Biden Gives FEMA License to Kill


In the Age of Obama, the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) reigned supreme. The disgraced president gave the infamous agency unilateral authority to conduct operations that far exceeded the scope of disaster management, with its then-director, Craig Fugate, and agents performing functions reminiscent of the SS in Nazi Germany.

Donald J. Trump stopped all that, and despite resistance from agency management that operated in contravention of his orders, he gutted FEMA’s budget and manpower, and shuttered four FEMA camps at which law-abiding American citizens were kept against their will and without trial. In January 2017, Trump pledged to curtail FEMA’s powers for the duration of his presidency, which ended prematurely thanks to the Deep State criminal cabal and its new frontman, feckless Joe Biden.

On Monday, 24 January, Joe Biden restored the power FEMA had under Barack Hussein Obama, essentially granting agents a license to kill, for any reason or no reason at all, based solely on nebulous instructions. This information came from a current Region Five supervisor under promise of anonymity.

He claimed that Deanne Criswell, Biden’s nominee for FEMA Director, the same vicious woman who convinced Gov. Cuomo to stash still-alive, elderly Covid-19 nursing home patients in mobile, refrigerated trailers, has been slotted to lead FEMA into the next part of the 21st Century. If confirmed, her first missions include reopening FEMA camps and targeting a list of known 2nd Amendment advocates, militia members, patriots, and others that espouse anti-government sentiment.

We quote our source verbatim: “Though she hasn’t been nominated yet, she’s on tour at all the facilities right now, and grading them. This woman is a cold-hearted bitch and happy to assist Biden in his evil plans. I don’t plan to stay on the job, I can’t be party to this.”

If Biden and Criswell have their way, America will be unrecognizable within a few years, as FEMA’s armed and dangerous police force will have confiscated nearly every registered (and possibly unregistered) weapon in the nation. Even bolt-action hunting rifles and shotguns are too dangerous for Biden’s vision of a New America. Handguns for self-defense, too, are on the chopping block.

“If no one has a gun then no one needs a gun for self-defense,” Biden allegedly told Criswell.

If progressive countries can exist harmoniously without firearms, then so too can the United States, Biden told her.

However, Biden just completed a purchase order that will put 15,000 shiny, new CAR-15 assault rifles in the hands of poorly trained FEMA operatives. His undeclared message is obvious—guns for me but not for thee.

“FEMA wants to be the only ones doing the shooting. Where’s the sport if someone can shoot back? They’ll start grabbing assault rifles first, then work their way down to .22 tube-fed rifles. They’ll have authority to take without asking,” our source said.

FEMA Agents have been granted permission to use any and all force needed, including lethal, to fulfill directives.

“It’s a license to kill,” our source said. “Criswell’s wording was specific. She didn’t say shoot only in self-defense. The directive is to get guns, and if a person resists, armed or not, we can take them out,” our source said.

Gun owners, he concluded ominously, are just the tip of the proverbial iceberg. ( source  )

Fema Warns of Civil Unrest on 395% Food Price Increase
A FEMA report predicts up to a 395% increase in food prices that will inevitably result in social upheaval which will create the necessary chaos for the globalists to further their anti-human agenda.

The US national security industry is planning for the impact of an unprecedented global food crisis lasting as long as a decade, according to reports by a government contractor.

The studies published by CNA Corporation in December 2015, unreported until now, describe a detailed simulation of a protracted global food crisis from 2020 to 2030.

The simulation, titled ‘Food Chain Reaction’, was a desktop gaming exercise involving the participation of 65 officials from the US, Europe, Africa, India, Brazil, and key multilateral and intergovernmental institutions.

The scenario for the ‘Food Chain Reaction’ simulation was created by experts brought in from the State Department, the World Bank, and agribusiness giant Cargill, along with independent specialists. CNA Corp’s Institute for Public Research, which ran the simulation, primarily provides scientific research services for the Department of Homeland Security and the Federal Emergency Management Agency.

Held from November 9-10 in 2015, the “game” attempted to simulate a plausible global food crisis triggered by “food price and supply swings amidst burgeoning population growth, rapid urbanization, severe weather events,

By 2024, the scenario saw global food prices spike by as much as 395 percent due to prolonged crop failures in key food basket regions, driven largely by climate change, oil price spikes, and confused responses from the international community.

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“Disruptions affected developed and developing countries alike, creating political and economic instability, and contributing to social unrest in certain areas,” the project’s technical report states.

The report notes that at the end of the simulation, the teams highlighted the important role of “extreme weather events” and “food insecurity” in exacerbating “instances of significant internal and external migration and social unrest.” These, in turn, greatly “contribute to conflict.”

Don’t wait until food becomes scarce; start preparing for the future now by becoming as self-reliant as possible. Your long-term chances of survival could very well depend on your ability to feed yourself and your family without relying on someone else.

National security
Although the scenario was not produced as a forecast, it was designed to provide a plausible framework to test the resilience of the national security system from the perspective of the US government, private industry, and civil society.

CNA Corporation is a government contractor established in 1942 to provide scientific research for the US Navy and Marine Corps. Its CEO, Dr. Katherine A. W. McGrady, is a scientific analyst to the US military’s Chief of Naval Operations and the Vice Chief of Naval Operations.

Four different organisations commissioned CNA Corp to conduct the exercise: the World Wildlife Fund (WWF), the Center for American Progress, giant food corporation Cargill, which controls a quarter of US grain exports, and Mars Inc., the global sweet manufacturer.

One outcome was a panel hosted on Tuesday by the Center for American Progress on ‘The National Security implications of Climate Change and Food Security’, featuring Nancy Stetson, the US State Department’s Special Representative for Global Food Security.

From crop failure to system failure
The game begins in 2020 with a reasonably healthy global economy and oil prices that have now rebounded to $75 a barrel. Food prices climb steadily due to “weather-related disruptions to agricultural production,” affecting South and Southeast Asia, Australia, and North America. Global crop production falls 1 percent short of expectations leading to decreases in stock and further modest price increases.

Part of that optimistic scenario involves fortuitously massive Band Aid-style worldwide donations to the UN’s World Food Programme
Things get really rough after 2023 due to serious droughts and heatwaves in China, India, Russia, and Ukraine, coinciding with oil prices that rapidly increase to above $100 a barrel.

By 2024, heat and drought hit the European Union, Russia, and Ukraine, while subsiding elsewhere, triggering a food price spike “reaching 395 percent of long-term averages,” and a global economic slowdown.

By 2027, these conditions begin to calm only because an economic slump has diminished demand, while high prices stimulate food production. A respite from weather-related disruptions allows food stocks to be re-built, and prices then come down gradually.

The game closes with an optimistic scenario of food prices dropping from 395 to 141 percent of long-term averages and a recovering global economy.

Part of that optimistic scenario involves fortuitously massive Band Aid-style worldwide donations to the UN’s World Food Programme, which thankfully “leave the world well prepared to handle the catastrophe in areas humanitarian groups can reach.”

Stranger things have certainly happened. This is not, though, the kind of thing one expects a crack team of handpicked food crisis planners to be hinging their hopes on.

On the other hand, some simulations that have explored business-as-usual scenarios for a global food crisis—such as a complex model created by Anglia Ruskin University’s Global Sustainability Institute with funding from the British Foreign Office—forecast that current trends could result in a wholesale collapse of industrial civilization.

The role of Cargill and Mars Inc. in sponsoring the exercise could explain why the project failed to address the deep-seated problems of the prevailing industrial food system. Let’s just hope that CNA Corporation’s main backer—the US government—doesn’t simply wait for a climate-driven food crisis to kick in. That would leave FEMA little choice but to invoke draconian emergency measures to maintain national order amidst hunger and anger.

To prepare for the worst, you need a plan. Why are most people so against doing basic preparations that could be the difference on how they survive — or whether they survive?

History shows time and again that those who prepare always fare better than those who did not.

Having a plan and being determined to act on that plan will always be the best way to handle any contingencies, should they occur.



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