A baby Mermaid was delivered alive by the doctor and the doctors confirmed that its a real mermaid and here now we can see the story of mermaid becomes original in reality and still the doctors are not out of this big strange surprise and this was happened in Amisola Maternity Hospital in downtown Manila.

Dr. Joseph Akino, who delivered the baby spoke at a hastily organized press conference and told reporters that a baby mermaid was born at 08:37  at Manila time and the mother was a healthy human(which was another surprise to know).and the doctor also said that the woman didn’t have any signs of being a mermaid in any way shape or form(BABY MERMAID FOUND AND HOSPITAL CONFIRMS THE BIRTH-BELIEVE IT OR NOT).

This baby mermaids mother seems to be single and who is still under close observation of doctors and she has not spoken to the press yet but her friends and family have informed doctors that she has claimed to have a male mermaid as a lover.

After coming to know about this on that time all thought that her family and friends are making funny fantasy stories but later some clues of male mermaid is caught but the generals are not ready to reveal it.

The Police and Marine Scientists are now scouring the beaches near El Nido, on the Island of Palawan where the baby mermaids mother lives and so far there have been no signs of a male mermaid in the area.

But on the same time the living fact of mermaids baby is still survive and lets wait now to get more information’s about this baby mermaid








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  1. sarah Huffman

    I think they are real because even if u am a kid still I love looking at mermaidsn and for the people how think the are just MITHES they are wrong and that baby mermaids I have seen before on TV so it can not be a joke andif out thy nknit is you have some tying coming and I LOVE MERMAIDS so don't say they arent real!

  2. Lara

    I mean there is a actual thing called mermaid where some ppl arent born correctly and their legs and lower organs are fused and they have one big leg or whatever but its rare. 


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