HAARP Destroying the Planet, Global Assassination Agenda (Haarp Being Used To Create Floods to Destroy World”s Food Supply)



How will they depopulate the World? By using the weapon of mass destruction called HAARP.
HAARP has been given the task of Eugenics. HAARP has been actively doing it part since Barack Hussein Obama became president of the United Sates. Obama is the first US president to order HAARP into action against foreign states and even the United States.
HAARP has been ordered by Obama to create earthquakes, tsunamis, floods and heat waves in foreign states and in the US. The goal is to covertly kill as many people as possible. Flooding will kill the most people. Not immediately but through starvation.
The target of the HAARP created floods is to destroy the World’s food supply. HAARP floods in the spring will prevent farmers from seeding their crops. HAARP floods in late summer will destroy the crops that did get planted and survived.

What crops are the US HAARP targeting?
The United States is the third largest producer of wheat in the world.
Manitoba is the “Wheat Capital” of Canada and the sixth largest producer of wheat in the world.
Corn is the largest U.S. crop, in terms of both volume and value.
The United States grew 39 percent of the world’s corn making it the largest producer followed by China which produced 21% of the World’s corn supply.
China is the world’s largest producer of rice, and the crop makes up a little less than half of the country’s total grain output.
China accounts for 26% of all world rice production.
China also produces 108,712 TMT of wheat annually.
This makes China the world’s largest wheat producer, producing 42,856 TMT more than India, the world’s second largest wheat producer.
Do you see what is happening?
Flooding is only occurring in the regions that produces the largest portion of the World’s supply or corn, rice and wheat.
Three crops,
…provide nearly 60 percent of total plant foods that humans consume.
Rice is the world’s number one staple food and feeds half the world’s population. Wheat is the largest source of carbohydrates for human consumption. Wheat is the world’s second most popular staple food. Corn is the world’s third most popular staple food.
Wiping out just these three crops can cause as much as half the World’s population to starve to death.

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Today food is being used as a weapon.
The lack of it is being used as a means of depopulation and conquering destitute countries (under the pretext of 'humanitarian' aid).

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  < “HAARP” is the abbreviation for “High-frequency Active Auroral Research Project”. The name of this American project camouflages the fact that it has the potential for being a greater catastrophe for mankind than the creation of the atomic bomb. The truth of the matter is that the HAARP installation can be used to wage a science-fiction-type battle. We are dealing here with a reckless experiment. Under the guise of the harmless-sounding name of “HAARP”, the American government is planning to bombard the sky with energy-rays from a vast installation of antennas. These energy-rays will then be reflected back to Earth from the ionosphere as electric waves of an extremely low frequency (ELF). This process is capable of transforming these ELF waves into a very insidious weapon for:

1. These ELF vibrations are able to penetrate the brains of people and animals if the vibrations are aimed in their direction. This will not only immobilize the victims preventing them from performing any movement or act of defense, but will also render them insane as well. A useful tool for the military, these waves can also penetrate walls of brick and steel. 2. ELF frequencies improve radio contact and reception, even those within thick bunkers and atomic submarines.

3. ELF vibrations can penetrate the Earth’s surface and detect hidden bunkers.

4. ELF waves can be used to track down and pinpoint missiles, airplanes and other flying craft even on the other side of the globe.

5. ELF frequencies can entirely block electronic devices and radio waves of the enemy. These capabilities present, however, merely one facet of HAARP’s technology. Possible side effects that are just as frightening must also be considered. The fact is that, to date, no one completely understands how the ionosphere will react when it is impacted by these energy-rays. We must bear in mind that the ionosphere is very fragile.

Together with the ozone layer, it protects the planet Earth and all life forms from the deadly rays of outer space. It is definitely possible that the additional energy-beams emitted by the HAARP program will not only disturb but actually destroy this sensitive system and the protective ozone layer. Of course, the various military groups and their scientists refuse to acknowledge this danger as they cheerfully assume that nothing is going to happen.

Consequently, they are proceeding with the project despite the warnings and, by the year 2003 there will be 180 antennas that will initiate this madness. Testing is in progress at present with approximately 60 completed antennas in operation. At the foothills of Alaska’s mountain range, a forest of antennas is being built as a test site for radio warfare.

Here is how it is supposed to work: Above the ozone layer lies the fragile ionosphere, a gaseous stratum enriched with electric particles called ions. Scientists intend to heat up this ionosphere by using HAARP’s powerful antennas so that bundled, high frequency radio waves can be shot into designated areas of the ionosphere. In turn, this will create artificially curved ion clouds which can function much like optical lenses.

These lenses will be used to reflect the low frequency ELF waves. These vibrations can be used to determine the fix of an airplane, for example, but they are also useful for other disturbing and deadly objectives: They can be aimed at other regions on the Earth’s surface, depending on the angle at which the radio frequencies are reflected back from the ion lenses. A long time ago, Mars lost its atmosphere. The same fate could soon threaten the Earth…the result of irresponsible and deranged Americans who must also take the blame for the most destructive insanity of World War II – the Atomic Bomb.

The U.S. Government is trying to pacify everyone by claiming that HAARP represents a purely scientific experiment but the truth is that HAARP camouflages an enormous ray-weapon project. The antennas constitute a gigantic, new potential advantage for the military elite while at the same time they present an immense potential danger for the entire planet and all of its life forms.

The obligatory environmental study for the HAARP project warns of the possibility of changes to the ionosphere that could influence the ozone layer, among other things. Interestingly enough, this study was not done by the American Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), but rather by the U.S. Air Force and the U.S. Navy. It should not come as a surprise, then, that in reality, the American military intends bombarding the ozone layer and the ionosphere with this ray weapon.

After all, the Americans have always wanted to be the greatest and most powerful nation on Earth. However, it is self-evident that blame cannot be placed on those American people who are against this program and who have sincere, positive human intentions. They are likewise not responsible for certain sickening elements who have the say, as well as the fact that other people are bound to jump on that group’s bandwagon. In spite of all this, the question remains why such a risk is being knowingly undertaken with this kind of uncontrollable chain reaction within the confines of both the ozone layer and the ionosphere?

The answer is twofold:

1. Job Creation for the military, as well as participating large and small businesses

2. HAARP is a money-generating entity which has inherent power from the implementation of its weaponry HAARP technology can unleash a force, which cannot even be remotely matched by any potential adversary. Until now, all nuclear attack scenarios included several nuclear explosive devices with high electromagnetic pulses (EMP), which were detonated at high altitudes.

Using HAARP as a weapon, the same result can be achieved even without atomic energy. However, HAARP is capable of doing much more, for it can penetrate deep below the Earth’s surface where, for example, oil deposits or the previously mentioned secret bunkers can be located. The fact that certain types of radiation are not only dangerous but actually deadly for human beings, plants and animals is simply accepted without scruples.

Although HAARP can be utilized as a super-radar device and, simultaneously, as a destructive device against flying craft, there exists no justification for jeopardizing the lives of all humanity, animals and plants, indeed the very existence of the planet. This fact seems irrelevant to the military elite, large corporation executives and the people with power within the U.S. government. On the contrary, these groups actually seem pleased they are neither violating agreements to discontinue nuclear testing (which hardly anyone follows anyway), nor the anti-ballistic defense systems or disarmament.

They are furthermore pleased their criminal endeavors have escaped worldwide notice until now because their activities have been kept nearly a total secret and because the general public is simply not paying attention to this situation. Ray-.. and microwave wars are almost a reality yet man cannot afford to lose the ozone layer or any other stratum enveloping the world, let alone his own life and that of the plants and animals. Humanity cannot afford to jab away at the atmosphere with gigantic giga-watt devices that gouge the Earth’s surrounding atmospheres, let alone to disturb, even destroy their harmony.

At the very least, the wounds inflicted to these atmospheres through this insanity will never heal and will put all Earthly life into jeopardy, perhaps forever. Presently, the HAARP installation is only being used for modest testing yet climatic disturbances are already occurring worldwide which can no longer be disregarded. These facts do not seem to greatly trouble those people, or their followers, who are in charge of the HAARP program. They even deny that natural disasters now occurring on a global scale have anything to do with their dangerous experiments.

The Pleiadians/Plejarans insist, however, that there is indeed a direct link between the environmental pollution and destruction, and the global warming. Even though the HAARP tests are still at a low level, the program is already triggering floods, volcanic eruptions, earthquakes and stormy weather conditions.

Airplane pilots have been instructed to give the installation a wide berth, thus the operation may already be in full swing, or will be sometime in 1998. Just one giga-watt of power from the unit is sufficient to burn a hole into the ionosphere. But at full output, the ray-weapon will be increased to 100 giga-watts…100 billion watts. It is a fact that this new ray-weapon will influence and damage the consciousness of human beings and animals and, of course, the entire gene pool of terrestrial animals, plants and humans. Likewise, the entire highly sensitive energy-field of Earth could be manipulated to the point where the poles are displaced. The bombardment of the ionosphere presents many dangerous, destructive and deadly possibilities but those in charge do not give this matter even a second thought. As a result, they are forging ahead at full speed with this secret armament project to blast holes through the ozone and heat up the ionosphere.

In 1945, American scientists, under the mandate of the U.S. government and military, detonated the first atomic bomb in recent history. Later on, they admitted they had failed to take into account beforehand what could really happen during the explosion; whether, perhaps, a nuclear chain reaction could have resulted which would incinerate the entire atmosphere of Earth, even the entire planet. Their posture now is the same as it was with the atom bomb tests, and the chance of a disaster with HAARP remains 50:50. The experiment today is being conducted with the same odds as the detonation of The Bomb in 1945. Even though our worst fears did not materialize then because “everything went well”, other dreadful scenarios resulted from these early experiments. New bombs were built and dropped upon residential areas killing hundreds of thousands of people. Untold numbers of people were mutilated by burns and many descendants of the radioactively-contaminated victims grew up resembling monsters rather than humans. Furthermore, huge territories were radioactively infected worldwide and have since become uninhabitable for many thousands of years.

The contamination resulted from the testing of atomic bombs as well as their commercial use. As if this were not bad enough, atomic materials being used for peaceful purposes have claimed untold numbers of victims throughout the entire world by contamination through radiation, either accidentally, carelessly or with criminal intent. In these matters, America tops the list of offenders because the power-hungry people of that nation have sanctioned secret research criminally using radioactive treatment, medication etc., on thousands of innocent people in numerous villages and towns. Unfortunately, they are not the only country doing this. While these facts have become at least partially common knowledge by now, they have yet to be fully uncovered. This type of research demonstrates such a lack of human compassion that we question whether they were, or still are, simply frightful, bloodthirsty and irresponsible monsters? The atom bomb, which has been and continues to be used for commercial purposes as a “peaceful source of atomic energy”, has induced unending pain, misery and irreparable worldwide harm. The destruction continues. In spite of this, U.S. scientists are presently conducting and secretly planning a new atrocity against humanity, a highly controversial series of tests, which will launch a new, futuristic, destructive and deadly weapon system. This system may be as destructive and deadly as the atom bomb to the entire planet and all its life forms including mankind. The immediate result as well as the long-term results of this madness has the same uncertainty as that of 1945 when the first atomic bomb was exploded. Indeed, some shocked scientists want nothing to do with the entire matter.

They have the opinion that life on Earth in its present form and the existence of the planet are being jeopardized once again by the actions of power-hungry people, particularly by the U.S. government and military. The HAARP program is considered one of the greatest threats to the ozone layer by those scientists who still possess a sense of responsibility. Moreover, the HAARP program can affect many aspects on Earth including its outer spheres and all life forms. The possibilities range from skin cancer to alterations in the climatic zones, from violent storms and droughts to floods, earthquakes and volcanic eruptions. It is obvious that all of this is a daily part of living even now, brought about by the insanity of overpopulation and its consequences like, for example, the destruction and pollution of our environment, resulting global warming and the shifting of weight in the Earth’s upper layer. However, ongoing HAARP experiments have been to blame for some time now for climatic changes which, in turn, have triggered worldwide earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, floods and environmental catastrophes.

Those in charge of the HAARP program deny, of course, that such testing is generating this turmoil. But the Pleiadians/Plejarans categorically state that this is the case. They further contend that HAARP will cause so much destruction, pain, suffering and devastation in the future that neither nature nor any living thing will ever be able to return to a normal state of equilibrium. The long-term effects will negatively influence everything on Earth, and recovery will all but be impossible. For quite some time now, a worldwide hunt for ozone destroyers such as chlorofluorocarbons has been in progress, and rightly so. Yet American industry and government have obstructed many environmental issues and seem to be indifferent to the advancement and protection of life in general.

This is proven by America’s adherence to capital punishment which is glorified by many of its citizens and mercilessly used. The same arbitrary disregard for human welfare by its power-elite and their followers is exemplified by their acquisition of the new HAARP weaponry.

Without consulting any other human inhabitants of this planet, their military is blasting dangerous holes into the fragile ionosphere and is thereby endangering all terrestrial life. These powerful people are taking it upon themselves to make these crucial decisions without concern for anything else other than their damned power-madness and megalomania. The ionosphere will indeed be damaged and partly dissolved by the HAARP program, thereby allowing dangerous, unimpeded cosmic radiation to enter the Earth’s atmosphere. This alone proves HAARP to be an irresponsible project. Such insanity can be seen in the annals of human history but it is routinely hidden from the people. In 1958, for instance, three atom bombs were detonated in the atmosphere to influence the weather. Within two years following this stupid action, an entire series of climatic catastrophes resulted.

Three hundred and fifty thousand copper needles, each approximately 1-2 cm in length, were fired into the ionosphere in 1961. The result was that the Earth avenged herself by an earthquake in Alaska that measured 8.5 on the Richter scale, while in Chile a large portion of the coastline slid into the ocean. In 1963, the Americans and the USSR detonated three hundred megaton atomic bombs in the stratosphere and ripped gigantic holes into the ozone layer.

These are only a few of the many criminal atrocities carried out against mankind by the American and former USSR government officials. In truth, several dozen such crimes can be attributed to the Americans, Russians, French, Israelis, Chinese and others who pursue these same malicious goals. What HAARP can perpetrate is far worse than anything ever seen before. The threat originates from its location, 320 km (200 miles) northeast of Anchorage. In this northern Alaska solitude, a forest of antennas, which will consist of 360 towers, 24 meters height (72 ft), is being built from which the military will shoot bundled high-frequency rays into the ionosphere. In experimental form, this has been ongoing for some time now with the result that more climatic and storm-related catastrophes, earthquakes and volcanic eruptions have increasingly been happening.

The object of the experiments is to heat and partially displace the protective layer surrounding our planet. In the process, giant “lenses” are burnt into the ionosphere with the intent of bouncing bundled ELF waves back to Earth. Bernard Estlund, an irresponsible student of Nikola Tesla (1856-1943), prepared the scientific groundwork for HAARP. He patented his work in 1985 under the menacing title, “Method and Mechanism for Changing an Area of the Atmosphere, Ionosphere and/or the Magnetic Sphere of the Earth”.

This project turned out to be global vandalism because immense amounts of energy with giga-watts of power are shot into the outer spheres of the Earth. The current impact and future effects on this planet and all life forms, human, animal and plant, cannot be estimated in any way whatsoever. A few years after his invention, Eastlund lost control of his patent when he developed financial problems. He stated that the antenna installation in Alaska is in reality a massive ray-gun, capable of destroying not only all communication networks but also missiles, airplanes, satellites and much more. He claims side effects, both wanted and unwanted, include climatic catastrophes throughout the world or at least in some regions, and unrestricted deadly radiation against which there is no protection. The choice of locations for this deadly turmoil will lie in the hands of the irresponsible military and government officials and others. There is also the side effect of the entrance of death-bringing radiations against which there is no defense.

SECRET TSUNAMI SPACE WEAPON!! Zhirinovsky Threatens To Destroy Planet the With it! He even says millions will die.  He makes reference to the the Japanese Tsunami…. MUST SEE VIDEO for anyone who thought HAARP was dreamed up by conspiracy theorists.




Snowden reveals HAARP’s Global Assassination Agenda

Snowden speaking from a Custom Faraday Cage in Sheremetyevo Airport's Hotel Novotel (Photo: The Internet Chronicle)
Snowden speaking from a Custom Faraday Cage in Sheremetyevo Airport’s Hotel Novotel (Photo: The Internet Chronicle)

MOSCOW, Russia – Edward Snowden, NSA whistleblower and fugitive, released documents Tuesday to Internet Chronicle reporters proving that the High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program, or HAARP, is definitively engaged in a program of assassination and mind control.

EMERGENCY UPDATE: Snowden has revealed an oncoming global cataclysm.

While the military prison industrial complex has routinely insisted that the Alaska-based HAARP is only meant to study natural phenomena in earth’s ionosphere, Snowden has managed to blow open a brutally massive charade.

“The HAARP research station,” he said, “strategically based away from prying eyes near Gakona, Alaska, is actually used to terminate or manipulate would-be dissidents of global capitalism on the scale of millions of people.”

Added Snowden, using finger quotes, “With these terrestrial antennas, NATO [the North Atlantic Treaty Organization] is able to, on a global scale, remotely silence ‘perpetrators’ of ‘deviant or subversive’ strains of thought.”

Unbeknownst to victims or their loved ones, HAARP projects ultra-high-powered radio waves. Those waves operate at the same electronic frequency as the truncus encephali, or brain stem, selectively inducing deaths seemingly by natural causes  – including by some appearing to coroners as innocuous as strokes or heart attacks.

“When and if the intelligence community doesn’t view outright assassination as an optimal effect,” said Snowden, “‘they’ can simply make a ‘target’ act in an insane fashion, in order to discredit them. When we were in transit between Hong Kong and Moscow, WikiLeaks staff and I had to fend off the constant threat of radio-generated homicidal delusions.”

Quickly ushering staff into his lavish room at Sheremetyevo Airport’s Hotel Novotel, the former NSA contractor began to explain himself. Due to confidentiality agreements with the 30-year-old, formerly of Booz Allen Hamilton, the Chronicle cannot elaborate beyond the point that he has outfitted his entire flat to be a thoroughly functioning Faraday cage.

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Snowden’s haphazardly constructed Faraday cage, he claims, can block interference from external static and nonstatic electric fields.

“Without it,” he says, “I would have been dead the moment The Guardian‘s first story went to print.”

Snowden bolstered his testimony with HAARP documents gleaned from the private email accounts of officials as high-ranking as admirals and Air Force brigadier generals. Sources within the intelligence community have confirmed to The Internet Chronicle the authenticity of these documents, as well as their horrifying ramifications for human dignity.

Sources familiar with discussions between the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) and the University of Alaska, which helps run HAARP, suggested that cell towers, as well as TrapWire, are “in play here.”

Snowden’s testimony appears to be partially in line with that of a U.S. senator’s brother, in 2009. It was then that he, Nick Begich, told “Conspiracy Theory with Jesse Ventura” that “just to affect the brain with emotional state changes is so easily accomplished” with HAARP.

I will be going over the New world Order, their technology, why this is happening, and how it relates to the end times. This video is an introduction to more events to come.


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