An Event of BIBLICAL Proportions? April 12, 2014 Celestial Sign: The Beginning of the End!!! MUST WATCH! (Video)









April 12, 2014 Celestial Sign: The Beginning of the End!!! MUST WATCH!!!

Could a celestial event taking place on March 23, 2014 change the world as we know it?! Revelation 12 marks the middle of the tribulation. Is there an indicator of the beginning of the tribulation, is at the doorstep? CORRECT, no man knows the day or hour, but the Bible most certainly gives us the SIGNS OF THE SEASON. Is this date presented in this video not necessarily the rapture but of the beginning of the tribulation? Who says we are not to go through at least SOME of the hardships, Christians who have been persecuted and beheaded already… are we so important NOT to have to go through some “stuff” as well? Think about that, even as unpleasant as it is!


Oh, this is an AWESOME VIDEO, GREAT RESEARCH! God be praised!


Are you prepared?!





























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  1. Andy Hunter

    No Earthly man can predict when the Lord JESUS CHRIST will return, sure we are going through some difficult times which could be linked with BIBLICAL Prophecy.. But there are people on earth who would use BIBLICAL Prophecy to achieve their goal in starting World War III and getting the population down while they live in they're underworld cities.. This is Satan's world with the persecution of Christians in the Middle East and Africa,while the Western governments silence deafening.. Our countries take in the Muslim immigrants instead of the real people who need our help, but when it comes to the Christians their pleading falls on deaf ears… May be just may be it is time for our Lord to come back and save his people… Amen


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