China Tells Biden “Let He Who Tied The Bell Around Tiger’s Neck Take It Off”

Putin assessing what the resource starved socialist Western colonial powers are plotting against the Russian Federation and its world’s largest natural resource wealth valued at over $75 trillion, which makes it impossible to sanction: “After liquidating Russia they will probably admit us to the so-called family of civilized peoples, but only by parts, each part separately…What for?…For ordering those parts around and putting them under their control”, says he then revealed why this plot will never succeed: “Moscow is striving to create a multipolar world rather than one that is centered around the United States…In the end, such a stance – the fight for a multipolar world, for respect for each and everyone in the international arena, for taking into account everyone’s interests – I don’t have the slightest doubt, will prevail”—and in knowing that the demonic President Biden is fully intending to carry out its plot to destroy the world’s largest nuclear weapons power Russia in order to rape it of its massive natural resource wealth, President Donald Trump posted the warning message to the American peoples yesterday: “This is the most dangerous time in the history of our Country…World War III is looming, like never before, in the very dark and murky background…‘Leadership’ is solely responsible for this unprecedented danger to the USA, and likewise, the World…HOPELESS JOE BIDEN IS LEADING US INTO OBLIVION!!!”.

To defend against the godless socialist Western colonial powers, this report notes, Defense Minister Sergey Shoigu declared today: “Russia will have to push the threat off its borders to a distance depending on weapons the West will supply to Ukraine”—a declaration that followed Security Council Deputy Chairman Dmitry Medvedev warning: “That is why it is so important to achieve all the goals of the special military operation…To push back the borders that threaten our country as far as possible, even if they are the borders of Poland”, after which he revealed: “By the way, we’ve also studied enemy weapons, which were captured in the form of trophies and dismantled piece by piece in our military design bureaus…We’ve learned a lot of useful things for ourselves and turned the enemy’s experience to our own advantage”.

In a further warning to the American peoples, this report continues, President Trump factually observed: “Ukraine has asserted total dominance over the United States…We’ve given them probably $150 billion, and Europe has given them almost nothing”—as the socialist Biden Regime pours the economic lifeblood of the United States into Ukraine, it caused American global banking giant Morgan Stanley top strategist Mike Wilson to gravely warn: “US stocks have soared to unsustainable highs and could crash 26% within months…Many fatalities in high-altitude mountaineering have been caused by the death zone, either directly through loss of vital functions, or indirectly by wrong decisions made under stress or physical weakening that lead to accidents…This is a perfect analogy for where equity investors find themselves today”—and is a “death zone” warning for the American economy joined by Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky threatening: “Should it stop funding the war effort, if they do not change their opinion, they will lose NATO, they will lose the clout of the United States, they will lose the leadership position they are enjoying in the world”.

Late last week, this report details, Russian Permanent Representative Vassily Nebenzia to the United Nations revealed that Russian-European Union relations “no longer exist” and factually observed: “A year after completely severing ties with our country, the GDP growth of the EU has stuck near zero…At the same time, record inflation rates are measured by double-digit indicators…Rejoicing that it jumped off the ‘Russian gas needle,’ the EU got hooked on ‘hard drugs’ – expensive American liquefied natural gas”—by hooking itself on American “hard drugs” liquefied natural gas instead of close and abundant cheap Russian energy, Bloomberg News just reported: “Germany’s government will have to allocate more than $1 trillion by 2030 to deal with the risks and challenges that have arisen due to the energy crisis”—is an “energy crisis” about to become more critical after Russia shut off its oil pipeline to Poland and Germany this morning—and for what has become of the socialist European Union, the leftist New York Times, in their article “War In Ukraine Has Changed Europe For Good”, today reveals: “The war in Ukraine has transformed Europe more profoundly than any event since the Cold War’s end in 1989…A peace mentality, most acute in Germany, has given way to a dawning awareness that military power is needed in the pursuit of security and strategic objectives…In short, the war has laid bare the path before Europe: how to transform itself from peace powerto muscular geopolitical protagonist”.

As for the “peace mentality most acute in Germany”, this report notes, the warmongering leftist New York Times failed to report: “Up to 50,000 people gathered at Brandenburg Gate yesterday, as demonstrations also take place in other German cities, calling for peace talks to end the conflict in Ukraine and demanding Berlin cease supplying Kiev with weapons”—and at the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin, it saw German Parliament member Sahra Wagenknecht factually telling the tens-of-thousands of German peoples demanding peace: “The purpose of the Ukraine conflict is not to defend any values but to expand United States and NATO influence under the pretext of solidarity with Ukraine…George Orwell knew that if everybody believed in the lie disseminated, then this lie went down in history and became true…So, we clearly say that we do not believe your lies any longer…We know that weapons kill, and tanks exist to wage war…And we know that our freedom is not protected in Ukraine”.

While the European Union transforms itself into a “muscular geopolitical protagonist” to do the bidding of the President Biden , this report concludes, yesterday it saw China refusing to condemn Russia for invading Ukraine at the G20 summit of finance ministers—shortly after which it was reported: “Twitter CEO Elon Musk polarized his followers with a tweet declaring there was “no question” that the 2014 change of government in Ukraine was a “coup””—in point of fact, the private American intelligence company Stratfor (aka “The Shadow CIA”) called it “the most blatant coup in the history of mankind”—a coup masterminded for the socialist Obama-Biden Regime by Assistant Secretary of State Victoria Nuland in 2014, who overthrew the democratically elected government in Ukraine and replaced it with a neo-Nazi regime, which led to President Putin ordering the Special De-Nazification Operation to liberate Ukraine last year—shortly after which Supreme Socialist Leader Joe Biden called Chinese President Xi Jinping to demand he stop President Putin, but the President Biden didn’t publish the full transcript of this call—and as to why the President Biden didn’t publish the full transcript was revealed by leftist New York Times diplomatic correspondent Edward Wong, who posted the message: “Xinhua released a longer readout of the Biden-Xi call…It indicates no change in China’s stance…Xi didn’t suggest a role China could play in ending the war…And he used a favorite phrase of his to cast blame on the US: “Let he who tied the bell on the tiger’s neck take it off””.


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