all out to defeat Senator Collins in one of the most expensive elections in US history that cost over $100-million in a State of Maine whose population is barely over 1.3-million.

In the days leading up to her 2020 election, all the polls showed Senator Collins would be crushed and defeated by her socialist Democrat Party opponent—but in reality saw Senator Collins crushing and defeating her socialist Democrat Party opponent by nearly 10-points—all of which is critical to know about, as yesterday Biden sent his socialist FBI thugs to raid the offices of one of Senator Collin’s campaign donors—that was followed by Biden’s socialist Democrat Party henchmen in New York announcing that their so-called probe into the Trump Organization is now a criminal inquiry—both of which were then joined by an astonishing press conference given by Florida attorney Fritz Scheller about a plea deal agreement he had reached with Biden’s corrupt socialist Department of Justice—a plea deal involving Joel Greenberg, who’s most notably known as a past acquaintance of feared Republican Party lawmaker US Congressman Matt Gaetz, whose powerful defense of President Trump enraged Biden and his socialist forces making him a target for destruction—but remarkable to notice about this plea deal written by Biden’s socialist sycophants at the Department of Justice, was it being 62-pages long—that stands opposed to every other plea deal in US history that typically are anywhere from 16 to 20 pages long—rather than being a plea deal it reads like a mini novel filled with sordid details about the sex life of Greenberg—sees legal experts correctly noting about this plea deal: “Matt Gaetz doesn’t have anything more to worry about after the Greenberg guilty plea than he had to worry about before the Greenberg guilty plea”—thus proving, beyond any doubt, that the entire purpose of this plea deal charade was to smear Congressman Gaetz—makes one wonder if this same type of legal farce perpetrated by Biden and his socialist forces is being plotted for Senator Collins and President Trump—and in wondering about now sees American legal experts warning:

What separates us from the Third World in our politics are the twin concepts of peaceful transfer of power via the ballot box rather than by military intervention and the unwritten and the unspoken principle that victors do not use the police power of the state to punish the vanquished.

Without the second concept, no sane person will ever relinquish office if they run the risk of ending up imprisoned or on the gallows.

Once politics become a blood sport, there is no way to stop the slide into rule by people with guns.





SOURCE : www.whatdoes

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