Breaking News -The Order has been given: Shoot Down Russian Jet within 72 Hours

Breaking News – The Order has been given: Shoot Down Russian Jet within 72 Hours

The order has been given: US Forces inside Syria have been told to SHOOT DOWN A RUSSIANJET within 72 Hours and claim it was "threatening US Forces" in Syria.  According to two separate sources inside the Pentagon, it appears the west has grown impatient for war withRussia, so they began laying the groundwork for it over the past few days, claiming Syrian aircraft are bombing too close to US forces.  There are now strident public statements by the US that it will "defend its forces in Syria."  

These strident public statements are not a warning to Russia, the statements are laying the public paradigm for going to war with Russia.

According to Intelligence sources who spoke to SuperStation95 on condition of anonymity, the consensus thinking inside the Beltway is that Russia will not take any action whatsoever against the US or its proxy forces if a Russian jet is shot down, for fear of outright war.  Intelligence analysts disagree fiercely with that belief.

Inside Intelligence circles, it is understood that the United States is operating inside Syria without permission of the Syrian government and without any mandate from the United Nations.  The Intel folks believe a deliberate US shoot-down of a Russian jet will cause a reaction for which the US is not prepared: The Syrian government will give the US 48-72 Hours to remove all its forces from Syria or face attack.

In its arrogance, the US will not heed the warning and, after the exit-time expires, both Russian and Syrian jets will obliterate US forces and their proxy rebels in a thunderous blitzkrieg of air strikes.  

At that point, the US will face the decision of whether or not to go to war. 

The Russians are said to believe that Obama does not have the guts – or the brains –  for a fight, and the American People will oppose (another) war because they've had their fill.  It's a risky gamble for the Russians.  It's an even riskier gamble for the US.

In addition to the goings-on in Syria, there is the Ukrainian affair which has been ramping-up for weeks.  Russia has now pre-positioned 40,000 troops on the Crimea/Ukraine border and another 30,000 troops across the border from Latvia in the Baltics.  If war between the US and Russiakicks-off in Syria, it will not be limited to Syria.  Europe will face war as well.

Perhaps this is why the German government over the weekend, told its citizens to immediately begin stocking-up on food and water "in case of an incident which threatens our existence."  The government is telling Germans to have a minimum of TEN DAYS food and water for each person in their home.

No one could make any sense out of this warning when it came on Saturday.  With today's newinformation from US Intelligence Sources, Germany's warning to its people now makes a lot of sense.  The Germans fear being steamrolled by the Russian Army.

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The clock has started ticking.  We'll know within about 72 Hours if this farce we've been conducting inside Syria, turns into a real war.

This story will be updated if and when additional information becomes available.

EDITOR'S NOTE:  When we came into possession of this information, then confirmed it with a second source, we had two choices:

1) Publish it

2) Not Publish it

We chose to publish it because we want the public to know there are "interests" with influence in government, who are actively seeking war with Russia.  There's a lot of money to be made in a big war, and a lot of scores to settle around the world.  Most of all, there's a lot of DEBT to be done-away-with as a result of a catastrophic war. Since the USA is the most debt-ridden nation in the history of human existence, it is in our interest to have our debt done-away with.  

These realities have apparently coalesced into a disastrous plan to intentionally start a war withRussia.  We believe it is important for the American people to know – in advance – what is about to take place is not a random act . . . it is planned.  It is malevolent.  It is wrong and we are being the bad guys.

We also chose to publish this information because we resent our forces being used as canon fodder for someone else's agenda.  We don't have a military to start wars or to sacrifice on an altar of debt relief. Our troops ought not be betrayed to their deaths like this by people looking to cash-in on war, or be rid of debt.

In the end, it may come to pass that this plan is abandoned because word of it has now leaked to the public.  If that happens, then perhaps war will be averted.  It is our hope to avert a war.Source

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