Biden Cowers In Terror After Trump Horrifies Democrats With Vision Of Coming Doom

A fascinating new Security Council (SC) report circulating in the Kremlin today sees this transcript showing Security Council Members discussing the most probable reason as to why Supreme Socialist Leader Joe Biden was locked away in his Delaware basement this weekend for the seventh time since he seized power—some possible explanations for which include Moscow Mayor Sergei Sobyanin suggesting that Biden is secretly receiving injections of teenage blood like the super-rich elites in America have been doing for years to achieve immortality—but whose majority consensus view agrees that Biden was locked away to forestall his being confronted and asked questions about the stunning events that just occurred in the Texas 6th Congressional District of the United States House of Representatives.  

This consensus view is based on the recent history showing that Democrats went into the 2020 election expecting to pick up more than a dozen seats in the US House, but instead they lost just about every toss-up race and began the 117th Congress with the smallest House majority either party has held in two decades—and on 14 April, saw the socialist Democrats’ margin in the US House shrinking to 2 votes with the swearing-in of Republican Julia Letlow, who won a special election to replace the seat held by her husband who suddenly died of COVID right after he was sworn in—a swearing in that Democrats’ margin in the US House shrinking to 2 votes with the swearing-in of Republican Julia Letlow, and since tie votes fail in the US House, that means Democrats cannot lose more than two votes from their party to pass legislation if the Republican Party fully opposes them

Also succumbing to COVID shortly after being sworn in was Republican Party leader US Congressman Ron Wright, who, while battling cancer since 2019, announced on 21 January he was infected with COVID, went into hospital and died on 7 February—and whose death ignited a titanic struggle between Republicans and socialist Democrats over which of them was going to take control of the Texas 6th Congressional District

A titanic struggle that pitted Congressman Wright’s widow Susan Wright against a field of 23 other candidates from the Republican, socialist Democrat and Independent parties vying to win this seat in the 1 May special election—then two days before this special election, on 29 April, it saw President Donald Trump and his powerful forces entering the fray to endorse Susan Wright and within 6-hours of President Trump making this endorsement on Thursday evening, during the early morning hours of 30 April, and just a day prior to the 1 May special election, demonic socialist Democrat forces struck back with robocalls claiming that Susan Wright had murdered her husband.

On 1 May, however, Susan Wright emerged as the top vote getter in this special election, while coming in second was Republican Party candidate Jake Ellzey—the significance of which was explained by the leftist New York Times in their article “For Democrats, Another Bad Election Night in Texas”, wherein it noted: “Democrats hoping for some encouraging signs in Texas did not find any on Saturday in a special election to fill a vacant congressional seat…Instead, they found themselves locked out of a runoff that will now see two Republicans battle for the seat in northern Texas…Democrats who needed a strong turnout to be competitive did not get one…They were hoping for signs of weakness in the Republican brand because of the state’s disastrous response to the brutal winter storm in February or any signs of weariness with Mr. Trump, but they did not see that, either”.

Equally horrifying to watch for Biden and his socialist Democrats were the death blows rained down by these special election voters on Republican Party candidate Michael Wood, a small-business man and US Marine veteran who gained national attention as the only openly anti-Trump Republican in the field—was endorsed by other anti-Trump Republicans like US Congressman Adam Kinzinger—but only got 3% of the vote.

Along with this vision of doom President Trump has now shown Biden and his socialist Democrats of the grim future that awaits them—this past week it saw Fox News host Tucker Carlson highlighting the 1 May special election in Southlake-Texas to elect new school board members and city officials, about which he stated: “They’ll come in, they’ll wreck your school, they’ll hurt your children, they’ll take your money, they’ll bully you, and no one does anything…And I’m just so grateful to hear of parents who are doing something”—a statement referencing how the voters in Southlake were fighting back against the socialist Democrats indoctrination of school children—and whose special election massacre of socialist Democrats was so complete, it saw it being reported: “In the end, the contest was not close…Candidates backed by the conservative Southlake Families PAC won every race by about 70% to 30%, including those for two school board positions, two City Council seats and mayor”.

Adding to these crushing election defeats for Biden and his socialist Democrats, the 1 May special election in Lubbock-Texas saw its citizens rebelling against its own City Council that voted unanimously last November not to enact an ordinance to protect unborn babies from being murdered in their mother’s wombs—and in whose special election saw these citizens voting to overide their City Council to make their city a “sanctuary city for the unborn” and outlaw all abortions.

While watching all of this horror befall them, though, one can only imagine the terror struck into Biden and his socialist Democrats by what happened in the 1 May special election that took place in Austin-Texas—an iron grip controlled socialist Democrat Party city—but during this special election saw its citizens rising up to declare “We’re Not Going To Put Up With Insane Policies That Make Life Worse”—a declaration made by these citizens against socialist Democrat Party leaders Mayor Steve Adler and Councilman Greg Casar, and as reported: “After the Election Day votes were counted, Adler and Casar took an old-fashioned shellacking…Voters approved Prop B, ending homeless camping, 58% to 42%…Voters rejected Prop F, the strong mayor proposal, 87% to 13%…Prop G, which would have added another council district, fell 57% to 43%…Voters also rejected Prop H, the “democracy dollars” proposal, 57% to 43%”—but whose truest warning message to socialist Democrats is when knowing: “Only 20% of early voters were Republican Primary voters. 55% were Democrat Primary voters…The remaining had no primary history but based on modeling data, 75% of that group skewed Democrat…Assuming every Republican Primary voter and modeled Republican voter voted for the camping ban, they still only make up 40% of the ‘yes’ votes”.

While watching Biden and his socialist Democrats being hammered to death in these special elections by voters of all stripes and affiliations, it was no surprise when yesterday it saw leftist ABC News and the Washington Post rushing out a new poll comically claiming that that the majority of Americans are feeling optimistic about the direction of the country under Biden—but in looking at how this poll was conducted, sees that it oversampled Democrats by nine points and relied on them, and on left-leaning independents, to reach Biden’s supposed 52% approval rate—and when looking at the truthful Rasmussen daily presidential tracking poll, sees Biden’s approval rating at only 47% and 51% of Americans disapproving of him—and surprisingly sees this fact of Biden’s unpopularity being known to even the rabidly leftist Atlantic Magazine, who in their just published article “Can Democrats Avoid a Wipeout in 2022?” worryingly acknowledge:

Voters have almost always punished the president’s party in the next midterm election anyway.

The last two times Democrats had unified control—with Bill Clinton in 1993–94 and Barack Obama in 2009–10—they endured especially resounding repudiations in the midterms, which cost Clinton his majority in both chambers and Obama the loss of the House

Republicans believe the magnitude of Biden’s plans will inspire significant backlash from GOP voters in 2022.

Republicans can win back the lower chamber if they gain five seats next year.

Even most presidents with approval ratings that exceeded 50 percent lost more House seats than that.

Further compounding the risk: 2022 will be the first election after a redistricting process in which Republicans will control the drafting of many more districts than Democrats will, because of the GOP’s dominance in state legislatures and governor’s mansions.  That alone could cost Democrats several House seats.

Republicans see a conventional midterm dynamic developing. “I can already tell you GOP intensity and turnout will be through the roof in 2022,” McInturff, the veteran GOP pollster, tweeted this week.






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