American Scientists at Boston University Creates Virus To Kill 80% Of Humanity Then Proclaims It Must Rule Entire World

United States government funded scientists at Boston University announcing they have created a new variant of Covid-19 with an 80% mortality rate, by combining the highly-transmissible Omicron variant of the coronavirus with the original Wuhan strain, says in immediate response to this announcement, Director General Shmuel Shapira of the Israel Institute for Biological Research and Chair of the Board of Life Science Research Israel fearfully exclaimed: “This should be totally forbidden, it’s playing with fire…How many times did virologists say they were not making chimeric SARS viruses more deadly?…How many???”—but as to why America is “playing with fire” in creating a virus that can kill 80% of humanity, it was revealed an hour after this announcement was made when top President Biden official Secretary of State Antony Blinken proclaimed: “Americans have to be the ones who are at the table who are helping to shape the rules, the norms…If we’re not, if the United States isn’t there, then someone else will be, and these rules are going to get shaped in ways that don’t reflect our values and don’t reflect our interests…The other option is that there is nobody setting the rules, and we’re going to have chaos before we have a world that’s actually organized to try to take advantage of all of the progress that we’re making”.

Along with America proclaiming that it must rule the entire world, and issuing its veiled threat of mass death if it doesn’t get its way, this report notes, it saw United States Space Force commander General Jay Raymond describing the ongoing conflict in Ukraine as “the first war where commercial space capabilities have really played a significant role”—a description joined by Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky revealing this morning: “In just over one week of Russian airstrikes targeting Ukrainian energy infrastructure, 30% of the power plants in the country have been destroyed”—and was a revelation quickly followed by air raid sirens going off all across Ukraine as Russian air strikes continue obliterating its energy infrastructure.

In the latest assessment of this conflict that’s actually a de facto war between the Russian Federation and the socialist Western colonial powers, this report continues, world-renowned Indian Foreign Service senior statesman Ambassador MK Bhadrakumar, in his just released open letter “A War Russia Set To Win – The Europeans Have Been Nicely Played By The Americans”, factually reveals:

India should expect the defeat of the United States and NATO, which completes the transition to a multipolar world order.

Two massive terrorist strikes misfired spectacularly and a terrible beauty is born in the Ukraine war.

These two carefully planned attacks in quick succession — on Nord Stream gas pipelines and Crimean Bridge — were intended as a knockout blow to Russia.

According to Vladimir Putin, people ‘who want to finally sever ties between Russia and the EU, weaken Europe’ are behind the Nord Stream blasts. He named the US, Ukraine and Poland as ‘beneficiaries’.

Last Wednesday, Russia’s domestic intelligence service FSB identified Ukraine’s military intelligence chief, Kyrylo Budanov, as the mastermind behind the Crimean attack. The New York Times and Washington Post also pointed fingers at Kiev, quoting ‘sources’.

While Nord Stream-1 has been crippled, one of the strings of Nord Stream-2 remains intact. Putin said last week that the pipeline could be restored and Russia could deliver about 27 billion cubic meters of gas. ‘The ball is on the side of the European Union, if they want — let’s turn on the tap’, he said.

But mum’s the word from Brussels.

It is a profoundly embarrassing moment for the EU. The triumphalism has vanished as Europe is threatened by years of recession caused by the blowback from sanctions against Russia, where the US insisted on the cut off of energy ties with Moscow.

The EU has now become a captive market for Big Oil and is left to buy LNG from the US at the asking price, which is six to seven times higher than the domestic price in the US. (Contracted price for long-term Russian supply for Germany used to be about $280 per 1,000 cubic meters as against the current market price hovering around $2,000.)

Plainly put, the Europeans have been nicely played by the Americans.

India should take note of the US’ sense of entitlement. Basically, the Biden administration created a contrived energy crisis whose real aim is war profiteering.

The Crimean Bridge attack of October 8 is much more serious.

Zelenskyy has crossed a red line that Moscow had repeatedly warned him against. Putin has disclosed that there have also been three terrorist attacks against the Kursk NPP. Russians will settle for nothing less than the ouster of the Zelenskyy regime.

Russia’s retaliation against Ukraine’s ‘critical infrastructure’, something Moscow refrained from so far, has serious implications.

Since October 9, Russia has begun systematically targeting Ukraine’s power system and railways.

Noted Russian military expert Vladislav Shurygin told Izvestia that if this tempo was kept up for a week or so, it ‘will disrupt the entire logistics of the Ukrainian military — system for transporting personnel, military equipment, ammunition, related cargo, as well as the functioning of military and repair plants’.

The Americans are cocooned in a surreal world of their self-serving narrative that Russia ‘lost’ the war.

In the real world, though, Ivan Tertel, KGB chief in Belarus, who has an insider view of Moscow, said last Tuesday that with Russia boosting its troop strength in the war zone — 300,000 troops who have been mobilised plus 70,000 volunteers — and the deployment of advanced weaponry, ‘the military operation will enter a key phase. According to our estimates, a turning point will come in the period from November of this year to February of next year’.

Policy-makers and strategists in Delhi should make a careful note of the timeline.

The bottom line is, Russia is looking for an all-out victory and will not settle for anything less than a friendly government in Kiev. Western politicians, including Biden, understand that there is nothing stopping the Russians now. The US’ weapon kitty is running dry as Kiev keeps asking for more.

After Saudi Arabia “sunk the boot” into President Joe Biden by revealing his secret plea for OPEC not to cut output before the US midterm elections, this report notes, articles began appearing like “South Africa Confirms Saudi Arabia Will Join BRICS Alliance with China and Russia and Move Away from US with Explosive Consequences”—and in the just published article “Not Only The Saudis: The US Is Losing Another Key Country In The Islamic World”, it’s reveled that Pakistan is moving away from America towards Russia and China as fast it can.

In a childish analysis of what’s occurring in the world, this report continues, the leftist Washington Post, in their article “Leaders Of Democracies Increasingly Echo Putin In Authoritarian Tilt”, assessed: “From Italy to Brazil to the United States, political leaders increasingly are echoing Russian President Vladimir Putin and one another by embracing far-right authoritarianism…In a flurry of elections, some of the world’s major democracies have been leaning toward or outright embracing far-right authoritarian leaders, who have echoed one another by promising to crack down on loose morals, open borders and power-hungry elites”—an assessment countered by top Kremlin media advisor Oksana Boyko and Professor Dmitri Trenin at the Higher School of Economics in Moscow, who during their discussion noted: “The great Polish writer Stanislaw Jerzy Lec, who lived to see both the First and Second World Wars, remarked toward the end of his life that we should not expect too much of the end of the world…Given that Death, Famine, War, and Conquest, the four biblical horsemen of the apocalypse, are already riding atop our daily news bulletins, has the world, at least as we knew it, already ended?”.

As to if “the world, at least as we knew it, has already ended”, this report concludes, the highly influential American global business expert Rana Foroohar, in her just published New York Times open letter “Globalism Failed To Deliver The Economy We Need”, knows that it has, and reveals why:

There is so much general confusion, if not outright dread, about the state of the global economy. The war in Ukraine, gyrating gas prices, skyrocketing mortgage rates, the continued fallout of the Covid-19 pandemic and the looming prospect of a recession — all of these factors seem to be coalescing into chaos.

The fear is real.

But the chaos is transitory, as it is largely driven by the tumult that attends any transition from an old economic order to a new one.

For roughly half a century, our political economy has been based on the governing concept of neoliberalism — the idea that capital, goods and people should be able to cross borders in search of the most productive and profitable returns.

The term “neoliberalism” was coined in 1938, at a Paris gathering of economists, sociologists, journalists and businessmen who were alarmed by what they viewed as the excessive state control of markets after the Great Depression.

For them, the interests of the nation-state and of democracy could pose problems for economic and political stability. The voting public could not be trusted, and thus national interests should be constrained by international laws and institutions so that markets and society could function properly.

Global trade was fully unleashed during the Clinton era, with deals like NAFTA and the eventual accession of China into the W.T.O., which tipped the balance of policy interests between domestic job creation and global market integration toward the latter. The idea was that cheaper consumer prices from imported goods would make up for flatter or even falling wages.

But they didn’t. Even before the pandemic and the war in Ukraine, the prices of the things that make us middle class — from housing to education and health care — were rising far faster than wages. That’s still the case, even with recent wage inflation.

The sense that the global economy has become too unmoored from national interests has helped fuel the political populism, nationalism and even fascism that we are grappling with today.

It’s a bitter irony that the very philosophies that were meant to tamp down political extremism did just the opposite when taken too far.

The neoliberal philosophy is tapped out not only in the United States but also abroad.


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