Proof the US is Nuked 9/23/17

It’s a long video, but important. I Pet Goat ii literally refers to The Next Attack on the US, because the story read on 9/11 in the classroom where Bush sat was “The Pet Goat.”

This video incontrovertibly deals with

1) the destruction of America

2) Events occuring after the time of the eclipse. This video, made in 2012, is so detailed and their plan so precise that it names the hurricanes occuring after the eclipse. When Jose makes its loop out at sea by New York, specifically on 9/23, as this video shows, the attack will occur. It is worth your time, The information is so precise that it named Jose and Irma, that it shows the path of Jose… But that is not all… The detruction it predicts is upon us. If you are not right with God, please get your soul right.


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Another statement was issued by North Korean state media Wednesday warning the US that a "preemptive strike is no longer the monopoly of the US."
The escalating threats from the US and North Korea have put North Asia on edge.
South Korean President Moon Jae-in has called for the country to reform and improve its defensive capabilities to counter ongoing threats from North Korea.
"I believe our given task is reform of the military. It should be an intensive one. I believe we need a defense reform at a level of a complete overhaul, instead of minor improvements or modifications," Moon said Wednesday. He didn't address Trump's threats to unleash "fire and fury."
Responding to a question about Trump's comments, Japan's Chief Cabinet Secretary Yoshihide Suga said his country welcomed a strong US response.
"As the security situation in the region becomes increasingly difficult, the US's deterrence capability is extremely important to Japan. The US has said all options are on the table and Japan welcomes this," Suga told a press briefing.
Stock markets in Japan and South Korea fell in response to the rising tension.



SOURCE : (Before It's News)

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