FEMA Admits They Are Up To Something Big-You Won’t Believe What They Are About To Do! Prophecy Experts Have Been Warning About This-Should We Be Listening? (Videos)


FEMA Admits They Are Up To Something Big-You Won’t Believe What

FEMA Admits They Are Up To Something Big-You Won’t Believe What They Are About To Do! Prophecy Experts Have Been Warning About This-Should We Be Listening? (Videos)

And I will punish the world for their evil, and the wicked for their iniquity; and I will cause the arrogancy of the proud to cease, and will lay low the haughtiness of the terrible. Isaiah 13:11

Earthquakes. Tsunamis. Strange weather. Isis/Isil. School bombings and shootings.  Ebola.  Gay Rights.  Unexplained noises.  Mass animal deaths. Dead bankers. Terrorist Attacks.  RFID Chip. Government censorship and monitoring. Christian persecution, even in the USA. The list could go on and on!  At this point, shouldn’t we be listening?

God doesn’t normally speak to us in an audible voice. Instead, He can speak to us in our thoughts through the Holy Spirit, visions, dreams, other people, and more. However, one way that we can see all throughout the Bible in which God speaks is through signs, such as earthquakes.  In fact, in the Bible, earthquakes were a huge sign of God’s judgment and righteous anger.

Those of us who know the Bible and understand what it says in relation to the end times are well aware that this world is in hot water.  More recently, in the past century, the United States of America has slowly but surely wandered down a path of spiritual fornication and blasphemy like never before.  

For me, the question is definitly not “IF”…but “WHEN?”  Those of us who follow Bible prophecy and research are positive it will happen soon. How soon? I don’t know. Many are saying great things will happen this year, 2015.  I tend to agree, however, am hesitant to put a date on things.  Going by the news and what is happening on a prophetic, biblical level, I would have to say that some tragic things will unfold this year.  

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One thing I am certain of—we all must repent and get right with God. No matter when the ‘end of this age’ arrives, whether today, tomorrow, or a year from now—we’re all just one heartbeat away from our last.  It is time to get serious. 

FEMA is being pretty open and in your face about their intentions, and too many people are having dreams (or nightmares, rather) and visions about the New Madrid, and most of them are pretty much the same.  Furthermore, according to experts, the New Madrid is way overdue for some action.

FEMA & the New Madrid Fault


Is This Our Final Warning? A GREAT & MIGHTY SHAKING IS COMING! URGENT Shemitah & Blood Moon Update!


Is the USA Prepping For Mass Death and Hysteria? This Shocking Find Might Be A Clue!





Vision 11 – The New Madrid Fault Line in Prophecy! (2 of 7)

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The next video is about all the ZONES…not just the New Madrid. This one is VERY informative and a must see!

Alarming New Information-USA About To Shake and Bake-Experts Warning To Prepare!


Had we warned you of this (September 11) in advance, would you have believed the watchmen? I think we know the answer to that—no! Everyone would have said we were crazy or liars!  But it DID happen and worse than this is coming, soon!

                           Quick New Madrid Seismic Zone Update


New Madrid – The Earthquakes of 1811 – 1812 – Natural Disaster Documentary Film



Source : beforeitsnews.com

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  1. John patton

    People need to start understanding that department of homeland security is identical to the Nazi SS.  This is how Hitler took over as well.  He created a private army, then in one night murdered all his competition and enemies.  DHS bought 1.3 billion rounds of ammo last year.  This is more than the military and police combined.  You ask why would they buy so much?  All you have to do is look at history.  They are following the Nazi plan almost perfectly right now.  However I do not believe Americans will be so naive as to join up without questions like the German people did.  It will be much bloodier here in the U.S.  The upcoming holocaust will probably jump from 5 mil to 35 mil.


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