Atomic Thunderstorm Ignited By Russian Doomsday Torpedo Blast Strikes Curvature Of Spacetime – Russia declassifies footage of ‘Tsar Bomba’ — the most powerful nuclear bomb in history

United States and Britain declaring yesterday their intention to flood Ukraine with offensive weapons of war, to include portable missiles able to shoot down aircraft, says quick to join this rapid move towards total war was Baltic nation Estonia inviting NATO troops to deploy to the Russian border and Canada deploying its special forces troops to Ukraine—Western war moves top Kremlin spokesman Dmitri Peskov responded to with the warning: “This is extremely dangerous and does not help reduce tensions”—and in knowing the world is on the very cusp of war, this transcript sees Security Council Members issuing an order authorizing the immediate evacuation of all Russian diplomats and their families from Ukraine.

In a desperate bid to avert war, this report notes, German Foreign Minister Annalena Baerbock arrived in Moscow late last evening, and will hold emergency talks with Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov this morning—emergency talks that follow top German political leader Friedrich Merz warning the socialist Biden Regime that cutting Russia off from the global SWIFT payment system would be “equivalent to dropping an atomic bomb on Russia”, with him stating: “Suspension of the system for Moscow would basically break the back of international payment traffic…It would see massive economic setbacks for our own economies if something like that happens…It would hit Russia, but we would be damaging ourselves considerably”—a warning quickly followed by the Biden Regime denying a report saying that the United States and European Union have abandoned their plans to disconnect Russia from the SWIFT system, and saw the White House National Security Council declaring: “The United States does not rule out such a possibility”.
In the 16 January report issued by the Security Council that noted Sweden massing its armored forces on their Baltic Sea island Gotland, and them using the nonsensical excuse it was to defend Ukraine, that’s located some 1,700-kilometers (1,056-miles) to the southeast–its transcript saw Security Council Members noting that “no such tense situation” exists on the Russian-Ukrainian border, thus proving that Sweden is deliberately lying about its sudden deployment of armored forces—saw Sweden rapidly deploying these armored forces to its biggest Baltic Sea island Gotland, whose strategic importance is its being around 330-kilometres (205-miles) from Kaliningrad, the headquarters of Russia’s Baltic Fleet—during the past week Sweden has increased its war patrols in the Baltic Sea around Gotland and its vital port—are war preparations coming at the same time the Ministry of Defense (MoD) grimly reported: “Two NATO carrier groups are currently en route to waters off northern Norway, not far from Russia’s border, for the largest NATO exercise inside the Arctic Circle since the 1980s”—and are NATO carrier groups able to load these Swedish armored forces in preparation for a seaborne invasion of Kaliningrad.

This transcript sees Security Council Members noting their 16 January discussions in the context of Kremlin spokesman Peskov having just declared to Biden Regime warmongers: “Russia will never discuss with anyone withdrawal of any missiles and any weapons from Kaliningrad because Kaliningrad is a territory of Russia…And with all due respect, we will never tolerate any demands for us to do this or that on our own territory”—a declaration quickly responded to by United States National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan, who threatened: “If Russia wants to go down the path of invasion and escalation, we’re ready for that, too, with a robust response that will cut off their strategic position”.

In immediate response to this maniacal threat issued by the Biden Regime, this report notes, the Western Military District charged with the defense of Kaliningrad activated over 2,000 of its crack troops and announced: “Practical measures are underway at the Kirillovsky and Luzhsky combined arms training grounds…The personnel of motorized infantry, tank and reconnaissance units are sharpening the skills of driving T-72B3 tanks and firing their guns…As part of the drills, the troops will also live-fire AGS-17 automatic grenade launchers, RPG-7V hand-held anti-tank grenade launchers, AK-74M assault rifles and SVD-M sniper rifles”.

Now joining the combat activation of the Western Military District, this report continues, the Chief of the Belarusian Defense Ministry’s International Military Cooperation Department Oleg Voinov announced this morning that the Union Resolve 2022 Russia-Belarus joint military drills will run on Belarusian territory on 10-20 February—an announcement immediately followed by Russian Deputy Defense Minister Alexander Fomi gravely stating about these joint military drills: “A situation may emerge when the regional group’s forces and capabilities are not sufficient for reliably ensuring the Union State’s security and we must be ready for its reinforcement…An agreement has been reached jointly with the Belarusian side that it will be necessary to engage the State’s entire military potential for joint defense”.

Most ominous to notice in this transcript about Russian military movements are Security Council Members receiving a classified at the highest level “Of Special Importance” briefing regarding the overseas deployment of Marine Infantry (MI) combat forces and their armored equipment—the exact details of which contained in this report are strictly forbidden to be revealed—but does see American military experts reporting today that Russian Naval landing ships loaded with Marine Infantry troops and their armored equipment have just entered the Atlantic Ocean—is critical to notice because these Marine Infantry troops are specifically trained to rapidly establish and defend bases, most particularly those where Russian nuclear missiles have been deployed—and when Deputy Foreign Minister Sergey Ryabkov was asked a few days ago if Russia is planning to deploy nuclear missiles in either Cuba or Venezuela, he chillingly replied: “I do not want to confirm anything…Or rule anything out”.

This transcript next sees Security Council Members discussing matters involving the Nuclear Weapons Policy doctrine of the Russian Federation, specifically its provision stating: “In the event of a military conflict, this Policy provides for the prevention of an escalation of military actions and their termination on conditions that are acceptable for the Russian Federation and/or its allies”—is a provision whose “prevention of an escalation” allows Russia to demonstrate to an enemy the power of a weapon before its used in a conflict—whose inclusion of this provision in the nuclear doctrine of Russia is based on the United States unjustly and immorally dropping two atomic bombs on the Empire of Japan at the very moment they were ready to surrender because the Soviet Union entered the war against them, and as history records: “Militarily Japan was finished as the Soviet invasion of Manchuria that August showed…Further blockade and urban destruction would have produced a surrender in August or September at the latest, without the need for the costly anticipated invasion or the atomic bomb…As for the second bomb on Nagasaki, that was just as unnecessary as the first one…It was deemed to be needed, partly because it was a different design, and the American military, and many civilian scientists, were keen to see if they both worked the same way…There was, in other words, a cynical scientific imperative at work as well”.

Most mind-blowing to notice in this transcript are Security Council Members revealing that they used the nuclear doctrine provision to demonstrate the power of the weapon before using it in August-2020—a demonstration needed when Russia discovered a plot to overthrow President Donald Trump—a plot exactly like the one to overthrow President Franklin Roosevelt so the United States could join Nazi Germany in order to destroy Soviet Russia, that’s documented in truthful articles like “The Plot Against American Democracy That Isn’t Taught In Schools”, “Wealthy Bankers And Businessmen Plotted To Overthrow FDR. A Retired General Foiled It”, “Smedley Butler and the 1930s Plot to Overthrow the President” and “The Business Plot: The Little-Known Story Of The Wall Street Scheme To Launch A Fascist Coup In America”—in the end was a successful “fascist coup” to overthrow President Trump the plotters demonically celebrated in leftist articles like “The Secret History Of The Shadow Campaign That Saved The 2020 Election”, wherein these coup plotters cheer the “extraordinary shadow effort” to overthrow President Trump, and sickeningly reveals:

To the President, something felt amiss. “It was all very, very strange,” Trump said on Dec. 2. “Within days after the election, we witnessed an orchestrated effort to anoint the winner, even while many key states were still being counted”.

In a way, Trump was right.

There was a conspiracy unfolding behind the scenes, one that both curtailed the protests and coordinated the resistance from CEOs.

Both surprises were the result of an informal alliance between left-wing activists and business titans.

The pact was formalized in a terse, little-noticed joint statement of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and AFL-CIO published on Election Day.

Both sides would come to see it as a sort of implicit bargain–inspired by the summer’s massive, sometimes destructive racial-justice protests–in which the forces of labor came together with the forces of capital to keep the peace and oppose Trump.

In an unmistakable warning to these “fascist coup plotters” planning to overthrow President Trump so they could wage another war to destroy Russia, this report notes, the Security Council, on 20 August 2020, enacted the demonstration provision of the Nuclear Weapons Policy and released to the world the video Испытание чистой водородной бомбы мощностью 50 млн тонн, whose English translation is: “50 Million Ton Clean Hydrogen Bomb Test”—a beyond shocking video documented in articles like “Russia Declassifies Footage Of ‘Tsar Bomba’ — The Most Powerful Nuclear Bomb In History”, wherein it states:

In October 1961, the Soviet Union dropped the most powerful nuclear bomb in history over a remote island north of the Arctic Circle.

The bomb’s gargantuan mushroom cloud climbed to just below the edge of space.

This was RDS-220 — also known as the Tsar Bomba.
The blast was more powerful than 50 million tons of TNT, and was felt hundreds of miles away.
In October 1961, the Soviet Union dropped the most powerful nuclear bomb in history over a remote island north of the Arctic Circle.
Though the bomb detonated nearly 2.5 miles (4 kilometers) above ground, the resulting shockwave stripped the island as bare and flat as a skating rink. Onlookers saw the flash more than 600 miles (965 km) away, and felt its incredible heat within 160 miles (250 km) of Ground Zero. The bomb’s gargantuan mushroom cloud climbed to just below the edge of space.

This was RDS-220 — also known as the Tsar Bomba. Nearly 60 years after the bomb’s record-shattering detonation, no single explosive device has come close to matching its destructive power. Last week, Rosatom State Atomic Energy Corporation (Russia’s state atomic agency) released 40 minutes of previously classified footage, showing the bomb’s journey from manufactor to mushroom cloud. Now, you can watch it all on YouTube. (The countdown to detonation begins at 22:20).

Nearly 60 years after the bomb’s record-shattering detonation, no single explosive device has come close to matching its destructive power.

Last week, Rosatom State Atomic Energy Corporation (Russia’s state atomic agency) released 40 minutes of previously classified footage, showing the bomb’s journey from manufacture to mushroom cloud.

Now joining the Tsar Bomba in “record-shattering destructive power” is “Putin’s Doomsday Machine”, that’s officially designated as the Poseidon torpedo able to cause tsunamis—and a day after the 15 January massive undersea explosion in the Pacific Proving Grounds having “the equivalent of 1,000 Hiroshima bombs” sent “a mushroom cloud climbing to the edge of space”, Security Council Members began referencing in their transcripts the “Poseidon Adventure” operation.

Like in all of the Security Council transcripts where the “Poseidon Adventure” operation is referenced, they are classified at the highest level, but whose clues about in the portions of today’s transcript permitted to be openly discussed among various ministries, it sees Security Council Members noting that Western scientists still have no clue why this massive undersea explosion caused a Pacific Ocean wide tsunami—sees them noting that this massive undersea explosion triggered nearly 400,000 lightning strikes, with lightning strikes peaking at 63,000 events per 15 minutes—and sees them noting that this massive undersea explosion sent a huge atmospheric gravity wave rippling around a large part of the globe, that the Gemini Observatory on Mauna Kea-Hawaii recorded nearly touched the edge of space.

Along with this transcript showing Security Council Members noting this massive undersea explosion causing hundreds-of-thousands of lighting strikes and sending gravity waves to the edge of space , further clues pointing to the “Poseidon Adventure” operation being a nuclear warning demonstration is evidenced in the documents they reviewed, such as one noting: “Gravitational waves are disturbances in the curvature of spacetime, generated by accelerated masses, that propagate as waves outward from their source at the speed of light”, that’s joined with a research article titled “Atmospheric Gravity Waves From Nuclear Explosions”—and in this transcript it sees Security Council Members reviewing the scientific papers “Why Do Nuclear Bomb Explosions Create An Array Of Visible Electric Discharges In The Form Of Lightening In The Upper Atmosphere?”, “Nuclear Explosion Induced Lightning”, “Lightning Induced By Thermonuclear Detonations” and “How To Make An Atomic Thunderstorm”.

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