Portable Incinerators Arriving At US Army Concentration Camps In Texas Shock Russia

A very concerning new Security Council (SC) report circulating in the Kremlin today first sees this transcript showing Security Council Members discussing a highly-classified “Of Special Importance” document prepared by the Ministry of Defense (MoD)—the limited portions of which are permitted to be openly commented on by various ministries notes a 16 January 2004 US military project proposal for the construction of portable incinerators—a project completed in 2009 when the US Army began deploying PyTEC system portable incinerators made by the American defense firm Qinetiq into its Afghanistan and Iraq war zones—a US Army portable incineration system that fits into two shipping containers for easy deployment—and when US Army Commander-General Scott Miller of foreign forces in Afghanistan announced this past week he has begun withdrawing troops and equipment from this war zone, two of these US Army portable incineration systems were flown out of Afghanistan and redeployed to Joint Base San Antonio-Texas and Fort Bliss-Texas—and when arriving at these US military bases. saw these portable incinerators being placed next to the concentration camps Supreme Socialist Leader Joe Biden ordered constructed in them to hold migrant children—but with Aerospace Forces (AF) maintaining constant satellite surveillance of these concentration camps, no migrant children have yet to be observed in them—a finding that conforms with US news reports saying these migrant children have been fast-tracked and released

As to why socialist leader Biden has activated these portable incinerators able to quickly consume human bodies next to the concentration camps he ordered built is not fully known—and whose reason for can be as mundane as them being needed to rid these US military bases of excess amounts of trash and/or them being needed for the electrical power they produce while burning waste—though in the present dangerous environment the United States now finds itself in, other explanations need exploring.

Explanations such as why socialist leader Biden ordered his police state forces to raid top President Donald Trump attorneys Rudy Giuliani and Victoria Toensing in the hours before he made an address to a near empty US Congress—that in reality was a thuggish display of police state power like that seen in former Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union—both of which were notorious for the concentration camps they built to exterminate their political opponents.

Also, and as grimly exampled in both Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union, it needs explaining why socialist leader Biden used this address as a springboard to outrageously vilify his political opponents and describe them in terms one would associate with the eradication of vermin—with his first outrageously lying to claim that the 6 January protests at the US Capitol were “The worst attack on our democracy since the Civil War”—then saw Biden going fully insane when he claimed that “white supremacist terrorism is the most lethal threat to America”.

In noticing the factual truth that the worst attacks on American democracy since the Civil War include such events like World War IWorld War II and the 11 September 2001 attacks, one rightly needs to question the sanity of Biden for including the events of 6 January into these other events that claimed millions of American lives, specifically because the only people who died at the US Capitol were all Trump supporters, four of whom died of natural causes, and the other having been executed while unarmed—and with Biden’s leftist terrorists having rampaged across America last year causing a record setting $2-billion in damage and killing dozens, no evidence whatsoever of “white supremacist terrorism” in America can be found at all.

After giving this grossly distorted vision of America having nothing to do with reality, Biden then outlined his “cradle-to-grave socialist master plan” to unleash on the American people crippling taxes, strangling regulations and completely unsecure elections—a socialist master plan to destroy America quickly joined by the leftist media portraying conservatives as “hideous racists”—and for what the future holds for these Americans sees them being warned that soaring food prices will lead to social unrest—and even at this very hour, it sees Biden’s powerful leftist propaganda machine is setting its sights for total destruction on “unruly white rural conservatives.

Concentration camps ordered built by Supreme Socialist Leader Joe Biden at two US Army bases in Texas (top photo) now have portable incinerators (second photo) able to quickly consume human bodies.


According to this report, in the analysis used to determine if a despotic socialist police state regime is capable of exterminating its political opponents, two main factors to be considered are how separated it is from reality and how fearful it is of being brought down—and as this applies to Biden and his socialist Democrats, saw them last week voting to ban “Muslim Bans” that never existed, then saw them “erupting in panic” and “rushing a team of 100 top Democrat lawyers” to Arizona in a bid to stop an audit of 2020 Presidential Election ballots—but whose bid to stop this audit ended in failure yesterday after an Arizona judge ordered it to continue—and followed by days a judge in Michigan vindicating President Trump by ruling that Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson, a Democrat, broke State law when she unilaterally changed election rules concerning absentee balloting in the 2020 election

Standing in the way of Biden and his socialist Democrats fully enacting their agenda to destroy America, this report notes, are the Free Republican States that have filed a barrage of lawsuits against Biden during his first 100-days in office—sees a Trump-tied legal group slamming Biden with a major lawsuit over farm subsidy discrimination—and yesterday astonishingly saw the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals ruling that “Ghost Gun” blueprints can be posted online without the approval of Biden’s government.  

Following the age old American maxim that the wheels of justice grind slowly, but they do grind, this report details, the United States Supreme Court is meeting this socialist onslaught with cases primed to reverse Kamala Harris’s attack on free speech and give protection to high school students battling back against their socialist teachers—though striking the most terror into Biden and his demonic socialist forces is the Supreme Court taking up its first 2nd Amendment case in over a decade to restore full gun rights to those Americans living in Democrat Party ruled over States.   


With newly release IRS data showing that Biden and his socialist Democrats are now the party of the rich, this report continues, it explains why woke US corporations are adopting the language of revolutionaries—but whose backlash against led by top Republican Party lawmaker US Senator Ted Cruz sees him saying in his just published open letter “Your Woke Money Is No Good Here”, “Corporations have taken advantage of Republicans for too long…I won’t take their PAC dollars anymore…This is the point in the drama when Republicans usually shrug their shoulders, call these companies “job creators,” and start to cut their taxes…Not this time”—woke corporations that then quickly scurried under the skirt of Republican Party turncoat US Congresswoman Liz Cheney to protect them—who while being lavished with woke corporate money said she might run for president in 2024—after which she was met by articles like “Republican Voters Would Rather Bathe in Battery Acid Than to Nominate Liz Cheney for President” and “Liz Cheney Poll Numbers So Bad She Is Looking For A Way Out Of Her Congressional Race”—and speaking on behalf of all normal and sane Americans, saw President Trump calling her a “delusional warmongering fool”.

In the Republican Party response to the insane lunatic ravings of socialist leader Biden, this report concludes, it saw US Senator Tim Scott stating: “Our best future won’t come from Washington schemes or socialist dreams…It will come from you – the American people”—a hopeful sentiment supported by the vast majority of Americans, as evidenced this week when it was written: “Oscars plunge to lowest ratings in HISTORY despite panoply of stunts and pandering as audiences flee suffocating wokeness…If viewers thought last year’s awards ceremony – with just 23.6 million watching – was bad, they had better have a fainting couch ready for Sunday’s news, which revealed just 9.8 million viewers”—a stunning flight from wokeness and Biden’s socialists now joined by the news aggregator Drudge Report, that turned against President Trump and saw its year-on-year visits fall by 41% from 71.4 million to 42.4 million—and to keep these Americans reminded of the truth that all is not lost, next month it will see President Trump resuming his MAGA rallies, and who also said this week that he’s giving the idea of running again “very serious consideration”. 






SOURCE : whatdoesitmean.com

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