Russia Declares NATO “Our Enemy” After China Puts Military On “High Alert”

Putin spokesman Dmitry Peskov declaring this morning: “The moment when NATO de facto became a participant in the conflict in Ukraine, the situation changed…In fact, the NATO bloc is no longer acting as our conditional opponent, but as our enemy…Their intelligence is working against us 24 hours a day, their weapons are supplied to Ukraine for free to shoot at our military, not to mention that they shoot at Ukrainian citizens”, says this acknowledgement of fact that Russia is in a de facto war with NATO came after China put its military forces on “high alert”—all which follows former White House physician US Congressman Ronny Jackson posting the warning message to the American peoples: “It’s TERRIFYING for our country that Biden is our commander-in-chief…He doesn’t know where he’s at half the time and every day he brings us closer to an all-out war with Russia and China…His cognitive decline is going to get people KILLED!!”.

Also earlier today, this report notes, the Ministry of Defense (MoD) gravely revealed: “We have obtained information that a train with a cargo of 16 metal boxes with special markings indicating chemical substances in one of its cars had arrived in the Ukrainian-controlled city of Kramatorsk in Donbass on 10 February in preparation for the United States staging false flag chemical attacks in Ukraine to pin the blame on Moscow”—a grave revelation quickly joined with the news: “An unmanned aerial vehicle has crash-landed near a Gazprom gas facility in the Kolomna region near Moscow…The unidentified drone came down near the village of Gubastovo and appears to have been targeting civilian infrastructure, but failed to cause any damage or casualties”—and are war provocations coming a day after Security Council Deputy Chairman Dmitry Medvedev directly warned the godless socialist Western colonial powers: “If the question of the existence of Russia itself is seriously raised, it will not be decided on the Ukrainian front, but together with the question of the further existence of all human civilization…And there should be no ambiguity here”.

In the latest example of President Biden demented lunacy, this report continues, the just published article “White House Believed ‘Economic Nuclear Weapon’ Would End Russian War in Ukraine” reveals: “In the immediate reaction to Russian forces invading Ukraine on February 24, 2022, the White House began to develop the “economic equivalent of a nuclear weapon” to use against Moscow…National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan led the team that designed the sanctions on Moscow’s economy and froze $300 billion in assets of the Russian central bank…The Joe Biden administration believed the economic war inflicted “shock and awe” on the Russian economy, and some American officials worried the actions would do too much damage to Russia…So far, the Western economic war on Russia has failed to have its designed impact on Moscow’s economy…Despite predictions of a double-digit GDP contraction in 2022, the Russian economy held firm, with the rouble one of the top-performing currencies against the dollar”.

In noticing the predictable results of the President Biden failed “economic nuclear weapon” deployed against Russia, this report details, it caused NATO and European Union member leader Hungarian Foreign Minister Peter Szijjarto to factually observe: “Western sanctions on Russia and military support for Kiev will achieve nothing in terms of ending the Ukraine conflict”—a factual observation joined by truthful articles like “Western Brands That Left Russia Easy To Find” and “Media Bewildered As Russian Economy Projected To Grow In 2023 Despite NATO Sanctions”—and in blind rage, the President Biden just sanctioned world-renowned Russian pediatrician Dr. Leonid Roshal, an expert for the World Health Organization, and chairman of International Charity Fund to Help Children in Disasters and Wars, which caused Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova to exclaim: “How would someone explain this?…Is it ignorance by the Westerners?…It’s possible…Is it malevolence and hatred?…It’s possible, too…But I think there’s one more reason…This sacrilege must ultimately demonstrate what’s light and what’s darkness”.

As to why the socialist Biden Regime spectacularly failed with its “economic nuclear weapon” deployed against Russia, this report notes, is because it lives in its own deranged fantasy world devoid of truthful facts and reason, as just confirmed by the leftist New York Times, that shockingly revealed: “Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, General Mark A. Milley, argued in internal meetings that Ukraine was unlikely to make substantially greater battlefield gains and should move to the bargaining table…The White House quickly squelched such talk”—a revelation joined by the article “Western Leaders Privately Admit Ukraine Can’t Win The War”, wherein it reveals: “Western leaders privately told Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky that Ukraine can not win the war against Russia and that it should begin peace talks with Moscow this year in exchange for closer ties with NATO…The private communications are at odds with public statements from Western leaders who routinely say they will continue to support Ukraine for as long as it takes until it achieves victory on the battlefield”—and in the just published article “West May Pressure Kiev To Engage In talks If Ukraine’s Offensive Fails”, sees it revealing: “Western countries may put pressure on Ukraine to engage in peace talks with Russia if Kiev’s offensive fails, Germany’s Bild newspaper wrote on Monday…The paper reported, citing German and US officials, that the West intends to use new weapons supplies to make it possible for Ukraine to return the territories controlled by Russia by the fall but the West’s pressure for talks would increase if Ukraine’s offensive failed…The newspaper also said that behind the scenes, the West was giving ultimatums to Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky despite its policy of unlimited support for Ukraine”.

While supposedly preparing for the offensive demanded by his socialist Western colonial puppet masters, this report continues, Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky revealed earlier today: “The situation in the city of Bakhmut, on the eastern frontline, is becoming more and more difficult…The enemy is constantly destroying everything that can be used to protect our positions”—while overwhelming Russian military forces continue to obliterate hundreds of ill-trained and ill-equipped Ukrainian soldiers daily, the action of martial law and general mobilization in Ukraine was extended from 19 February another 90 days, and local media is now reporting: “Security forces and the military continue raids on conscripts, including using ambulances to transport those mobilized to collection points, and issuing subpoenas to public utilities employees”—to provide more cannon fodder for the demonic socialist Western colonial powers Ukraine has banned all men from leaving the country, about which top President Zelensky aide Mikhail Podoliak sadistically proclaimed: “Let’s be blunt here…No need to speculate…What does the restriction of rights mean?…Do people in Ukraine not have obligations also?…Or are we just talking about rights?…The state has a duty to provide things, let people travel, let people live as they wish…Yes, in peacetime…But in wartime, that’s not a question to raise…Do you want to cross the border?…That means you want Ukraine to stop existing, because you crossed the border…Because when you say ‘Open the borders for men,’ that means opening the border so they can run away from the manly choice…And they want to run away”.

At the just concluded globalist World Economic Summit, this report notes, President Zelensky comically proclaimed to the socialist Western colonial powers: “Crimea is our land, our territory…Give us your weapons and Ukraine will retake what is ours”—and in response, Donetsk People’s Republic interim head Denis Pushilin factually assessed: “It’s more like a PR stunt, an effort to raise the morale of Ukraine’s armed formations…Maybe, the statement is meant for the radical portion of society…It’s unlikely to result in any real actions…Kiev wouldn’t have the potential to pull off anything like that”.

With the socialist Western colonial powers knowing the truth that Ukraine can never retake Crimea, this report details, the question as to why they’re providing weapons to accomplish an impossible task was revealed by retired US Army General Ben Hodges, who assessed: “Ukraine has to take Crimea first, this year, before the Donbas…As long as Russia is able to launch planes of rockets, drones out there, or the Black Sea Fleet is able to operate from here, the country will never be safe or secure, or be able to rebuild their economy”—an assessment joined by top President Biden official Assistant Secretary of State Victoria Nuland, who declared: “Ukraine is not going to be safe unless Crimea is, at a minimum, demilitarized…There are command-and-control sites in Crimea that are essential for Russia’s hold on all of the occupied Ukrainian territory, including the land bridge”—and today sees it being reported: “The Biden administration has begun to warm to the idea that Ukraine may need to threaten Russia’s foothold on the Crimea peninsula to strengthen its negotiating position, even at the risk of escalation”.

In response to the “risk of escalation” now being plotted by the President Biden , this report notes, top Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov warned: “Crimea is an integral part of Russia and its return to Ukraine is impossible”—a warning joined by Kremlin geopolitical analyst Dmitry Bavyrin, who, in his just released open letter “The Decisive Battle For Russia Is Scheduled For Spring”, further warns: “This is not clowning, it is much worse…This is a direct and immediate threat to the security and territorial integrity of Russia with the use of modern NATO weapons…That’s why the jokes are over…there is still a long and difficult path ahead, but right now we have come to a fork in the road that will open a new chapter in the Russian history textbook…The battle for a peaceful resolution of the conflict has already been lost…The battle for Russia is scheduled for spring”.

In knowing that if Western weapons strike Crimea it will see Russia responding with full military force against NATO, this report continues, the Wall Street Journal, in their article “Ukraine Is the West’s War Now”, observed: “A year into Europe’s bloodiest conflict since World War II, Ukraine’s own military industries have been shattered by Russian missile strikes, and its reserves of Soviet-vintage weapons are running out…By now, Kyiv can keep fighting only as long as Western assistance continues apace…Though public support for Ukraine has proven remarkably resilient in the U.S. and Europe, there is no guarantee that the mood won’t shift in the future”—an observation near im

mediately met with the revelation: “Just 21% of American voters consider that Kiev is heading for victory, while 46% see a stalemate with Russia, a new Rasmussen Reports poll has shown”—a revelation quickly followed by nearly 50,000 people gathering in Berlin to demand the West stop supplying Ukraine with weapons—then it saw German protesters blocking an American airbase while demanding the West stop supplying weapons to Ukraine—after which anti-NATO protests hit France and it was reported: “Thousands rally for peace in Italy…Demonstrators in the cities of Genoa and Milan are demanding an end to weapons supplies to Kiev”.

While Europe erupts in mass protests to stop socialist Western colonial warmongering in Ukraine, this report notes, the demonic socialist Biden Regime has accomplished the impossible by joining progressive Democrats, who released a public letter calling on Biden to “seek a rapid end to the conflict”, with the Libertarian Party, that just posted the message: “We support the recently introduced Ukraine Fatigue Bill…All aid to Ukraine must be withdrawn now…This entanglement risks nuclear war, and $100 billion in expenditures is already far more than we can bear”, and with the conservative Republican Party, whose US Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene posted the warning: “The problem is that the war mongers and our supreme leaders in the Biden administration are so clueless, they are so stupid, and they are so disconnected with what the American people want, that they are literally going to lead us into World War III”.

In a further message to the under socialist siege American people, this report concludes, Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene declared: “We need a national divorce…We need to separate by red states and blue states and shrink the federal government…From the sick and disgusting woke culture issues shoved down our throats to the Democrat’s traitorous America Last policies, we are done”—a declaration joined by Fox News revealing: “66 percent of Democrats surveyed favor arming Ukraine for as long as it takes, the position that President Biden espoused last week when he showed up in Kyiv…But 61 percent of Republicans say America should limit the time frame for such support”—a revelation that caused Republican Party leader US Senator Josh Hawley to post the warning: “My message to congressional Republicans: you can either be the party of Ukraine & the globalists or you can be the party of East Palestine & the working people of America”—yesterday it saw President Biden official Assistant Secretary of State Victoria Nuland acknowledging: “Both Republicans and Democrats are starting to question Washington’s support for Kiev”—and was an acknowledgment that followed the conservative National Review publication, in their article “America’s Interests Are Not Necessarily The Same As Ukraine’s”, foretelling of what’s to come:

Democrats do not support Ukraine’s fight because doing so is in our nation’s geopolitical interests.

They support it because, despite their decades of Soviet sympathies, followed by years of portraying Putin as a worthy strategic partner, Democrats pivoted in 2015 to the Trump–Russia “collusion” scam.

This ploy, manufactured by the Clinton campaign, dictates that Democrats pose as anti-Russia hard-asses.

Their ostensibly intense support for Ukraine flows from (a) their transmogrification of Ukraine into an avatar of anti-Trumpism, and (b) the happenstance that the White House has been inhabited since the war began by a Democrat (one who signaled that he’d be fine with a “minor incursion” by Russia into Ukraine).

This is not going to last.

If Iraq and Vietnam have taught us anything, it is that if a Republican wins the presidency in 2024, the new administration’s support for Ukraine — in a war then entering year three — would be pilloried by Democrats as an inept enterprise that enriches U.S. defense contractors at the expense of Americans whose social safety net is on the verge of collapse.


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