Putin Warns Of Nuclear War – “Destruction Of The World”

Discussing nearly six hour meeting held between President Putin and French President Emmanuel Macron—a meeting wherein President Putin revealed that the Biden Regime’s and NATO’s written responses to Russia’s three key demands to avert war didn’t even address them, with him stating: “No yes or no, as if they were never asked…We only saw political cliches and proposals on various secondary issues”—in response to this insanity French President Macron stated to both the socialist Biden and NATO: “It is impossible to build peace in Europe without dialogue with Russia”—in this meeting it saw President Macron specifically noting that France and Russia “did not have the same understanding” of the meaning of documents such as the 1975 Helsinki Final Act – which established what would become the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE)– especially when it came to the issues of human rights and the territorial integrity of states—are documents critical to this present crisis because instead of taking steps to offer autonomy to the breakaway regions of Donetsk and Lugansk, Ukraine has chosen to persecute Russian-speakers within its borders—is a crisis the Normandy Group (comprised of Russia, Ukraine , France and Germany) actually solved with the Minsk II Agreement freely signed by Ukraine and approved by the United Nations in 2015, about which in this meeting President Putin stated: “As for the Minsk agreements, whether they are still viable or have any sort of perspective, I feel like there is simply no alternative to them”—a Minsk II Agreement wherein Ukraine agreed to give the breakaway regions of Donetsk and Lugansk limited autonomy—when the Biden  seized power they forced Ukraine to break this agreement so they could ignite a crisis to use against Russia—to entice Ukraine to break the agreement the Biden Regime promised them NATO membership, about which in this meeting President Putin gravely warned: “Ukraine’s membership of NATO would trigger the alliance’s Article 5 mutual defense clause the moment Kiev decided to reintegrate Crimea by force, quickly resulting in nuclear war with Russia…There would be no victors…President Macron does not desire such an outcome…Neither do I”.

Shortly after President Putin issued this grave warning of nuclear war, this report notes, Supreme Socialist Leader Joe Biden met with German Chancellor Olaf Scholz—a meeting followed by Socialist Leader Biden insanely threatening he would shut down the Nord Stream 2 that provides Germany with nearly all of its vital natural gas supplies from Russia—then it saw Socialist Leader Biden dementedly declaring that “Germany is marching in lockstep with Washington”—a demented declaration quickly followed by Chancellor Scholz saying that he will not commit to ending the Nord Stream 2 pipeline—which explains why Chancellor Scholz is being attacked today by leftist American media war propagandists, as best exampled in the just published New York Times screed “Europe Is on the Brink of War, and Germany Is Nowhere to Be Seen”, wherein it screams: “Over the past few weeks, as Europe has seemingly approached the brink of war, Germany has been the odd man out”, but then begrudgingly admits: “A recent survey showed that 59 percent of Germans oppose delivering weapons to Ukraine, while only 20 percent approve”.

In knowing the factual reality that Russia has no plans whatsoever to invade Ukraine, this report continues, Ukrainian Minister of Foreign Affairs Dmitry Kuleba forcefully rebuked the Biden Regime for its hysterical warmongering propaganda, and stated to everyone listening: “Don’t believe apocalyptic predictions”—a statement of reason quickly followed by White House National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan threatening China with the statement: “We believe that Beijing will end up owning some of the costs of a Russian invasion of Ukraine…They should calculate that as they consider their engagements with the Russian government over the next couple of weeks…We will go at the financial system of Russia, which of course engages the Chinese economy, as well”—a threat China immediately responded to with the statement: “NATO is a Cold War remnant and the world’s largest military alliance…Thirty years after the end of the Cold War, NATO continues to expand its geographical scope and the range of operations and engages in bloc politics and confrontation…This is not conducive to global security and stability…China believes that regional security should not be guaranteed by strengthening or expanding military blocs…We call on NATO to abandon the Cold War mentality and ideological bias, respect the sovereignty, security, interests as well as the diversity of civilizations, history and culture of other countries, take an objective and impartial view of other countries’ peaceful development, and do more to increase mutual trust among countries and maintain regional peace and stability”.

Near immediately after China blasted NATO, this report details, Chairman Admiral Rob Bauer of NATO’s Military Committee conjured up yet another Russian invasion threat with his stating: “If you look at the posture of Russian troops in Belarus, then yes, you have to consider militarily, whether it is a threat to the Baltic states and, more particularly, to Lithuania”—a statement of lunacy coming at the same time Belarus is rushing combat troops to Syria, where they will join the thousands of Russian combat forces that are in a blitzkrieg against American-funded ISIS barbarians—to counter this Russian blitzkrieg the Foreign Intelligence Service (SVR) is now reporting: “To achieve their goals in Syria, the Americans are actively using their close contacts with the so-called armed opposition, and in fact – with radical Islamist groups…US intelligence agencies plan to direct the ‘sleeper cells’ of extremists in the capital Damascus, the adjacent region and the province of Latakia to carry out targeted actions against members of Syrian law enforcement agencies, as well as Iranian military advisers and Russian military personnel”—to counter this American threat the Ministry of Defense (MoD) this morning activated 400 elite combat troops, T-72B3 tanks, BMP-3 infantry fighting vehicles, BTR-82A armored personnel carriers, Kornet and Khrizantema-S anti-tank missile systems and various artillery pieces in the Southern Military District, that’s adjacent to the Middle East and has combat responsibilities in Syria—and while the socialist Biden Regime keeps up its non-stop Russia invasion of Ukraine fairy tale hysteria, it has yet to explain to the American people why it has amassed a vast armada of three NATO carrier groups in the Mediterranean Sea off the coast of Syria, where Russian warships are also building up their vast armada.

Following his meeting with President Putin, this report concludes, French President Macron declared about Russia’s true intentions regarding Ukraine: “I obtained a pledge that there will be no degradation nor escalation…My aim was to freeze the game, to prevent an escalation and open up new perspectives…This objective for me is fulfilled”—a declaration made because President Macron knows the truth that the present crisis has nothing to do with Ukraine, and everything to do with Syria—is a made up Ukraine invasion crisis the socialist Biden is using to hide from the American people its illegal occupation of parts of Syria—is an illegal occupation that sees the Biden Regime supporting the terrorists that are stealing oil from the Syrian people—and today sees the socialist Biden Regime coming up against the Holy War declared by Russia in Syria, which is a fight between Christian good and demonic evil President Putin has no intention of losing.

Most dangerous to an entire world now holding its breath as war looms ever closer by the hour, this report notes, is that this catastrophe is being mastermind by the mentally deranged Supreme Socialist Leader Joe Biden, whose approval rating among his own citizens has now crashed below 40%–and sees him being aided to this plunge to war by Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, whom all of his citizens know is “quite often not a rational actor”, which is why his approval rating has fallen to around 23%.

Because Russia is no longer able to trust or believe anything either the United States and/or Ukraine says or signs, this report continues, even American defense experts are gravely noting the dangerous box Socialist Leader Biden has pressed himself into—a box where “maintaining the status quo is not a viable solution, as it will inevitably lead the United States back to either war or geopolitical defeat”—“Compromise is impossible because neither the United States nor NATO can back down from their entrenched position that the military bloc’s so-called ‘open door policy’ regarding membership is non-negotiable”—and whose only option left is war, about which it’s warned: “First and foremost, even if the United States were seriously considering Ukraine as a fellow NATO member, there is simply no way that the military alliance could garner the support of all 30 members for an action which would be tantamount to collective suicide”.

In a bid to help extricate Socialist Leader Biden from the dangerous box he’s put himself in before the world goes up in flames, this report notes, this week it saw Alexander Dynkin, President of the National Research Institute of World Economy and International Relations. E. M. Primakov of the Russian Academy of Sciences, who worked as an assistant to the Prime Minister of Russia Yevgeny Primakov and Thomas Graham, Distinguished Fellow of the Council on Foreign Relations, who was Senior Director for Russia on the staff of the US National Security Council during the administration of President George W. Bush, joining together and giving Biden their white paper “Four Steps From The Abyss – On The Way To European Security”, wherein these world renowned elder statesmen warn: “Europe is on the brink of war”, then methodically lay out a plan for peace they summarize as: “We see four elements of the solution…First, restrictions on military operations along the borders of NATO and Russia…Second, a moratorium on NATO’s eastward expansion…Thirdly, the resolution of current and frozen conflicts in the post-Soviet space and in the Balkans…And fourthly, the modernization of the Helsinki Accords of 1975, which created the OSCE and formulated the agreed principles of interstate relations that formed the basis of detente between East and West”—then sees them stating: “The Minsk Agreements should form the basis for resolving the conflict…And all parties must accept what most impartial observers know as an indisputable truth: Kosovo will remain independent, and Crimea will never return to Ukraine”.

The conclusion section of this transcript sees Security Council Members agreeing that “indisputable truth” is a foreign concept to the deranged socialist Biden —a fact causing Russia to announce today that it will not be sending a delegation to the Munich Security Conference of world leaders for the first time in more than two decades, with Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Zakharova stating: “We regret to say that in recent years, the conference has been increasingly transformed into such a transatlantic forum, losing its inclusiveness and objectivity”—and is notable because it was during the 2007 meeting of the Munich Security Council where President Putin delivered his historic address declaring an end to the “Unipolar World” the United States was attempting to create to rule over all humanity, wherein, in part, he stated:

This universal, indivisible character of security is expressed as the basic principle that “security for one is security for all”.

As Franklin D. Roosevelt said during the first few days that the Second World War was breaking out: “When peace has been broken anywhere, the peace of all countries everywhere is in danger.”

These words remain topical today. Incidentally, the theme of our conference – global crises, global responsibility – exemplifies this.

Only two decades ago the world was ideologically and economically divided and it was the huge strategic potential of two superpowers that ensured global security.

This global stand-off pushed the sharpest economic and social problems to the margins of the international community’s and the world’s agenda.

And, just like any war, the Cold War left us with live ammunition, figuratively speaking. I am referring to ideological stereotypes, double standards and other typical aspects of Cold War bloc thinking.

The unipolar world that had been proposed after the Cold War did not take place either.

The history of humanity certainly has gone through unipolar periods and seen aspirations to world supremacy.

And what hasn’t happened in world history?

However, what is a unipolar world?

However one might embellish this term, at the end of the day it refers to one type of situation, namely one centre of authority, one centre of force, one centre of decision-making.

It is world in which there is one master, one sovereign.

And at the end of the day this is pernicious not only for all those within this system, but also for the sovereign itself because it destroys itself from within.

And this certainly has nothing in common with democracy. Because, as you know, democracy is the power of the majority in light of the interests and opinions of the minority.

Incidentally, Russia – we – are constantly being taught about democracy. But for some reason those who teach us do not want to learn themselves.

I consider that the unipolar model is not only unacceptable but also impossible in today’s world.

And this is not only because if there was individual leadership in today’s – and precisely in today’s – world, then the military, political and economic resources would not suffice. What is even more important is that the model itself is flawed because at its basis there is and can be no moral foundations for modern civilization.

Unilateral and frequently illegitimate actions have not resolved any problems.

Moreover, they have caused new human tragedies and created new centres of tension.

Judge for yourselves: wars as well as local and regional conflicts have not diminished. And no less people perish in these conflicts – even more are dying than before. Significantly more, significantly more!

Today we are witnessing an almost uncontained hyper use of force – military force – in international relations, force that is plunging the world into an abyss of permanent conflicts. As a result we do not have sufficient strength to find a comprehensive solution to any one of these conflicts.

Finding a political settlement also becomes impossible.

We are seeing a greater and greater disdain for the basic principles of international law.

And independent legal norms are, as a matter of fact, coming increasingly closer to one state’s legal system.

One state and, of course, first and foremost the United States, has overstepped its national borders in every way.

This is visible in the economic, political, cultural and educational policies it imposes on other nations.

Well, who likes this?

Who is happy about this?

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