Russian Doomsday Torpedo Causing Global Shockwave Forces — After Russian Doomsday Torpedo Explodes Ocean Causing Global Tsunami

US official Victoria Nuland yesterday threatening Russia with “sharp pain inflicted very fast”, the US has some 18 “different scenarios” up its sleeve to react to any form of Russian attack on Ukraine, leading official Victoria Nuland has warned, promising to inflict “sharp pain” on Moscow should it make such a move.

Nuland, who currently serves as undersecretary of state for political affairs in President Joe Biden’s government, made the thinly veiled threat in an interview with the Financial Times published on Saturday.
Says early this morning this threat was joined by armored vehicles rolling through the streets of Visby on the Swedish island of Gotland as Sweden moves to ramp up security with a view to “adapting” its security strategy to the “tense situation” on the Russian-Ukrainian border, located some 1,700-kilometers (1,056-miles) southeast.

This transcript sees Security Council Members noting that “no such tense situation” exists on the Russian-Ukrainian border, thus proving that Sweden is deliberately lying about its sudden deployment of armored forces—sees Sweden rapidly deploying these armored forces to its biggest Baltic Sea island Gotland, whose strategic importance is its being around 330-kilometres (205-miles) from Kaliningrad, the headquarters of Russia’s Baltic Fleet—during the past few days it has Sweden increasing its war patrols in the Baltic Sea around Gotland and its vital port—are war preparations coming at the same time the Ministry of Defense (MoD) grimly reported: “Two NATO carrier groups are currently en route to waters off northern Norway, not far from Russia’s border, for the largest NATO exercise inside the Arctic Circle since the 1980s”—and are NATO carrier groups able to load these Swedish armored forces in preparation for a seaborne invasion of Kaliningrad.

With the world fast nearing the brink of total war, this report continues, its main present igniter is the United States having broken its promise not to enlarge its NATO military bloc to the borders of Russia—the consequence of which Deputy Director Dmitry Suslov of World Economy and International Affairs for the Centre for Comprehensive European and International Studies just warned about saying: “The overall logic of Russian actions is that it is the United States and NATO that must pay a high price”—a grave warning joined by Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov directly declaring to Supreme Socialist Leader Joe Biden yesterday: “Patience has come to an end…We have been harnessing burdens for a very long time, and now it’s time for us to go”.

Most ominously this transcript sees Security Council Members noting President Putin previously warned these American warmongers of the cost they’ll pay for breaking their promises, with him stating: “Russia will be forced to create and deploy types of weapons which can be used not only in respect of those territories from which the direct threat to us originates, but also in respect of those territories where the centers of decision-making are located”—a warning whose blood-chilling prediction about appears to now be reality, specifically because this transcript contains the two words “Посейдон приключение”, whose English translation is “Poseidon Adventure”.

In the classified at the highest level “Of Special Importance” section of this transcript is where the phrase “Poseidon Adventure” is referenced—from the very sparse portions of this transcript permitted to be openly discussed among various ministries, it sees the MoD briefing Security Council Members about a successful “Poseidon Adventure” carried out by the Pacific Fleet (PF) yesterday—and when piecing together various other clues able to be discerned in this transcript, sees a staggering picture emerging.

The first main clue about the “Poseidon Adventure” is this transcript referencing the 11 January bulletin issued by MoD, that reported: “The Pacific Fleet’s task force comprising the Guards Order of Nakhimov missile cruiser Varyag, the large anti-submarine warfare ship Admiral Tributs and the large sea tanker Boris Butoma has transited the Strait of Malacca and entered the Indian Ocean”—is critical to notice because the MoD in this transcript references the Pacific Fleet having carried out successful evasion maneuvers during its transit to the Indian Ocean through the Pacific Proving Grounds, whose immense size encompasses 360,000-square kilometers (140,000 square miles) of the Pacific Ocean stretching from Australia to the western coast of the Americas—becomes even more critical to notice because this is where the United States conducted 105 atmospheric and underwater nuclear tests, many of which were of extremely high yield—

and if an underwater nuclear test were to be conducted in this region today, the fallout radiation from its explosion would bear an American signature from its previous tests that continue to saturate the sea floor.

With all of these facts known, yesterday it saw a massive undersea explosion taking place in the Pacific Proving Grounds that was so powerful it was seen from space—an undersea explosion so terrifyingly massive its shockwave was heard throughout the entire Pacific Proving Grounds region—and after this massive undersea explosion saw tsunami waves striking from Tonga to Peru to Japan, and flooding the harbors of places like Santa Cruz-California.

One of the most telling clues about what really happened yesterday in regards to this massive undersea explosion in the Pacific Proving Grounds is the conclusion section of this transcript showing Security Council Members discussing what happened when the socialist Biden Regime realized it had lost track of the K-329 Belgorod and its feared Doomsday Poseidon torpedoes this past week when it didn’t transit into the Indian Ocean along with the Pacific Fleet—after which the Biden Regime shut down all air traffic in the United States when it thought the K-329 Belgorod was attacking, but turned out to be a minor missile test conducted by North Korea—after which it saw articles appearing like “FAA’s Statement On Mysterious Air Traffic Halt Leaves More Questions Than Answers”, that noted: “The bizarre and so far still unexplained ground stop of planes near the West Coast and Hawaii came just after a North Korean ballistic missile launch”—are “bizarre” actions further being evidenced today by the Biden Regime and its leftist media propagandists, who are comically claiming this massive undersea nuclear explosion was caused by an imaginary volcano—but to notice, these are the same insane American warmongers that still claim two aluminum planes magically imploded the World Trade Center skyscrapers.

Russia invading Ukraine, says to those still able to rationally think he stated the obvious: “It would be madness to start a war over Ukraine”—a message of sanity to rationally thinking persons that, most certainly, doesn’t include top Biden Regime official Victoria Nuland, who this weekend threatened Russia with “sharp pain inflicted very fast”—and in response to this threat of war saw Kremlin spokesman Peskov stating: “Of course, in the context of the current situation, Russia is thinking about how to ensure its own security…We know that Mrs. Nuland has 18 scenarios…We are considering different scenarios; we believe that there should be far fewer of them because the formulation of the question is extremely correct for us; there is no need to make it complicated, because it is not so complicated…The question is extremely direct and extremely specific”.

In a rare interview granted to the leftist American propaganda media outlet CNN, this report notes, yesterday it saw Kremlin spokesman Peskov truthfully telling them: “When Germany was reunited and when the then-Soviet Union and the Soviet Union leader, Gorbachev, said ok to that, there was a promise by the American side…Unfortunately, it was not fixed in a legally binding guarantee document…But there was a guarantee that NATO would never expand its military infrastructure or political infrastructure eastwards…We have seen NATO gradually invade Ukrainian territory with its infrastructure, its instructors, supplies of defensive and offensive weapons, teaching the Ukrainian military and so forth…That has brought us to the red line, a situation which we couldn’t tolerate anymore”.

Knowing that this “red line” has been crossed, this report continues, NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg declared yesterday that this Western military bloc would never pull allied troops from member states that had joined it since 1997, with him stating: “Of course, we cannot agree that we should have no NATO troops in all the countries that have joined NATO since 1997…That’s actually half of our members”—in factual reality are NATO forces having no actual enemies to fight against, and whose sole existence for being is to pour money into the pockets of Western defense companies—sees it being reported that some NATO countries were “unsettled” with “certain ideas” that Biden Regime officials put forward in recent negotiations with Russia on security guarantees—that explains why German Minister for Foreign Affairs Annalena Baerbock just announced she’s traveling to Moscow for urgent talks, and stated: “The new federal government wants thorough and stable relations with Russia…Cooperation between civic communities is particularly important to us…I also want to talk to my Russian colleague about these opportunities and how we can create the conditions to use them more effectively”—and sees this announcement joining top German political leader Friedrich Merz warning the Biden Regime that cutting Russia off from the global SWIFT payment system would be “equivalent to dropping an atomic bomb on Russia”, with him stating: “Suspension of the system for Moscow would basically break the back of international payment traffic…I would see massive economic setbacks for our own economies if something like that happens…It would hit Russia, but we would be damaging ourselves considerably”.

Security Council Members in this transcript discussing these issues note that this present crisis began when Russia declared a Holy War to protect the Christian peoples in Syria from the Islamic barbarians funded by the socialist Obama-Biden Regime—a Russian defense of the Christian peoples in Syria the Obama-Biden Regime retaliated against by masterminding what the world’s largest private intelligence service Stratfor (aka “The Shadow CIA”) designated “The most blatant coup in history” when they overthrew the democratically elected government of Ukraine—a “blatant coup” spearheaded by top Obama-Biden Regime official Victoria Nuland, who in single-handedly choosing the new Ukrainian leader was infamously recorded saying about European objections: “Fuck the EU”—saw the new leader of Ukraine being President Petro Poroshenko—and as to be expected in all banana republics created by these socialist American idiots, today it sees former President Poroshenko returning to Ukraine where he faces prosecution for high treason by his political enemies.

With the Obama-Biden Regime having created an actual Neo-Nazi regime in Ukraine to threaten Russia, that lost 27-million citizens fighting against Nazi Germans in World War II, this report notes, it came as no surprise when the United States and Ukraine became the only two countries in the world to vote against the United Nations’ resolution condemning Nazism—exactly like the Nazi Germans did to purify their nation, yesterday it saw Ukraine enacting a punishing new law that declares: “From 16 January, all print media in Ukraine are to switch to the Ukrainian language, in accordance with amendments to the law on language that comes into force on Sunday”—a punishing language purification law directed against the Armenian, Hungarian, Jewish, Polish and Russian peoples in Ukraine, whom Nazis have always branded as subhuman vermin needing to be eradicated—and when the Russian delegation to the Vienna military security talks attempted to warn the world about this genocidal atrocity last week, leftist American social media giant Facebook immediately banned their account.

Exactly like was evidenced in yesterday’s transcript, the greater portion of this one is classified at the highest level “Of Special Importance”—but in whose very limited portions permitted to be openly discussed among various ministries, it sees the Ministry of Defense (MoD) continuing to brief Security Council Members about an operation code named “Poseidon Adventure” that took place in the vast region known as the Pacific Proving Grounds, whose sea floor region is saturated with radiation from 105 nuclear bomb tests carried out by the United States—and is critical to notice because today’s transcript alludes to the “Poseidon Adventure” being some kind of “little brother” to a 1958 undersea nuclear bomb test done by the Americans in this region—and whose massive blast is near identical to what just occurred in the Pacific Proving Grounds on 15 January.

In yesterday’s report we noted that any nuclear weapon detonated in the Pacific Proving Grounds would throw into the atmosphere radiation signatures from the previous atomic tests conducted there still existing on the seafloor—and is critical to notice because in today’s transcript it notes that American radiation networks – updated in real time every minute – stopped updating on 16 January—and when checking the United States government RadNet system for real time atmospheric radiation levels, today it sees their hundreds of stations displaying the message: “RadNet Outage: EPA’s RadNet system is down for routine maintenance”.

For reasons not explained, but which can certainly be inferred, this transcript sees Security Council Members crediting the “Poseidon Adventure” operation for the beyond shocking announcement made within hours of the massive blast occurring in the Pacific Proving Grounds that bitter enemies Iran and Saudi Arabia are reestablishing full diplomatic ties—and sees them further crediting the “Poseidon Adventure” operation for the stunning just released news report: “The USS Nevada, an Ohio-class nuclear-powered submarine carrying 20 Trident ballistic missiles and dozens of nuclear warheads, pulled into the Navy base in the US Pacific Island territory on Saturday…It’s the first visit of a ballistic missile submarine — sometimes called a “boomer” — to Guam since 2016 and only the second announced visit since the 1980s”.

For one of America’s most powerful and secretive Ohio-class submarines to suddenly break off from its patrol and openly reveal itself in the Pacific Proving Grounds region immediately after this massive undersea blast, believed caused by what is known as “Putin’s Doomsday Machine”—that’s officially designated as the Poseidon torpedo able to cause tsunamis—is a chilling testament to this massive undersea blast being “the equivalent of 1,000 Hiroshima bombs”—and about which it’s further reported: “The incredible power of the blast on 15 January 2022, reverberated around the world…Satellites in space captured the action even before the blast started, showing the island sinking and then later the mushroom cloud and pressure waves expanding outward…People as far away as Australia and across the ocean in Alaska and Canada heard the sonic boom…Barometers around the world recorded the pressure wave from the South Pacific explosion”.

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