American “Deviants” Opt For Lunacy 22-Days From Critical National Emergency Decision – Bloomberg Kidnap Saga Triggers Fake News Russian “Invasion” Of Ukraine

French President Emmanuel Macron on 7 February, and with German Chancellor Olaf Scholz on 15 February, says these meetings for peace will take place in Moscow, that has just been awarded the top spot among large cities for quality of life and infrastructure by the United Nations, whose experts analyzed the 50 largest cities globally and ranked 29 “world cities” according to six metrics: productivity, infrastructure development, quality of life, equity, social inclusion, environmental sustainability, urban governance and legislation.

Shortly after these meetings for peace were announced, this report notes, the deranged socialist Biden Regime said its military and intelligence assessments estimated Russia could seize Ukraine in days and leave up to 50,000 civilians killed or wounded, said Russia now has 70-percent of the combat power it needs for an assault that could quickly take out the Ukrainian capital city Kyiv, remove the country’s democratically elected president, President Volodymyr Zelensky, and could trigger a refugee crisis in Europe as up to 5-million people flee—a deranged estimate joined by Biden Regime National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan hysterically warning that Russia could invade Ukraine “as soon as tomorrow”—and in quick reply to these deranged socialist warmongers, it saw Russian Deputy Ambassador Dmitry Polyanskiy stating to United Nations members: “Madness and scaremongering continues…What if we would say that the United States could seize London in a week and cause 300,000 civilian deaths?…All this based on our intelligence sources that we won’t disclose…Would it feel right for Americans and Brits?…It’s as wrong for Russians and Ukrainians”.

Security Council Members in this transcript note that the deranged estimates made by the Biden Regime of Russian troop strength to invade Ukraine are entirely based on Russian military bases on its own territory that have been in the exact same place for decades, if not centuries—best exampled by the Sevastopol Naval Base in Crimea, that has hosted tens-of-thousands of Russian troops since it was first constructed in 1772—because this centuries-old Russian military base happens to be near the Ukraine border the deranged Biden Regime keeps screaming it’s an invasion threat, which caused State Council of Crimea member Yefim Fiks to factually state: “I haven’t seen a more cynical, shameless, and impudent formulation of a question in my life…First of all, I want to remind the Americans that dialogue is impossible if you don’t respect the point of view of your opponent…Second, Crimea is a constituent part of Russia…We would have the same success if we told the United States to withdraw forces from Alaska, California, and other States”—a statement of fact joined by Russian Ambassador to America Anatoly Antonov most accurately observing: “The United States is trying to narrow down all the present-day problems to Ukraine…I believe it is absolutely wrong…It is an attempt to blur the true state of affairs”.

In further assessing these deranged Western socialists inventing scaremongering invasions and destroying the Winter Olympic Games, this report continues, Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova observes that what they do is “thought up by real deviants capable of anything”—in America today sees these “real deviants” attempting “to blur the true state of affairs” being rocked this past week when their main leftist propaganda mouthpiece CNN crashed and burned to such an extent the New York Times is now reporting: “In a meeting between some of the network’s staffers and its corporate leadership, the CNN correspondent Jamie Gangel shared that four members of the congressional committee investigating Jan. 6 had called to say that Zucker’s exit left them “devastated for our democracy””—a 6 January farce the socialist Biden Regime and CNN enticed former top Fox News host Chris Wallace to join, but today sees it being reported: “In wake of the decision from WarnerMedia suits to oust Jeff Zucker, Wallace is said to be “second guessing his decision” even though he is believed to be earning $8 to $10 million per year…He went over there for Zucker and now Zucker is gone…Wallace feels that he has been stiffed…He’s got no staff, no Executive Producer and the guy he gave up a prized gig for has just walked out the door”—and this past week it saw the Republican National Committee fighting back against this 6 January farce when they overwhelmingly voted to censure their own members Congresswoman Liz Cheney and Congressman Adam Kinzinger for sitting on the socialist Democrats’ sham panel investigating 6 January events, that accused them both of “participating in a Democratic led persecution of ordinary citizens engaged in legitimate political discourse”.

Among the other “real deviants” exposed this past week, this report details, was tyrannical socialist despot Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, who, on 31 March 2020, posted the message: “While many of us are working from home there are others who aren’t able to do that—like the truck drivers who are working day and night to make sure our shelves are stocked…So when you can, please #ThankATrucker for everything they’re doing and help them however you can”—with Canadian truckers in full revolt over despotic socialist Covid decrees it now sees articles appearing like “Trudeau Vows To Break Biden’s Record For Consecutive Days Hiding In The Basement”—a hiding away by Prime Minister Trudeau from his own citizens coming at the same time articles are appearing like “Toronto Sees Massive Freedom Convoy Protest Packing City’s Downtown” and “Send In the Cavalry! Hundreds of Cowboys on Horseback Join Freedom Convoy Protesters at Coutts Crossing in Alberta”—is a Canadian trucker revolt inspiring similar protests around the world, as exampled in articles like “Freedom Goes GLOBAL: Finland Anti-Lockdown Convoy Hits Helsinki”—and as everyone knew would happen in the supposedly free United States, when American truckers tried this past week to organize their convoy protest, leftist social media giant Facebook wiped them out and shut them down.

All throughout 2020, this report notes, leftist fundraising giant GoFundMe raised tens-of-millions of dollars for the violent extremists destroying America—a fact now met with articles like “Canadian Government Proudly Admits to Requesting GoFundMe to Withhold Trucker Convoy Donations – Begs Other Crowdfunding Sites to Follow Suit”—in proving what “real deviants” they truly are it saw GoFundMe declaring they would steal the over $10-million donated to Canadian truckers and give it radical leftist causes, but who quickly changed their mind after Free State Florida leader Governor Ron DeSantis led other Free State leaders to open a criminal theft investigation against these leftist demons, and now sees GoFundMe giving these donors’ money back as fast as they can—donors who have now given over $3-million to support Canadian truckers over the past 24-hours using the Christian fundraising platform GiveSendGo, and in whose statement declared: “GiveSendGo stands for hope and freedom…We recognize the freedoms we have are God-given, not authorized by governments, but rather ought to be protected by our governments”.

As to the true and “real deviants” destroying America, this report concludes, they were all exposed this past week when John Hopkins Medical University scientists released a bombshell meta-study that concluded in its findings: “We find no evidence that lockdowns, school closures, border closures and limiting gatherings have had a noticeable effect on COVID-19 mortality”—a bombshell explosion of truth beyond shockingly met with it being reported: “There has been a full-on media blackout of the new study outlining the ineffectiveness of lockdowns to prevent COVID deaths…It wasn’t just the networks avoiding the study…The New York Times, The Washington Post, The Associated Press, Reuters, USA Today, Axios, Politico among other outlets also turned a blind eye to the findings”—all of which is critical to note because these now proven ineffective lockdowns are only able to be enacted because the United States decreed a national emergency existed because of Covid, but whose countdown to ending now stands at 22-days, because, on 28 February, Supreme Socialist Leader Joe Biden must decide whether to extend the national emergency status.

President Putin declaring after his meeting with Chinese President Xi Jinping yesterday: “Friendship between the two States has no limits, there are no forbidden areas of cooperation…They have acquired a truly unprecedented nature and are an example of worthy relations that help both parties to develop and, at the same time, support each other in their development”, says this declaration was then joined by Russia and China approving 16 intergovernmental, interdepartmental and commercial documents—a level of cooperation one of whose examples of is Russia and China arming the Balkan nation of Serbia whose neighbor Croatia is being armed by the socialist Biden Regime.

This transcript next sees Security Council Members discussing the latest urgent war bulletins issued by the Ministry of Defense (MoD), two of the most important of which involve the massive landing of Russian combat in troops in Syria and the pending deployment of Russian combat troops to Latin America—but whose most gobsmacking one involves the American leftist news service Bloomberg shocking the world early this morning with the blaring headline “Live: Russia Invades Ukraine”—after 30-minutes saw Bloomberg deleting this headline and issuing the statement: “We deeply regret the error…The headline has been removed and we are investigating the cause”—a “cause” some are speculating was triggered after American leftist multi-billionaire publishing oligarch Michael Bloomberg became mentally unhinged when an armed man kidnapped a housekeeper from his Colorado ranch, that he might have imagined was part of the Russian invasion of Ukraine—and in quick response to this unhinged invasion delusion, top Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov stated: “I guess, instead of ‘fake news’, we can now say ‘Bloomberg news’, which makes sense given the circumstances”.

Now joining this American insanity, this report continues, yesterday it saw leftist fundraising giant GoFundMe freezing over $10-million in donations given to Canadian truckers protesting their despotic socialist government’s tyrannical Covid policies—a vile act of criminality causing American multi-billionaire tech oligarch Elon Musk to compare GoFundMe to professional thieves—quickly after which GoFundMe beyond astonishingly announced it wouldn’t refund these millions-of-dollars worth of donations unless the donors specifically asked for their money back—if these donors don’t request their money back GoFundMe then declared they give these millions-of-dollars to “credible organizations” like the Black Lives Matter and Planned Parenthood—all of which caused enraged donors to these under socialist siege Canadian truckers to flee to the Christian fundraising platform GiveSendGo in such massive numbers they crashed the site.

Going from insanity to outright lunacy, this report notes, is the entire American political practice known as “gerrymandering”, that’s named for their Founding Father Elbridge Gerry, who established the practice of creating election districts favorable to the political parties in power in the early 18th Century—a “gerrymandering” process that takes place following the release of the once-a-decade national census, that in this case was done in 2020, was released in 2021, and based on new voting districts have to be created in early 2022—today sees leftist media propagandists celebrating the radical socialist judges in North Carolina that threw out the Republican State legislature new voting district map—a celebration coming at the same time socialist Democrats in New York just approved a new voting district map that wipes out every single Republican Party district, and is so outrageous it caused the leftist Washington Post to exclaim: “New York Democrats on Sunday released a congressional gerrymander so egregious that it makes Republican efforts pale in comparison…It’s also a flagrant violation of the state constitution, which means it is up to the state’s Democratic-appointed judges to show courage and throw this map out”.

Fueling this American insanity, this report notes, is a demonic cabal consisting of socialist Democrats and their leftist big tech and media propagandists, who combine to create lying “narratives” they declare as “truth”, and who then censor, ban and cancel anyone daring to oppose them—a factual reality confirmed by a new study that reported massive pro-censorship efforts are coming from American broadcast news networks—all of which more than explains why the annual digital news report from the Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism at Oxford University revealed: “The United States ranks last in media trust — at 29% — among 92,000 news consumers surveyed in 46 countries…That’s worse than Poland, worse than the Philippines, worse than Peru…Finland leads at 65%”.

In the former Soviet Union, this report concludes, the lying socialist “narratives” that fueled mass insanity were created by the official government newspapers Pravda and Izvestia, that meant “the truth” and “the news” respectively—lying “narratives” that came up against the truism “You can fool all the people some of the time and some of the people all the time, but you cannot fool all the people all the time”, the result of which created the popular Russian saying: “There’s no truth in Pravda and no news in Izvestia”—is a history worth remembering because it’s now being repeated in America, where its under socialist siege peoples have just made the truth-telling Fox News Network the #1 most watched news network for the 20th straight year—an historic and unprecedented accomplishment hilariously joined this week when it saw the article “Surprise! Tucker Carlson Draws the Most Democratic Viewers in Key Demo, Even Topping Rachel Maddow” revealing: “More surprising are the stats about Carlson and Fox News’ pull with self-proclaimed Democrats…Of those demo-aged viewers surveyed who identified as Democrats, 39% chose Fox News, 31% chose MSNBC and 30% chose CNN for programming from 8 p.m. ET to 11 p.m. ET…In total-day viewership, Fox News grabbed 42% of Democrats aged 25-54, CNN nabbed 33% and MSNBC got 25%….Of the top four programs among Democrats in total viewers, Fox News had three: “The Five,” “Tucker Carlson Tonight” and “Hannity”…The top spot in total viewers went to MSNBC’s “The Rachel Maddow Show””—after which the socialist Biden Regime and its leftist media propagandists were further plunged into terror by the articles appearing like “Liberals Love Fox News, A Lot More Than CNN” and “Democrats With A Dirty Secret — They Watch Fox”.



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